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Adapting Lifestyle And Dietary Changes During Autumn And Winter

TCM or traditional Chinese medicine advises us that we are to adjust to the natural changing environment to maintain or obtain health all throughout the year. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe that this is the best way to prevent colds and flu in the fall and in the winter.

According to the ancient Chinese medical text Huangdi Neijing, written around 300 BCE, “As with all living things human beings live a certain amount of time, they don’t live forever and neither do they die. Not following the normal changing of the seasonimplies damaging the primordial qi and the essentials.”

To know how to how to preserve your health during this autumn and winter, TCM suggests that you follow some of these great tips from the Huangdi Neijing.

Healthy traditional Chinese medicine tips during Autumn

A lot of people begin to experience certain physical discomfortsas the air becomes drier and the temperature lower. The thought of summerfinally ending can take hold of us emotionally.

TCM recommends drinking fluids in order to stay hydrated and to eat hydrating foods like ginger milk pudding, tofu, sesame, ginger milk and turnips in order for our bodies to adapt well to the turning of the season.

Foods should be less pungent and sou. In addition, one should avoid eating spicy food since it can lead to respiratory problems and indigestion.

Your clothing should also be suited to the colder atmosphere here along with the change of diet.

Before you get the chance to acquire some aggravating disease or catch a cold, store your breezy and light summer clothes away and begin donning thicker layers.

TCM health tips for the Winter

As the nights grow longer and, our minds slow down and many of us become less active and less motivated to do things.

Less activity can also mean that we acquire less energy. Therefore, people should think about reaching for the evening snack before curling up on the sofa and start marathon watching your favourite cable shows.

During autumn or winter, the foods recommended for eating are less sour and bitter. Since they warm up the core of your body, ginger,whole grains, cooked vegetables and soups are some of the great foods you can eat during winter.

It’s important to stay away from raw vegetables most of the time since they produce cold in your body.

During winter, follow your natural instincts. Don’t force yourself to stay awake, you might feel more tired, so; go to bed early in order to feel more the revitalized the following day.

It’s important to dress in warm clothes during winter; however, gradually add the layers. Clothes that are just too warm clothes on a not-so-cold day can result in heavy sweating that can affect the flow of Chi and generate more unwanted cold.

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