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Clearing Out Cellular Memory With Chua Ka Therapy

The self massage therapy practiced by the Huns is called Chua Ka. The Huns believed Chu ka could help increase success in battle.

These days, this massage form is used to remove cellular memory and boost success in whatever personal battles one faces.

Physical remembrances that were not cleared on the mental and emotional level is called cellular memory. These experiences can come in the form of past injuries, but usually it is merely that annoying recurring ache that’s felt once in a while.

During massage, people can sometimes become emotional because massage can clear or trigger cellular memory. Some clients have reacted emotionally all of a sudden because the emotions that have been blocked are now finding a way to express itself.

Most massage therapists often do not know what their client is experiencing, and they do not need to know. More often than not, the client feels better emotionally after the emotional release, and the body begins to experience a greater range of movement and motion in the area worked on that set off the emotion.

Based on my experience as a massage therapist, I find that people have more range of motion in their lives as afterward. In other words, a clearing out of cellular memory is usually followed by a new response to an experience that has already occurred usually in the lifetime of the person.

For instance, if a person played softball once as a kid and his arm was hit by the ball, and he wasn’t able to articulate the pain that he was feeling at the time (perhaps, because of embarrassment), until it is released, he carries that cellular memory around. If someone comes to me and begins to cry when his/her arm is massaged, the next time that person is asked to play softball, he/she might agree to play despite the fact that, before the emotional release, the same person would probably have refused.

Chua Ka was practiced by the Huns because they believed that if they were still holding on to old experiences and issues on an energetic level, the warrior would psychically, mentally, and emotionally hold back from exercising the best warriorship that he could when facing the challenge of a new battle.

The Healing Art of Chua Ka

Put at least an hour aside as Chua Ka tends to be a very slow process. To finish cleaning every bone in their body, the Huns would spend several hours; these days, however, therapists trained in the art of Chua Ka would start at the client’s feet (since each foot has 26 bones, this may take some time) and work their way up. Compared to rushing through the whole body, taking one’s time to perform Chua Ka can bring about better results.

For many therapists Chua Ka, is considered some sort of a special ritual. They may advice the client to take a salt bath prior to the massage, drop a few drops of aromatherapy essential oils into a burner and then light some candles and then listen to the sounds of nature or an instrumental music on a CD. For greater energetic healing support, crystals may also be placed around the client.

For about five minutes, tell the client relax and breathe deeply. If they know how to ground their energy, this is a fine time to do that. If the client does not know how to ground his or her energy, as best as possible, be conscious of the energy field around you. Visualize a bubble of colored light or white bubble ten feet in all directions floating around you, and that you see a cord that connects you to the earth’s center coming out of the end of your vertebrae, and another cord that connects you to the the infinite heavens coming out of the top of your head.

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Acupressure For Labor Pain – The Role Of The Partner

Around the events of pregnancy and childbirth, mother usually gets the lion’s share of attention, having countless appointments, drugs, dates, and responsibilities to remember and keep. For the father, it might be an inviting notion to just relax, sit back and, think that he has no urgent obligations, or feel worried that his ongoing subdued role will make him unprepared for fatherhood and redundant during labor.

This is partly the way it should be, obviously: The mother needs to bear the obligation of sustaining her unborn baby until the time comes for the baby to be born. The baby needs to eat well, he or she needs to furnished with the building blocks that would develop his or her brain and body; the baby should be sustained with adequate prenatal care to ensure that both Mom and baby remain healthy; the mother abstains from eating certain things that could expose her baby to harmful elements. And that’s not even an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination. But, while mother remains in the center of public attention throughout her pregnancy, this shouldn’t excuse the father of performing various things in order to assist mother – prepare himself to be the best father he can be and be truly useful during labor.

Soon as the baby makes his/her mother mindful of his presence, Dad usually makes it a point to respond to his new responsibilities. His first task is usually assisting mother with her morning sickness, and a lot of Dads has had to make a midnight run to pick up weird assortments of food to satiate the cravings of mother. The health of the child can be well cared for by Dad by reminding mother to take her prenatal vitamins, drink lots of water, get enough rest, and eat well. The mother may also find it comforting that father accompanies her to her prenatal doctor appointments. And of course, dad may also need to ask whether he meets Mom’s needs if not all, most of the time.

A lot of couples usually decide to take a class on childbirth together. Since women will usually have their partners or husbands as their partner to support them during labor, it is only right that they learn about the labor and delivery processes together. In the childbirth class, they usually learn the correct relaxation and breathing techniques that will be of great help to the mother when labor time comes. The father may have the option of catching the baby as it is born (this will depend on the doctor) — these are the classes in which both mother and father can examine their options for how much the father can be involved in the actual birth.

With some training, father can have the option of being very useful come labor time. Acupressure labor techniques are simple, can be easily learned, and can provide a way of helping mother undergo her labor expeditiously. The technique of acupressure for labor may sound a bit complicated, but this therapy is simply a certain way of touching the body: palms and fingers massage some pressure points on a person’s body bringing about specific and easy to foretell outcomes. Father can help induce labor with a set of points (you shouldn’t try this before 40 weeks) if the mother’s labor just doesn’t seem to want to start. Dad can provide relief of mom’s pain by massaging and touching a different set of acupoints once labor is on its way. There are some acupoints father can stimulate to try to overcome the hitch if Mom’s labor is delayed.

The father can finally read up on childcare methods, help spruce up a nursery, and usually think about his objectives as he raises his child. Before one can be totally prepared, they’ll definitely be putting all of those knowledge and things to good use.

Are you tired and overdue? You can naturally stimulate your labor at home and refrain from medical induction. Acupressure for labor therapy is an easy and simple technique that has proven to be safe and ideal for both the baby and mother.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.