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Building Immune Energy with Qi Gong Self Massage

You may be interested to know that the gentle Chinese healing technique known as qi gong is one of the most powerful forms of cancer management and cancer-prevention exercises that is quite the same as Tai Chi.

The movements in Qi gong not only help boost the levels of oxygen in our body to detoxify the body also provide certain health benefits to the internal organ systems in a focused way.

Certain movements in qi gong benefit our immune system by stimulating the large intestine and lung energy pathways or meridians, which are known to strengthen immune function and give the body the ability to heal much faster after surgery or when confronted with deadly diseases such as cancer.

One important qi gong movement called the Taoist Five Kidney movement influences the reproductive organs to shield us against reproductive disorders such as ovarian/cervical cancers, ovarian cysts, prostate cancers, and enlarged prostate, as well as improve fertility.

Some other qi gong movements affect the abdomen and spleen and can be used simultaneously with qi gong self massage to alleviate nausea (usually experienced by individuals are undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy).

A qi gong well-balanced exercise gently works the internal organs to generate strength and rejuvenate health that go beyond muscular and cardiovascular levels.

To treat reproductive organ diseases such as prostate cancer, seek a qi gong therapist/practitioner who has a background in clinical applications of this therapy. Such therapist has been trained to construct movements to address specifically cancer of different forms.

To attain the best health benefits. Perform qi gong exercises for 30 minutes although it has been shown that even shorter exercise periods can improve health. A lot of practitioners recommend one to three minutes of qi gong mildly interjected throughout the day to attain a cumulative total of 30 – 45 minutes of exercise each day. This allows people to select the best time of day to perform qi gong. It can be naturally incorporated into people’s lives and can be used as a powerful healing tool.

Building Immune Energy with Qi Gong Self Massage

The following is series of qi gong self massage that can be to treat depression naturally:

Lung Meridian: When this meridian is massaged and stimulated, it helps to promote the freeing of disappointment, grief, or sadness. Qi gong massage exercise of this meridian also helps build immunity by activating the metal organ of the large intestine.

Tap the chest forcefully on the left side and continue tapping down the left arm’s inner side of the left arm toward the thumbs inside and the inner side of the wrist, lower arm, and elbow.

Repeat this activity the chest’s right side and down the right thumb and right arm’s inner side.

Large Intestine Meridian: When this energy pathway is massaged it leads to the healing of disappointment, grief, or sadness, grief. Messaging this meridian also helps build immunity by stimulating the metal organ of the large intestine.

To start the massage, using your right hand, vigorously slap and tap the left index finger’s top from the nail bed along the finger towards the wrist and hand.

Along the wrist’s to the elbow‘s top side continue with the slapping and tapping. Keep on tapping along the upper arm’s top to the sides of the neck and shoulder. Near the right nostril, massage the area with circular small motions.

Repeat this massage with taps and slaps on the right arm of the person to the right index finger’s top, through the hand to wrist. Keep on massaging along the top of the upper arm to the elbow of the neck. Massage the body part near your left nostril using circular but small motions.

It is important to remember as with any form of exercise, one must consult their medical physicians before implementing applying new exercise regimens. It also important to remember that this work is not meant as a substitute for conventional Western medical health care diagnose or meant to address any medical condition.

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