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A Cure For Anemia Using A Combination Of Nutritional Therapy, Chinese Herbs And Acupuncture

When you have anemia, your body tissues are deprived of oxygen due to a decrease in the amount of red blood cells in your bloodstream. There are actually more than 400 varieties of anemia but the most common symptoms of this condition include weakness; fatigue; tingling in the extremities; slick tongue; shortness of breath; pasty or yellowish skin, pale nail beds, eyelid linings, gums, and creases; movement or balance problems; fatigue; faintness or dizziness( severe anemia); depression; confusion; burning tongue and bluish lips; and an overall general feeling of malaise (mild anemia), among still many others.

Other revealing symptoms and signs of anemia include poor concentration, irregular heartbeat; insomnia; headache; and weak appetite. Iron overabundance in the body develops from the taking of iron supplements. Symptoms include fever, jaundice, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, and seizures.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine classifies anemia is as deficient blood. It is treated with acupuncture and herbal remedies. Asian ginseng is a general age-old tonic for tiredness and the herb dong quai (dang gui) has been used as a blood tonic for thousands of years. Chinese foxglove or astralaguscan be combined with the two above mentioned herbs to bolster treatment.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

A 1992 study headed by Zee-Cheng involved the use of 10 significant tonic decoction (SQT or Shichuan-da-bu-tang) in addressing anemia. The herbal formula SQT is customarily used for treatment of anorexia, extreme exhaustion, fatigue, general weakness, deficiency of kidney and spleen, and anemia, of course. SQT is designed to bolster the healing effects of the treatment, neutralize the toxicity of anticancer therapies, and restore the immune function of patients diagnosed with cancer. The reported outcomes by the researcher based on eight years of human studies show that SQT reduces anemia by tonifying the blood and increasing life energy (chi).

Another study done the following year by Su, He, and Chenstrove to ascertain the effects of Man-Shen Ling, an herbal preparation composed of astralagus, and rehmanniain the treatment of anemia. The herbal combo preparation demonstrated extreme effectiveness in managing the anemia while offering no negative side effects on the liver, kidney, heart, and GI tract functions.

A third study performed in 1995 by Zhang, Shi, and Fan used Chinese healing herbs and vitamin C in 43 young patients all with aplastic anemia,which were treated through transfusion of fetal blood. 89 percent (children suffering from chronic aplastic anemia) experienced positive results when treated with Chinese healing herbs and blood transfusion, 62.5 percent on children suffering from acute aplastic anemia, and only 46 percent on the rest of the patients.

Acupuncture in Jacksonville

A Chinese study headed by Zhou and Zhou involved the resolution of anemia using the principle of bushenyi. All the subjects in the study (60 of them) had orthostatic dysregulation and were randomly grouped. The treatment group was treated with Chinese herbs like bushenyi chi and the control group was treated with vitamins oryzanol,B1 and B6, anda treatment group treated with Chinese herbs under bushenyi-chi. The herbs used showed substantial trace elements of zinc and iron (to boost the action of the red blood cells). One month after, the outcomes of the research revealed that four participants in the control group and 16 subjects in the treatment group reported meaningful improvements.

About 43 or 72 percent of the patients experienced mild anemia symptoms. Blood was taken to measure blood values for hemoglobin,red blood cells, and hyper-chromia before and after treatment. In the treatment group,20 percent reported substantial improvements while in the control group only 17 percent remain unchanged.

Foods and Supplements

For people with anemia, decaffeinated or caffeinated tea, cola, or coffee should be avoided especially when eating their meals. This is because the caffeine and tannin in the black tea can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron. They should drink instead Vitamin C rich fluids such as citrus juices, which can aid in the improvement of iron absorption. One should also avoid the chronic intake of alcoholic beverages as alcohol tends to disrupt the body’s ability to take in folic acid.

Foods that are high in iron include red meat, blackstrap molasses, poultry, dried fruits, almonds, liver, tomatoes, broccoli, and parsley ( this food is rich vitamin C), which boosts iron absorption. Copper and vitamin C can help improve the body’s absorption of iron.

To bolster the production of red blood cells, the following foods should be consumed minimally cooked or fresh in order to preserve their folic acid content: pumpkin, wheat germ, liver, milk, dark green vegetables, eggs, and brewer’s yeast. Salmon and mackerel contain high levels of vitamin B12. Folate can be provided by lentils, beans, and black-eyed peas. The groups most susceptible for vitamin B12 deficiency are vegetarians and vegans because only in fermented foods and animal meats can this vitamin be found. To get their daily amounts of vitamin B12, vegetarians and vegans should include fermented foods like tempch, tofu, and miso as well as eggs and dairy products into their diet. Some iron and vitamin supplements may offer excess iron and this can be harmful for the individual.

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