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The Advantages of Choosing Cosmetic Acupuncture Over Surgery or Botox

The natural phenomenon that was once your youthful attractive looking face and skin starts to degenerate with time. Besides the aging process, toxins, pollution, and stress can take a toll on your face and skin causing it to lose elasticity, develop dark spots, wrinkles and other unwanted aging effects. Although this is an unavoidable fact of life, it sometimes can occur in an early age. Modern medicine has come up with a thousand ways to make you look young again but when it comes to their face people will always choose some form of natural treatment that has few or no side effects.

One such treatment is cosmetic acupuncture, a completely natural facial and skin therapy that does not utilize any harmful medicines. Cosmetic acupuncture, also called rejuvenation of the face or acupuncture facelift involves the insertion of thin solid needles into specific pressure points in the body. The points called acupoints are found along the energy channels or meridians that spread throughout the body. The needles are inserted into the meridians to stimulate and move blood and chi (energy) into the facial bones and tissues. A lot of these meridians are located on the chin, cheeks, forehead, ears, etc.

The insertion of the needles into the facial muscles helps clear the obstructions that have developed in the meridians enhancing the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and blood in the body. The treatment does not cause pain although a slight tingling sensation may be felt when the needles are inserted. The treatment helps increase muscle tone, eliminates wrinkles, tightens loose skin, and provides the person with a healthy complexion. The needles are inserted superficially into the skin stimulating the production of collagen fiber that enhances the elasticity of the skin making the skin look supple, healthy, vibrant, and younger looking. Besides that, it also helps in alleviating pain in the muscles of the face by helping relax the tense and stiff muscles.

Cosmetic acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale helps boost the flow of blood to your skin improving a person’s complexion. It enhances dermal contraction; relieves stress; eliminates acne, pimples, and dark spots; boosts the production of collagen; tightens the skin; relaxes the facial muscles; lightens deep lines in the skin; and banishes wrinkles, among many others. It is a painless and natural technique not only for your face and skin but for your overall health, as well.

Aside from cosmetic acupuncture many other treatments are available that are considered effective. These procedures may give the same outcomes as cosmetic acupuncture; however, they do have some major after effects. One such procedure is Surgical Facelift which is very expensive and usually comes with medical complications such as skin scars and infection. Botox is one other treatment and it involves the injection of toxins into the face to prevent muscle contraction. Although it can lessen wrinkles, Botox can make your face dull and appear paralyzed; acupuncture, on the other hand, eliminates wrinkles by flattening wrinkles and has no adverse effect whatsoever.

This article is designed to help you understand what cosmetic acupuncture treatment is. It is a treatment that’s part of an ancient Oriental medical system called traditional Chinese medicine that is safe to use and provides innumerable benefits to the face, skin and whole body. A lot of acupuncturists provide free consultation. But it is important to seek out a practitioner who is licensed and qualified and who has extensive experience with cosmetic acupuncture.

Use Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture to Treat Cold Sores

Fever blisters also called cold sores are painful blisters that develop around the mouth and lips. For millions of sufferers, there is god news. It’s been proven that Chinese herbs and acupuncture can reduce the severity of the symptoms and shorten the duration of the sores. The sores can actually be prevented with regular treatment.

The cause of cold sores is the herpes simplex virus. This is the virus that’s also responsible for genital herpes. When the sores caused by the herpes simplex virus develop on the mouth and lips, they are called cold sores. When the sores develop on the genitals, the condition is called genital herpes.

Cold sores can cause burning, hot, tingling, numbing, and painful sensations. Usually, after a few days, they burst on their own and then crust over as they self-heal for a week or two. They are quite contagious and can easily spread through the fluid enclosed within the blisters.

From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, cold sores are manifestations of toxic heat within the body that’s trying to escape. The aim of acupuncture treatment is to release the heat to alleviate the symptoms, as well to strengthen the immune system in order for the body to quickly heal itself. Several topical Chinese herbal formulas are very effective at reducing the size of cold sores. For genital herpes, those formulas are also frequently used as external washes, and may significantly shorten the time period of an outbreak.

After a person gets infected with the herpes virus, the virus stays in the body permanently, although most if the time, it remains inactive. If the person experiences hormonal fluctuations or if his immune system has been compromised, the virus can be activated. Because of this, a lot of people develop cold sores when they come down with another sickness, or when they are sleep-deprived or under stress. When women experience changes in their hormones, they can become vulnerable to cold sores.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture, as mentioned before, can strengthen the natural defenses of the body that can help fight off the cold sore more quickly, and relieve the pain accompanying the blisters. There are dozens of herbal remedies that are very effective at healing cold sores. Some of these products help remove toxicity (virus) in the body and dispel heat (manifested in the blister’s reddish color), and dampness (the fluid within the blister). Other internal and topical herbal applications can be used to treat more serious cases of cold sores.

Much better than these is long-term acupuncture treatment in Walla Walla to beef up your body’s defenses to the maximum so that you don’t develop those cold sores ever, even when you’re stressed

If you have a weak or compromised immune system, the following are a few things you can do to avoid triggering an outbreak of genital herpes or cold sores:

o Take Echinacea or vitamin C when you are under severe stress to help strengthen your immune system. You can also see a qualified Chinese herbalist for herbal treatment to help boost your immune function

o Get adequate and quality sleep

o Lower your stress levels – you can do this through meditation or yoga that can help relax your nervous system.

o Daily exercise– regular exercise has been proven to boost immunity and reduce stress

o Drink enough water – this can help eliminate the toxins in your body

A Few Misconceptions About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a non-Western ancient traditional healing method that many people in the West have tried and used. In spite of this, there are still those who harbour some apprehensions on the efficacy as well as the safety of such method. The fact is this treatment has been used successfully throughout history by countless number of people in many countries throughout the world.

In the West, there have been a lot of misconceptions about acupuncture due to a lack of understanding about how and why it works. This seems to be unfair to those who practice it. Among those misconceptions, the most common ones include the following:

Acupuncture does not work

Millions of people who have tried acupuncture will testify that this is absolutely not true. Also, hundreds of studies have already been done verifying that acupuncture in Boca Raton not only heals back pain but also helps boost blood circulation as well as normalize the secretion of hormones that helps you calm down and relax.

Cure occurs in just one session

Some people have this notion that you only need one session or treatment with an acupuncturist to completely cure whatever it is that ails you. This may happen if the obstruction to qi flow is minor; in many types of illnesses, however, multiple acupuncture sessions may be needed that may even be complemented with a prescription of herbal medicines to resolve your condition. Furthermore, in a few cases, the acupuncturist may recommend that you make some lifestyle changes to help prevent the recurrence of pain and/or disease.

Acupuncture has only one type

There are several forms of acupuncture. The one type most people associate the treatment to is traditional Chinese acupuncture that uses thin and long needles. The other more common forms of acupuncture are Korean acupuncture and Japanese acupuncture that both have several distinct features from each other.

Chemical Addictions and the NADA Protocol

The news about acupuncture as a powerful weapon in the battle against nicotine and drug addiction is spreading. However, this battle cannot be completely won unless the person with the problem chooses the path of sobriety instead of continuing with the destructive behavior. If you are neither willing nor ready to stop using drugs or quit smoking, applying a few needles into your body is not going to cease your cravings as if by magic. But if you are prepared for a change, acupuncture can be a very potent way of helping you achieve this.

The most popular acupuncture treatment for substance detoxification is the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. This technique has been widely used by acupuncturists to help clean out the body of addictive substances such as caffeine or crack. Ear acupuncture is commonly referred to as “auricular” acupuncture. It is often used to stimulate microsystems within the ear that mirror the macro systems of the body. A body part, such as the hand, for example, can be broken down to represent the whole body, from the head down to the toe. A part of the hand that that represents an injured part of the body is needled in order to relieve the ailing body part. This technique also follows the principle behind reflexology that sees various parts of that foot as representing various organ systems of the body; when the foot is massaged or manipulated, it can lead to the alleviation of symptoms associated with a specific body system.

The ear is considered the body’s most powerful microsystem (there are a lot of these systems in the body). The NADA protocol can significantly energize the body that may make it difficult for the person to fall asleep. So, to avoid this problem, this protocol may also be combined with the needling of other acupoints to ground the energy in order to help the person fall asleep at night.

Tons of research has already been conducted on this widely-used protocol. One study done by Yale researchers revealed that addicts who used the protocol were two times as likely to continue using the treatment. They were able to stop their addiction for a lot longer than the control group. NADA acupuncture is widely and successfully used in hospitals and penal institutions.

What Actually Is the NADA Protocol Anyway?

There are five acupuncture points on the ear that’s associated with the protocol: the Lung, Liver, Kidney, Sympathetic, and Shen Men points. The Lung points filters out toxins from the body, and have lot to do in “letting go.” The functions of the Liver points are to resolve the aggression and anger related to detoxification and to fix the physical damage to the Liver. Drugs do a lot of harm to the Kidney. The Liver point is used to help restore energy to this organ system. Willpower is the magnetic energy of the Kidney, so by stimulating the Kidney acupoint, the willpower of the person to overcome addiction is enhanced. Sympathetic acupoints can relieve the pain associated with withdrawal symptoms and balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. The Shen-Men point is extremely calming, and also has the effect of strengthening the function of other acupuncture points, amplifying the effects of the treatment.

So, you should seriously take into account the use of the NADA protocol if you are willing and prepared to get over your addiction and experience a faster and much easier process of recovery. If you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, therapy will be an indispensable part of this process. Although acupuncture is a valuable tool, using it as a standalone treatment may not be sufficient enough to help you overcome drug addiction. You need daily NADA protocol treatments in order to attain the best results. To curb future cravings, two treatments a week of the protocol will be needed after your body has been completely detoxed. The protocol may be eventually reduced to one session a month, for maintenance.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

Acupuncture Makes The Immune System Stronger and More Resilient to Allergy Attacks

Our immune systems are designed to attack anything that is viewed as being abnormal or foreign to the body. Allergies make the immune system respond to substances that normally aren’t threats to the body. They set off reactions such as difficulty swallowing, respiratory problems, wheezing and sneezing, and watery eyes – if the allergic reaction is severe enough, it may even lead to loss of consciousness.

Due to these unpleasant ailments along with the possibility of death that can come with a severe allergic reaction, it’s no wonder that people will make it a point to avoid the things they are allergic to. Simple allergies due to pollen, dust, and other substances in the environment are practically impossible to avoid all the time. When someone is exposed to them, they have to be treated.

Treatments for Allergies

People can choose from several types of medications for the treatment of allergies. However, only a few are designed to address very bad food allergic reactions. The best treatment yet is to avoid the cause or causes of your allergy or to take your medication before exposure to the allergens. Completely avoiding favored foods and remembering to take medications usually does not happen.

Allergy sufferers should know that acupuncture in Bellmore provides remarkable results in the relief of allergy symptoms. This treatment is thousands of years old and involves the insertion of filiform needles into certain points in the body to stimulate afflicted body systems.

Allergens will always remain a threat since they are always found in the environment. There is no cure for allergies but acupuncture treatment can relieve the symptoms for a long period of time. To control allergies, the treatment may need to be done on an ongoing basis. As long as you continue to be exposed to allergens, you will need to continue getting acupuncture to relieve your symptoms. Continued treatments will help enhance the function of your immune system so that your body will tolerate the allergens better and this will stop triggering your allergic reactions.

Is Acupuncture Painful?

Most people are reluctant to try acupuncture because they are scared of needles. The truth is acupuncture is not a painful treatment at all. If you are scared of needles but nonetheless want the benefits that acupuncture brings, you can close your eyes during treatment. The acupuncturist does all the work while you relax and still reap the benefits.

Helpful Advices for People Who Have Decided to Try Acupuncture for Their Allergies

Since acupuncture is a treatment that should only be done by a qualified and reputable acupuncturist. Choose only a trained, licensed, and experienced practitioner for the treatment of your allergies.

Animal Acupuncture Can Deal With Your Pet’s Physical Or Behavioral Problem

Acupuncture is one of the world’s oldest forms of alternative medicine, one that has been used successfully for thousands of years. Long before we had modern medicines and surgical techniques, ancient people were using acupuncture to treat all kinds of ailments, both physical and mental. It should not seem out of the ordinary then, that if you are looking for an alternative medicine for pets you should look to acupuncture.

In the human world, there are many reasons why people choose acupuncture. In some cases, it is to deal with psychological issues, such as breaking addictions or habits. Over the past fifty years, millions of people have stopped bad behavior such as drinking or smoking through the use of acupuncture. So, would it be out of the question that you could stop some of your pet’s bad behaviors in the same, time-tested way? If you pride yourself on using natural pet products and treatments, then you might want to consider acupuncture as an alternative medicine for pets whether cat, dog, equine or porcine.

If your pet, however, is dealing with pain issues such is found in many older dogs and cats, you might want to search out natural pet practitioners who can perform acupuncture on your animal. It is a painless procedure, and one that has proven successful for many animal owners.

When you are looking for acupuncture therapists in your area, keep in mind that there are some that specialize only in pet acupuncture. Animals have different nerve structure so you want someone who is certified in animal acupuncture. They deal with animals all the time and are practiced at making sure your animal gets the best out of the treatment. You can search for these vets at which is The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Many veterinarians will not approve or suggest acupuncture, because they do not believe in alternative medicine whether for humans or for animals. But, the truth is that this alternative medicine for pets has been around a lot longer than anything they are performing or selling, and has worked for centuries.

If your animal is having either behavioral or physical problems, before you send them into surgery or force pills down their throat, you might want to think about trying out this type of alternative therapy. Acupuncture for dogs and cats does work and is a lot easier on their system than medications or surgical procedures would be.

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Acupuncture Works Very Well For Migraines and All Types of Headaches

In any given day, there are literally tens of millions of people all over the world suffering from headaches. In the United States alone, about 28 million suffer from severe migraines while a staggering 45 million suffer live with chronic headaches.

Even worse, around 4 percent of adults have to cope with everyday headaches. This is really bad news.

At times, people resort to analgesics if the headaches become intolerable. These drugs, however, only work for a few hours and cause various side effects to the user.

One alternative treatment gaining recognition as a natural, quick and long lasting solution for all kinds of headaches even chronic headaches is acupuncture in Pembroke Pines. This treatment does not require the use of pharmaceutical drugs and so has no side effects. Acupuncture’s efficiency is such that it has lessened or even replaced the use of drugs virtually throughout the world.

In a University of North Carolina School of medicine study, when combined with medical science management, acupuncture tends to raise the quality of life of people suffering from chronic headaches.

Where medical management has failed, acupuncture worked marvelously. According to Chinese medicine, headache’s one primary cause is the disruption of the flow of blood and energy in the body due to blockage.

One of the main goals of acupuncture is to clear the blockage. The treatment involves the sticking of needles at the acupuncture points where the ailment is located along with other related points.

The frequency and duration of the treatment varies on how well the patient responds to it. Oftentimes, Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed to the patient along with the administration of acupuncture treatment.

One needs to do the following in order to lower and manage the severity and frequency headaches:

a. Lessen the intake of caffeine

b. Manage stress

c. Avoid greasy and fried foods

d. Lessen the intake of soups

e. Eat a balanced diet

You need to follow the advice given to you by your health care provider if you are suffering from recurrent headaches.

Select an acupuncturist who has a lot of satisfied patients and is well experienced in the treatment of headaches.

For headaches, acupuncture is a proven effective modality. It is known to work for practically every kind of headache. It is especially useful for cluster headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and migraines.

Acupuncture helps relax the muscles that tend to tighten during times of stress. It also does its job by restoring balance to the chemical and hormones of the body that leads to the alleviation of headache. For migraine sufferers acupuncture can provide you with remarkable relief. Just be sure that the practitioner you choose is reputed and well-experienced.

Eliminate PMS Symptoms With Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture

Seventy to ninety percent of women in the US suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) before menopause. PMS is a condition caused by faulty functioning of the ovaries in relation to the menstrual cycle of a woman. It affects the emotional and physical state of the woman, and because of hormone fluctuations can adversely interfere with her daily activities. PMS happens a week or two prior to menstruation and symptoms taper off when the period commences. This article will deal with how acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to address PMS.

What is Acupuncture?

One of the oldest forms of treatment in the world, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to alleviate tension in parts of the body caused by stagnation of blood and qi in Chinese medicine.

What Benefits Does Acupuncture in King of Prussia Have for Women Suffering from PMS?


1. Releases nervous tension – This treatment stimulates the flow of blood and energy throughout the body. As a result it helps the nervous system to relax relieving anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

2. Treats stagnation of Blood and Liver Qi – Chinese medicine practitioners believe most women suffering from PMS suffer from either blood or liver qi stagnation or both. And so, by applying needles into specific areas (sometimes, for more effective stimulation, electrical current is used), the function of the liver is improved leading to a decrease in PMS symptoms.

3. Relieves Cramping and Pain – Menstrual cramping and pain due to overactive muscles in the stomach region are relieved with acupuncture. It does this by clearing out stagnation of blood and qi which reduces stomach cramps and pain and helps the muscles to relax.

4. Resolves Kidney deficiency – Kidney deficiency can lead to edema or water retention in the body in women suffering from PMS. Kidney function can be restored by acupuncture since this treatment helps bring about optimal kidney function through the stimulation of more fluid which is vital in the elimination of toxins through urinary secretion.

5. Balances Yin and Yang qi – In Chinese medicine, yin and yang qi are two opposing yet complementary forces in the human body. According to Chinese herbalists, PMS can sometimes occur when the yin and yang qi in women becomes imbalanced. Chinese herbs and acupuncture helps restore this balance of natural energy leading to hormonal balance in women prior to ovulation which then leads to the elimination of PMS symptoms.

Acupuncture Offers Long Term Relief of Sciatica Pain

Millions of people visit their doctors each and every year seeking some respite from sciatic pain. When the symptoms of sciatica flare up, they can be debilitating and encompassing. This is due to the enormity of the sciatic nerve which is so enormous that it radiates to almost the body’s entire length. A lot of sufferers can be in so much pain, that besides prescription drugs, they are also willing to undergo surgery to ameliorate the pain. In fact, no conventional or non-conventional treatments exist that can give long-term significant relief that are non-invasive.

Acupuncture is known to be an ideal healing modality for sciatica pain (or just sciatica). It is a type of holistic Chinese medicine that has been practiced as far back as the New Stone Age. Like its less intrusive sister, acupressure, acupuncture relies on the stimulation of acupuncture points that are found in various parts of the body that are associated in one way or another to the vital organs and nerves of the body. This treatment is ideally suited for injuries or illnesses that are ‘structural’ in nature. This means that they emanate from the spinal cord. One of the greatest advantages of using acupuncture is that it isn’t addictive as pharmaceutical drugs are and does not need any type of medical intervention. We need to mention that the needles used in acupuncture are very thin and while many people are fearful of needles, it is important to understand that when the needles are stuck into the skin, most patients would swear they feel nothing at all.

The Benefits One Can Get From Acupuncture Treatment in Austin of Sciatica

1. As mentioned before, the most important and prime benefit of acupuncture for sciatic pain is that the treatment does not require drugs of any kind and that the procedure is non-invasive. A qualified acupuncturist usually can alleviate pain by 50% or even more in just one visit. In acupuncture, there is no recovery time as there would be with surgery.

2. The effects of acupuncture are long lasting and the treatment itself is inexpensive. A consultation and treatment will normally cost less than $100; however, most insurance companies do not provide coverage in Chinese traditional medicine treatments. To bring about symptomatic relief, conventional sciatica treatments and cures, on average, take five doctor appointments not to mention cost of the drugs. And unlike acupuncture, the cures are usually not immediate.

In acupuncture, energy stagnation is the underlying cause of all pain and illness in the body. Acupuncture needle stimulation will not only help relieve nerve pain, it will also help relax the core muscles and muscles of the legs, hips, and spinal column that are causing recurrent flare-ups. This treatment just doesn’t treat the symptoms it is also a form of total wellness that help address the root cause of the problem.

Searching for a qualified and experienced acupuncturist near your location may be the trickiest part of acupuncture treatment for sciatica. As with several other types of holistic treatment, acupuncture is not a regulated medical practice. In order to get satisfactory results look for acupuncturists who have obtained specific training. Since chiropractic care and acupuncture are very similar healthcare modalities, one of the first persons you can start seeking referrals is your chiropractor.

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Do You Need For Your Condition?

People who have read about acupuncture and are considering trying it may be wondering how many sessions are needed to experience the treatment’s positive effects. A lot of them are apprehensive about the use of several needles. Does acupuncture hurt and is it really effective? Knowing more about the methods and application of the treatment will help you know what to expect and will help calm your mind a bit.

The Number and Frequency of Treatment

Your acupuncturist will evaluate your present condition during your initial visit using both modern and traditional methods. Modern methods may involve clinical diagnostic and laboratory tests as well as review of your past medical history, and physical examination. Traditional methods, on the other hand, will rely on tongue and pulse diagnosis and other traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic procedures. To confirm diagnosis, your acupuncturist will need to assess your medical history.

The number, duration, and frequency of acupuncture treatments differ from patient to patient and they are based on the patient’s response to the treatment and age, tolerance to treatment, the sickness being treated, and the presenting symptoms. There are patients who may begin experiencing improvement in just one or three sessions while some patients may need more treatments so that their body can gradually adapt to the stimulation. Minimal frequency and time are usually needed for acute conditions as they are faster and easier to treat. Mild sprains, for example, can be treated within just two sessions while a dozen or more sessions may be needed for chronic fatigue.

After evaluation and diagnosis, your acupuncturist may decide to treat you immediately. Most patients, however, may need to prepare for the treatment and be asked to come back the day after or within a week. In a lot of instances, treatments are conducted only once or thrice each week with the whole treatment plan taking a total of 12 sessions. A session of acupuncture typically lasts for twenty minutes to a full hour. Modern styles of acupuncture that have a scientific basis may be selected although acupuncturists may also utilize dry needling since this technique can take as fast as five to ten minutes to complete. Acupuncture treatment will be needed less and less as the patient improves.

When to Expect Results

Anywhere between the first and fourth sessions most will patients expect to experience positive results. Women suffering from menstrual problems or infertility receiving acupuncture in Vancouver may need to undergo treatment until after three menstrual cycles. As the patient starts responding to the treatment, appointments will be scheduled farther and farther apart.

Acupuncture may not prove to be effective in certain cases. If after three to five sessions, the patient still does not feel anything, it means the treatment does not work for him/her. Instead, the patient may seek other alternative options or even opt for a different form of acupuncture. Chronic conditions may take some time to heal while acute problems improve faster.

Patients who after the initial treatment experience side effects such as mild pain, fatigue, sleepiness, and other serious symptoms should immediately contact their acupuncturist.