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Acupressure Points To Help Start Labor Naturally

Acupressure points to help start labor naturally can be effective if you are experiencing delayed labor. Oftentimes, Chinese medicine practitioners employ acupuncture at the due date if the birth has not happened yet to open up the ligaments and bones of the hip and sacral area as well as getting the fetus in the correct position for birthing and this can begin a couple of days before your projected due date.

These acupoints, because they induce labor, are contraindicated when you’re pregnant and not wishing to start labor. So do know that you should not practice these points until you are close to your due date.

Spleen 6

The first point is known as spleen 6. This point is found three cuns superior to the medial malleolus of the ankle. Three cuns is approximate to one hand breath and this would be your own hand breath for measurements. So to findthe high point of the malleolus, come to the other side of the hand, just off the crest of the tibia.

Gentle to moderate pressure or even heavy pressure should help to begin labor.

Liver 4

Another point that is effective for coursing Chi throughout the entire body is known as Liver 4 or Li 4.This is a common pressure point that people often use for headaches. Now don’t make the mistake of using this point when you have a headache and you’re pregnant as this could possibly begin labor prematurely.

In order to find this point, you locate it between the first and second metacarpal bones of the hand up the high point of the muscle. So if you squeeze the thumb to the pointer finger, you find the high point. Now pressure is best if you use your thumb and your pointer finger one on each side and press firmly throughout the day.

This could be very helpful while walking to begin the process of labor. Now there are many other points that would help with inducing labor. That would be specific to your body and the patterns of disharmony that are holding back the process from happening. So I encourage you to find your local acupuncture physician that is skilled in treating pregnant women or dealing with issues of fertility.

To do that, you can visit or the website for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (

Jubal J Bewick, EAMP, MSAOM – Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Walla Walla, WA

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