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Acupressure Massage Chairs, The Most Convenient Ways To Relieve Ailments And Stress

Acupressure massage can help you cleanse out your entire body system. It is based on the ancient Chinese healing technique of acupuncture in Orlando, minus the needles. This massage therapy is performed by applying medium pressure on certain trigger points on the body. It is a form of bodywork that stimulates the energy of the body to restore balance within the body and boost the function of the immune system. Today, technology has led to the production of innovative massage chairs that can help identify and activate the acupressure points of the body.

Acupressure therapy helps free up blocked energy channels in your body. There is now scientific evidence confirming the existence of meridian channels through the use of certain electrical techniques. These meridian pathways that transport energy throughout the body have been known to exist by ancient Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years. They observed that certain centers or junctions could become blocked or inhibited that throws out the balance of the body. The flow of energy could be restored and manipulated by applying pressure on certain pressure points in the body. Science has been able to map these acupressure points and has so far identified over 350 points in the body.

Acupressure massage is performed using kneading, tapping and vibration massage techniques. These massage techniques are used throughout the body in conjunction with stimulating the acupressure points. Delivering the acupressure massage is achieved by making rapid circular motions with medium pressure on particular trigger points. The trigger points are then stimulated in conjunction with massaging the body to release blocked energy. The energy flow is restored and the body returns to a normal balance.

There are several health benefits the can be provided by acupressure massage therapy. It is known to help relieve pains, aches, muscle tension, and stress. It also helps the body tap into its own self healing powers. The stimulation of the point can help clear out any toxins that have accumulated in the body. This build up of toxins greatly contributes to muscle stiffness which places pressure on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This increases unwanted pressure on your body causing disharmonies and imbalances in the body.

The advance of technology in the field of acupressure has led to the invention of massage chairs that can accurately locate the trigger points of your body. The programs built in the chairs can create a map of the trigger points in your body. The kind of massage that the chair provides is customized based on the constitution and needs of the user. The back alone has over a hundred trigger points. Massage chairs have an excellent way of stimulating the acupressure points and perform massage techniques such as vibration, percussion, and kneading. These therapies are able to alleviate pains, aches, and soreness in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Some manufacturers have included air compression systems in the chair that target your lower body. These systems integrate uniquely crafted airbags that come with special nodes to stimulate trigger points located in your lower body. When the system activates, the airbag is inflated and the node gently pushes into the trigger point. These points are usually located at the bottom of the feet and the back of the calves. When they are activated, these trigger points can release pent up tension help induce whole body relaxation.

New research involving acupressure massage therapy has shown that it can help relieve constipation, digestive disorders, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, and constipation and in certain instances even motion sickness. We are just starting to realize how powerful acupressure actually is which has been used in China for millennia. Modern technology has led to the invention of incredibly beneficial massage chair recliners that can provide anyone with very effective acupressure massage therapies. These are the most convenient and cost effective way of acquiring the health benefits of acupressure massage.

Feng Shui As A Way Of Helping People Achieve Harmony, Success, And Longevity In Their Lives

With the help of the ancient Chinese philosophical system of feng shui, there may be a number of ways to improve your health. This may range from merely placing a few of talismans in strategic areas of your home to a proper way of redecorating your entire home. We’ll focus on how to improve your physical well-being by using talismans that are affordable and simple.

According to feng shui, the state of our health can be influenced by the balance of your environment. Therefore, our well-being may significantly depend on the décor of the place where we spend most of our time, which is usually our home. In the realm of symbolism, our health may depend on the placement of special talismans in your home, which may either shorten or increase the longevity and health of the homeowner. Through the information provided by this article, you may be able to properly select the items that can lead to the betterment or restoration of your health.

Some figurines such as peaches, turtle, deer, and crane and items made of bamboo and pine can bring longevity and health to their owner. In China, these amulets have been used for ages and have been the standard in boosting the well-being of a person and in treatment of disease.

Most of the time, these charms are used in the improvement of health. A peach amulet, for instance, often symbolizes the god of longevity. This figurine may be of an old smiling man holding a peach. A deer figurine may represent Sau, the god of longevity. We can use pictures or figures of bamboo stalks, a flying crane, a turtle, or deer to attract positive energy in our home.

The eastern area of your home is the best location for these pictures and talismans that can positively affect your health. Hence, in feng shui, the proper design of the eastern part of your home is extremely important. The area affecting longevity needs to be pleasant to the eyes, should be properly lit, and saturated with different symbols of longevity. This can also help eliminate negative thoughts, and stimulate meditation. The strength of its influence can be multiplied many times over through the creation of a well-lit and beautiful place that adds to the external and internal harmony in that area.

According to some individuals, the purpose of feng shui is to merely determine what things to place inside the home, and where to place it. Its true purpose however, is to attain harmony in the three major systems of energy: Human, Earth, and Heaven.

A person is a conductor of both Earthly and Heavenly energy. Our bodies are made of energy. They naturally can receive various types of energies from the earth and the ether and process them. With the use of feng shui health techniques, our bodies can become better conductors of these subtle energies.

As in every theory, there will be skeptics who won’t believe in the reality of these subtle energies. But for those who believe in feng shui philosophy, this system can be a way of improving their health. It is an ancient wisdom that can still be applied today to help people achieve harmony, success, and longevity in their lives.

Dr. Hailing Fu is a doctor or Oriental medicine and the founder of Ling’s Acupuncture in Orlando, FL. She has also served as professor and clinic director at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida. College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida.

Feng Shui Remedies For Certain Feng Shui Violations

If Feng Shui violations exist, then there must be also Feng Shui remedies that can be used to neutralize the harmful effects of negative chi. Those remedies may apply to the internal, external, and historical, aspects of a property.

For Feng Shui violations related to the outside and historical aspects of a property, there are also corresponding remedies. This can be a rather quick construction of a building on a property that was burned to the ground. In a case like this, in order to correct the property’s energy pattern, take out a meter of the topsoil of the property and substitute it with a new one from a good source that has no negative chi.

If the rear of your house is lower than the level of the front street, at the house’s back area, set up a pole with a 24-hour low wattage lamp on top. The pole must measure higher than the level of the street. This will elevate the chi at the back to a higher level than the property’s front. The house should be reoriented in such a way that its entry is in the rear: this means the living rooms and the main door will be located at the back area of your property.

When entering the house, this will give a psychological effect of going up rather than going down. For an empty property that slopes downwards towards the rear, fill up the back area of the property so that the back becomes higher than the front.

If a straight road leads to your house at a Y-junction or T-junction, relocate the door in such a way that it does not face the road directly. Also, to block the sha, put a wall around your property. To soften the Chiong, you can set up a flowing fountain or plant tall shrubs in front of your door to prevent the flow of negative energy.

If these Feng Shui remedies cannot be implemented for certain reasons, you can hang a convex mirror or a Ba Gua mirror on top of the door to deflect the sha.

If your house is situated at the dead end of an inverted T-junction, place a concave mirror on top of your door.

If your house is fronting the entrance of a residential subdivision, transfer plants shrubs and the main door of your house to act as a sha absorber. If your house is located in an industrial park or complex, think about moving to a regulated residential area.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

Common Mistakes Newbies Make When Practicing Qi Gong

1. Failing to Institute a Daily Practice: A very common mistake for qi gong beginners. Some students just practice once or a few times a week when they come to class. Expect sporadic results if you practice sporadically. If you practice for two days and then take two days off or take a day off after practicing for three straight days, it’s like one keeping on turning off the heat of a kettle of water before it has the chance to boil. If you are a new student and have difficulty establishing up a daily or regular qigong practice, do not fret, you are not alone.

2. Failure to Follow Instructions: This is really a big but common mistake new students tend to make. An example would be a practitioner instructing students to breathe though their noses, not their mouths. Most beginners would often dismiss or ignore this instruction. In qi gong or any endeavor, the three prerequisites for success are – a) The technique, b) The instructor, c) The student.

3. Unable to Truly Relax: You simply cannot practice qi gong if you’re unable to relax. Relaxing is the most fundamental requirement in qi gong. Most people practice this activity because it helps them to relax. The first thing a student should do is relax when practicing qigong. But aside from learning to relax physically, one must also learn to relax spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If you are able to do this, you’ll be able to accomplish one of the central skills of qigong which is to bring yourself in a qi gong State of Mind.

4. Not Establishing Set Goals & Objectives: In order to attain optimal results out of your qigong exercises, you need to answer a couple of basic questions. Also, when it comes to establishing goals and objectives, there is usually an ingredient missing that make most people fail in their endeavors. This ingredient is Clarity. This means you clearly know what you want and more importantly why you absolutely need to have it.

5. Being Content Learning from DVDs and Books: Qigong is a Chinese martial and healing art, and as with all arts, it needs to be mastered. And how can you master it from merely watching DVDs and reading books? If you are really serious about qi gong, you need to learn it from an expert or one who is master himself. Learning qi gong from a master or expert face-to-face is the best, fastest, and easiest way to learn. It is very difficult to learn qi gong from a book.

6. Giving Up Too Soon: A lot of people are quitters. They quit the moment they feel their undertaking becomes harder and harder. This happens a lot in qi gong exercises. The reason beginners usually quit is because they set unrealistic goals that they base on exaggerated claims they usually hear from uninformed or poorly informed people. You need to know right now that qi gong isn’t going to give you super magical powers like you see in Hollywood movies and films.

7. Square Holes, Round Pegs: What this means is that a lot of students have certain preconceptions, usually wrong, of what they should expect when they practice qi gong in a certain manner. Most of them think that the exercise adage of no pain, no gain also applies to qi gong and because of this some of them practice qi gong long and until their whole body aches. Well, that is not what qi gong is all about. Qi gong is not the same as ordinary exercise.

If you’re making any of these mistakes, whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of qi gong, they can significantly affect the outcomes of your practice.

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Qi Gong And Food Therapy For Good Health And The Prevention Of Disease

The 5000 year old energy boosting technique known as Qi Gong combines slow body movement and powerful breathing techniques. It is one of the most potent natural healing exercises for reversing cancer. Qi Gong exercises literally have thousands of forms and the other more well-known Chinese medicine techniques of Feng Shui, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi of Qi Gong, were derived from the concepts of Qi Gong. Qi is the Chinese word for life force of vital energy while Gong connotes “skill”, which makes Qi Gong the practice of working with your vital energy.

Qi Gong is a very popular form of exercises and there are about 250 million people all over the world practicing it mainly due to its health benefits. These benefits include enhanced energy, better mental focus and acuity, more efficient metabolic function, better digestion and sexual function, healthy appetite, and improved microcirculation and blood flow in the forehead. Several published clinical researches have revealed Qi Gong’s healing power for health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, among many others.

Why is Qi Gong unlike any other exercise? What is behind its healing power?

A person practicing Qi Gong even by just standing perfectly can still increase his blood circulation as he would if he had jogged for two miles. Jogging and other ordinary exercises release cortisol, a stress hormone, which tightens blood vessels. On the other hand, Qi Gong exercises relax the body, calm the mind, and enable blood to circulate much better in the body. When a person performs the slow exercises he can boost the pulsation of blood in his hands and since these exercises eliminate stress, blood can flow to parts of the body that have been obstructed for years, which is why Qi Gong is extremely effective in relieving bodily pain. Digestive function is greatly enhanced and microcirculation to the forehead is strengthened. This increased blood flow to the glands and organs can never be duplicated or surpassed by any other exercise.

One vital aspect of our health and Qi Gong practice is breathing. The breath is utilized by the best forms of Qi Gong, specifically synchronizing it with the movements. Those forms often entail deep stomach breathing exercises that enable the practitioner to inhale more oxygen, reducing the levels of cortisol in the blood, and at the same time helping relax the mind. The Nine-Breath Technique and other advanced breathing techniques make use of Tibetan techniques and can promote oxygenation of the blood. These techniques have been scientifically validated to enhance one’s blood quality. Most practitioners report a soft humming in their stomach or a full-body vibration. Several psychologists and counselors have been able to successfully help drug addicted patients substitute their addiction with a “natural high” that can be experienced when performing these breathing exercises.

Aside from movement and breath, genuine holistic Qi Gong practices also include the intake of proper herbs and foods. In our modern world filled with pollution and toxic chemicals and radiation, this is a very important thing to consider.

For thousands of years, physicians have been using foods to reverse various health problems. Kiwi fruit, for example, has been used by the ancient Maoris to cure asthma. Kiwi fruit contains phytochemicals that have been proven to significantly improve the breathing of asthma sufferers. Food therapy is an essential part of Qi Gong therapy.

The world we live in today is highly toxic. The levels of toxins and heavy metals in our air and environment is staggeringly high, tainting our soil, water, and air, and alarming amounts are found in the household products we use every day and even in the food we eat. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), are growing at an alarming rate.

The beneficial phytochemicals we need for good health can be found in medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs, vegetables, and fruits that hone the function of our endocrine system and help jumpstart our immune system. A lot of people unfortunately, lack these vital chemicals. Phytochemicals are concentrated mostly in the parts of the food we usually discard; the rinds, skins, stems, and seeds of the vegetable and fruits we eat. People eating the appropriate food often discard the parts that can provide the greatest benefits to their health. The avocado fruit, for example, is usually blended with the seed thrown away. The seed of the avocado has no taste but it contains an amazing amount of fiber and qi that can help scrub plaque out of your arteries.

In order to avail of the phytochemicals, the cellulose fibers of the vegetables and fruits need to be broken down. Thus, compared to blending, “juicing” your fruits or veggies may not really give you the optimal amount of nutrients you can possibly derive from certain foods. This is the reason smoothies are becoming the drink of choice for more and more people as they are able to treat or slow down diseases such as cancer and boost overall health and well being.

So, now we can see that many health conditions can be potentially resolved by eating the right kinds of food. However, it is not enough to merely practice healthy eating. You need to also know how to use certain foods for certain diseases. Bitter melon, for example contains a phytochemical that is constitutionally the same as insulin and can help reverse diabetes by promoting the natural balance of blood sugar in the body. Of course, we also need to follow the proper treatment protocols, but the idea here is that all the medicine that is in our disposal is not being utilized. The grapefruit is known to help treat cancer, but the pith of this fruit which is rich in D-Glucarate is thrown away. One should always utilize the parts of the food that contains medicinal value. And if you are still unaware, this wisdom is derived from Qi Gong.

When we attain a healthy body, we elevate our Qi and create a stronger receptacle in which to house it at the same. A real holistic treatment focuses on the healing and balancing of all aspects of our being: Our spirit, mind, and body. Qi Gong accomplishes these by enabling us to take charge of our health and by increasing the vibrational energy of our body.

Nelya de Brun is a licensed acupuncturist in Boynton Beach, FL., practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Western medical pathology. She is also the founder of Classical Oriental Medicine, LLC.

Building Immune Energy with Qi Gong Self Massage

You may be interested to know that the gentle Chinese healing technique known as qi gong is one of the most powerful forms of cancer management and cancer-prevention exercises that is quite the same as Tai Chi.

The movements in Qi gong not only help boost the levels of oxygen in our body to detoxify the body also provide certain health benefits to the internal organ systems in a focused way.

Certain movements in qi gong benefit our immune system by stimulating the large intestine and lung energy pathways or meridians, which are known to strengthen immune function and give the body the ability to heal much faster after surgery or when confronted with deadly diseases such as cancer.

One important qi gong movement called the Taoist Five Kidney movement influences the reproductive organs to shield us against reproductive disorders such as ovarian/cervical cancers, ovarian cysts, prostate cancers, and enlarged prostate, as well as improve fertility.

Some other qi gong movements affect the abdomen and spleen and can be used simultaneously with qi gong self massage to alleviate nausea (usually experienced by individuals are undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy).

A qi gong well-balanced exercise gently works the internal organs to generate strength and rejuvenate health that go beyond muscular and cardiovascular levels.

To treat reproductive organ diseases such as prostate cancer, seek a qi gong therapist/practitioner who has a background in clinical applications of this therapy. Such therapist has been trained to construct movements to address specifically cancer of different forms.

To attain the best health benefits. Perform qi gong exercises for 30 minutes although it has been shown that even shorter exercise periods can improve health. A lot of practitioners recommend one to three minutes of qi gong mildly interjected throughout the day to attain a cumulative total of 30 – 45 minutes of exercise each day. This allows people to select the best time of day to perform qi gong. It can be naturally incorporated into people’s lives and can be used as a powerful healing tool.

Building Immune Energy with Qi Gong Self Massage

The following is series of qi gong self massage that can be to treat depression naturally:

Lung Meridian: When this meridian is massaged and stimulated, it helps to promote the freeing of disappointment, grief, or sadness. Qi gong massage exercise of this meridian also helps build immunity by activating the metal organ of the large intestine.

Tap the chest forcefully on the left side and continue tapping down the left arm’s inner side of the left arm toward the thumbs inside and the inner side of the wrist, lower arm, and elbow.

Repeat this activity the chest’s right side and down the right thumb and right arm’s inner side.

Large Intestine Meridian: When this energy pathway is massaged it leads to the healing of disappointment, grief, or sadness, grief. Messaging this meridian also helps build immunity by stimulating the metal organ of the large intestine.

To start the massage, using your right hand, vigorously slap and tap the left index finger’s top from the nail bed along the finger towards the wrist and hand.

Along the wrist’s to the elbow‘s top side continue with the slapping and tapping. Keep on tapping along the upper arm’s top to the sides of the neck and shoulder. Near the right nostril, massage the area with circular small motions.

Repeat this massage with taps and slaps on the right arm of the person to the right index finger’s top, through the hand to wrist. Keep on massaging along the top of the upper arm to the elbow of the neck. Massage the body part near your left nostril using circular but small motions.

It is important to remember as with any form of exercise, one must consult their medical physicians before implementing applying new exercise regimens. It also important to remember that this work is not meant as a substitute for conventional Western medical health care diagnose or meant to address any medical condition.

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The Need To Integrate Qi Gong And Tai Chi Into Conventional Treatment

Although it is known in China that Tai Chi has certain benefits for people with diabetes, searching for articles about the topic online is quite hard to come by. Tai Chi practitioners believe they have the ability boost microcirculation and that Tai Chi is an extremely effective technique to manage stress. Furthermore, it burns very gently a considerable amount of calories and has been proven to actually aid the body to attain levels of chemical homeostasis. A Tai Chi study dealing with sex hormones, for example, was shown to create a “balancing effect” on the chemistry of the hormones of the test subjects, reducing the high levels of abnormal estrogen in older men, while increasing low levels of abnormal estrogen in older women.

Other studies have also yielded the same outcomes that led me to assume that significant research has probably done on the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi’s for people suffering from diabetes, proven that at least these outcomes initially indicate Qigong and Tai Chi may present much to a person with diabetes. But from Western medical studies, there doesn’t appear much out there in terms of qigong and tai chi as a complement therapy for diabetes.

However, there are two Chinese medical establishment researches had extremely thrilling results. A study conducted by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology discovered that blood sugar can be successfully reduced by performing Qi Gong exercises. In the study, almost 43 percent of the participants were able to take reduce their medication intake while consuming more staple foods. Another study by the Nanjing University showed that metabolic condition of type II diabetes mellitus with geriatric obesity could be regulated by Tai Chi exercise through the stabilization of the endocrine¬-nervous system of the body. The question is why is there very little Western medicine research done on this?

Regrettably, less that 0.5 percent of funding from NIH goes to study all complementary or alternative health modalities. This implies that this very small slice of NIH budget pie is all shared by homeopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, etc. A lot of the benefits sufferers of various diseases have gained from Qigong and Tai Chi will not benefit the millions of others with such conditions until the NIH allocates adequate funding/attention for Qigong and Tai Chi research. Until adequate research is conducted, doctors will not have the necessary knowledge to provide their patients with enough information about Qigong and Tai Chi as potential viable treatment options.

Nonetheless, you can request your physician to do a bit of research on this for you. In the meantime, let’s look at recommendations for diabetes therapy that are currently available, and then systematically compare the benefits of Tai Chi benefits to determine if it can be a viable therapeutic complement for diabetes. It is important to note that you should not treat yourself. This article meant to encourage a dialogue between your doctor and you which hopefully can sway him to campaign on your behalf to get very effective natural health modalities such as Tai Chi fully studied so that you have the utmost potential choices for your health plan.

Exercise, diet and the achievement of the appropriate body weight are the key components of any therapeutic plan for type 2 diabetes. Tai Chi has been shown to be an ideal exercise that besides have benefits to the cardiovascular system (approximately similar to moderate impact aerobics), also can help burn a significant amount of calories more than the burning of calories from surfing, and downhill skiing. To people with diabetes, gentle exercise as Tai Chi may be important to attain such cardiovascular benefits and caloric burning benefits.

According to, an internet health site, the form of exercise a patient performs is essential to his well being. The site states “People suffering from active diabetic retinopathy are not advised to do exercises involving heavy lifting or straining since these exertions can bring about eye damage. They need to realize that nerve damage due to high levels of blood sugar levels can result in sensation loss in the feet, with a consequential elevated likelihood of ulceration and blistering. People suffering from increasing heart damage due to high blood sugar need to be aware about the danger of sudden heart failure and death. Tai Chi may be promising for the health of the heart with is extremely important to diabetes sufferers. The BBC News 2004, October 9 reported that Tai Chi is able to treat heart failure. The study, according to the British Heart Foundation, was “very good news” and in the UK, Tai Chi can be integrated into treatment programmes in the future.”

We need to repeat once more that you should never treat yourself and all potential treatments should be considered in conjunction with your doctor. Talking about Qi Gong and Tai Chi with your doctor will hopefully result in a more reasonable allocation funding of medical research towards other natural health therapies such as Qigong and Tai. It is with sincere hope that medical researchers will study Qigong and Tai Chi with an effort desire to discover “why it helps a lot of people” rather than following a sinister ulterior motive to prove that it doesn’t work. It’s also is just as important the way studies are conducted as the studies are done.

It is for the benefit of doctors and their patients to find for themselves what Qigong and Tai Chi health techniques have to offer as these two therapies are more and more offered by medical universities to would be doctors and nurses. The prospect of healthcare need not be a war between conventional allopathic therapies and alternative therapies, but a growth of conventional therapies to cover whatever works best for the patient. A lot of people in the medical profession are great supporters of such a vision.

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The Impact of Certain TCM Food Categories On Your Fertility

Reading Infertility is treated with more natural approaches in Traditional Chinese medicine . This means diagnosing the underlying causes and considering the body as a whole and each individual as a unique entity. Based on the condition you’ve been diagnosed with, you may be advised not to consume certain types of food that may affect your chance of fertility. We will talk about the method of how foods are categorized in TCM.


Cool food exhausts heat energy (yang qi) in a moderate way. So when you eat these kinds of foods, you also need to eat warm foods to avoid becoming deficient in kidney yang and yang qi. Women trying to get pregnant are advised to only consume moderate amounts and for nutritional purposes only. Otherwise, their likelihood for may be dampened.

a) Tomato
b) Strawberry
c) Spinach
d) Pear
e) Cucumber
f) Lettuce
g) Apple
h) Etc.


In traditional Chinese medicine, cold foods are seen as factors that can activate the cold effects in your body and exhaust or extinguish the yang qi. Eating cold foods for long periods of time without countering them with other hot or warm foods can result in deficient kidney yang and yang qi causing interference with the reproductive organs’ normal function and reducing the likelihood of fertility in women and men alike. Women attempting to conceive need to completely stay away from these types of food or at least neutralize their effect by eating the same quantities of hot foods.

a) Bitter melon
b) Watermelon
c) Seaweed
d) Clams
e) Grape fruit
f) Banana
g) Bamboo
h) Etc.


Obviously, your body is provided with warming effects when you consume warm foods. These are the most ideal foods for women who are pregnant as they help maintain a healthy pregnancy and help prevent the risk of miscarriage. Eating warm foods slightly increases yang qi and raises your body temperature increasing the likelihood of fertility in men and women alike.

a) Chicken
b) Raspberry
c) Peach
d) Leek
e) Chive
f) Cherry
g) Black tea
h) Etc.


Naturally hot foods are healthy for the immune system strengthening it and increasing its ability to combat viruses, bacteria and the formation of free radicals. Hot foods also boost the flow of blood to the body including the reproductive organs; however too much consumption of these kinds of foods may result in deficient kidney yin and yin qi that causes hormone imbalance and disrupts the process of fertility.

a) Cinnamon powder
b) Green onion
c) Onion
d) Pepper
e) Ginger
f) Garlic
g) Etc.

Also, salty, sour, and bitter foods are categorized as yin while sweet and hot foods are categorized as yang.


Despite having no impact on both yin qi and yang qi in the body, neutral foods such as potato, grain, and rice can produce other side effect that may disrupt the spleen’s production of insulin the liver’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently. Your herbalist will inform you if neutral foods have any affect in your fertility.

a) Bread
b) Rice
c) Honey
d) Celery
e) All kinds of red meat
f) Beet
g) Apricot
h) Etc.

Magnotherapy & Acudetox Can Help A Child With ADD/ADHD

Magnotherapy involves the application small magnets in specific acupuncture points on each ear. The best complementary treatment for this procedure is the Acudetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) technique in which five needles are stuck into predetermined acupoints in both ears.

In certain instances, an electronic pointer is used in children who are scared of needles to stimulate the acupoints. However, it is essential to point out that electro stimulation is a less effective treatment than traditional needling acupuncture. Normally, treatment will last about 45 minutes. Thereafter, small gold magnets are attached on the shen men point on the ear’s posterior.

One may require a total of 22 treatments one session each week for up to five months with the magnets being replaced each week. The magnets help balance the polarity of the brain’s right and left hemispheres helping maintaining the stability of the electrical function and chemistry of the brain.

Toxicity is the main culprit for most cases of ADD /ADHD. Unfortunately, a majority of the children with this problem suffer from learning disorders and are treated with ritalin and at times have to undergo psychiatric counseling.

ADD – Its Causes

According to Western medicine ADD/ADHD is the result of dysfunctional or unstable brain chemistry.

In Oriental medicine ADD/ADHD is due to a dysfunctional body. This means some of the body organs are improperly functioning caused by an imbalanced brain ability/function and chemistry.

Modern conventional therapies don’t have the means to detect the imbalances in the organs. What they can do is to measure the organ function’s polarity through the use of an electro meter/pointer/stimulator.

Various factors can bring about focusing, logical, and emotional impairment. They can include:

• Loss of interest due to lack of direction, purpose, or vision
• Loss of interest in life due to stress at home
• Poor management of behavioral boundaries by the parents
• Belief that failure will is inevitable in every endeavor undertaken
• Belief that there’s no point in living
• Lack of love or attention at home
• Poor self-esteem
• Poor diet
• Bad role models
• Distrust or lack of belief in the educational system, the feeling of being just a number
• Inability to fit into the group
• Undetected damage in the brain
• Asperger’s autism that’s undiagnosed or misdiagnosed
• Poor hearing or eyesight
• Low IQ

Addressing all these aforementioned factors can be very inconvenient and time consuming and this inconvenience is perhaps the most likely reason why parents resort to having their child on medication to address their unacceptable behavior. Each case of ADD/ADHD must be properly studied.

Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are very good in balancing the behavior, mind, brain, and body of the person when the cause of the ADD/ADHD is body imbalance. Usually the origin of an unbalanced body organ can be traced back as far as birth. Some kids are born with dangerous afflictions or various complications in which case, modern methods (such as drugs) are required stabilize, treat, or even save the life of the child.

However, we need to realize that modern medications are chemicals that carry a lot of toxins. When they are given to help save the life of a child, in the long term, it leads to organ dysfunction of body toxicity (dysfunctional brain chemistry). According to Chinese Medicine, a healthy regulated organ function is a sign of a healthy brain chemistry function and body. Nowadays, brain and body dysfunction is very much widespread.

The air we breathe, the food and water we take, and especially the drugs we take can now be poisons to our body. When these elements cause ADD/ADHD, then Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are the best therapies that should be considered. Diet as well as parenting techniques and boundary issues should also be included in the treatment plan for ADD/ADHD.

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The Effect of Dampness on Digestive fire

Phlegm and dampness are build ups that occur in the body that may make us feel so tired and heavy. We’re likely to become stagnant with phlegm and damp when the weather is exceedingly humid and damp, our mind is working too long and too much, or when our diet is out of sync with our body.

Compared to phlegm, dampness is usually seen as heavier and thicker in viscosity although it may not be so obvious in physical signs. It can manifest in the coating of the tongue and is sensed in the fogginess of thinking and heaviness of the body.

Phlegm can manifest itself as a wet kind of cough or in a runny nose.

Symptoms related to Phlegm and Dampness

  • Postulant-wet skin conditions
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Poor concentration
  • Loose stool
  • Low energy, particularly after eating
  • Problem waking up in the morning
  • Weak memory
  • Foggy head

Signs related to Phlegm and Dampness

  • Slippery pulse
  • Runny nose, particularly after eating dairy or greasy food
  • White coating on the tongue
  • Swollen tongue with teeth marks

Dampness can be seen as a swelling of the tongue and a thick tongue coating. Occasionally, the tongue’s coating is white and very thick, particularly in individuals that eat too much dairy products such as milk and yogurt. The coating of their tongue is so thick that they often scrape it! This merely takes out one of the signs but it does not address the underlying cause of the problem, which is damp.

A build up of phlegm and damp occurs due to a few different reasons. Initially, we can divide the causes into two categories: External and Internal.

A build up of external phlegm/damp may be caused by:

1. Two weeks between each change of season, more so at summer’s end that’s deemed the ‘damp’ time of the year or ‘late summer’, which is the time one expects dampness to accumulate.
2. Tropical weather and a humid environment. For long periods of time of time on a hot day when the air-conditioner is blasting on you.

A build up of internal phlegm/damp may be caused by:

1. Poor diet: eating lots of rich, raw, cold, sweet, fatty, oily, greasy, and dairy foods.
2. Stress/overthinking: This can result in spleen qi deficiency (weak digestive energy) that can’t handle all the damp foods being eaten that results in a sluggish digestion.

One of underlying principles of Chinese medicine is the theory of the Five Elements: Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, and Fire.

Each element has a specific function, emotion, organ, and season associated with it. In the case of dampness, the element closely related to it is earth. The earth element is associated the stomach and spleen organs in the season of late summer.

The stomach and spleen are responsible for the conversion of water and food to energy and waste. Sometimes, however, because of a rich diet (for example), these organs become exhausted and have difficulty in converting things efficiently, there is left in the body excess unconverted food material that can’t be efficiently disposed of. This material eventually turns into dampness. According to Chinese medicine, when the dampness flows over from the earth element, the metal element, which is the large intestine and lungs, contains it. This is why when we drink a milk shake or eat greasy chips and fish, we sometimes get diarrhea, cough, or a runny nose.

Dampness is heavy and tends to go down and drain out. At times, it becomes sluggish and gets blocked preventing it to go down and drain. To eliminate damp, we first need to lessen the intake of foods that are contributing to the condition. Next, we need to use acupuncture and medicinal herbs to either excrete the damp through the stool or drain it through urination or open the skin pores in order for the damp to escape through sweat. Then, to strengthen digestion, we need to be treated with acupuncture and herbs, as well exercise and eat a bland diet.

Energy and Matter

Chinese medicine can be clearly explained through basic physics principles particularly when we are talking about a thing called ‘digestive fire’.

Water and fire are two of nature’s most fundamental aspects. These elements can be referred to as matter (water) and energy (fire). All things are forms of energy and matter. Energy is a nonmaterial and dispersed entity that has highly vibrating protons and electrons. On the other hand, matter is a more condensed entity that has a vibrational frequency lower than energy.

Energy and matter can be interchanged; this implies that nature and life are always changing and moving. All beings are composed of matter and all of us are driven by love, will, emotion, and passion. We all are made up of matter (water) and are driven by energy (fire). The energy that we have comes from the physical things we take in our body: water, air, and food.

What weakens our digestive fire?

We need dry and light wood to easily kindle and make a good fire. When we use green sticks to make a fire, it only produces a dull fire and produces a lot of smoke. Likewise, we’re likely to completely kill the fire if we put a log of wet wood on it.
Light dry foods are good for the stomach and spleen. If you already suffer from a weak digestion, eating dense, raw, greasy, oily, or heavy foods will only weaken it further. This is like throwing a heavy wet big heavy log on a small fire that kills the fire completely.

To kindle digestive fire, we start by eating start not overly processed, well-cooked, and easily digestible foods and grains.

Foods to Restore Digestive Fire and Lessen Dampness

  • Herbs/Spices: Foods that help warm digestion include pepper, cumin, paprika, fennel, cinnamon, and cardamom. Congee mixed with lots of ginger is an ideal way to warm digestive fire.
  • Protein/Meat: Small portions of chicken, lamb, or beef stewed or slow cooked can drain dampness and are very nutritious.
  • Veggies: Leafy greens, alfalfa, turnip, pumpkin, celery, and beans.
  • Cooked whole grains: Corn, amaranth, buckwheat, pearl barley, quinoa, millet, rye, barley, oats, and rice

Factors That Weaken Digestive Fire and Raise Dampness and Therefore Should Be Avoided

  • Processed foods, dairy, lassies, iced water, smoothies, ice cream, chocolate, eggs, soy milk (soy is 50 percent oils and fats), tofu, bananas, avocados, wheat grass, salads, duck, pork, and pastries.
  • Salad or raw food diet – This type of food is good for a red faced, very hot person with a strong constitution. It is not recommended for a person who is pale and skinny.
  • Not chewing properly
  • Eating late at night
  • Eating too much sushi, salad, cold foods, juices, sprouts, vegetables, and raw fruits
  • Eating too much oily, sweet, cold, raw or mucus-forming foods

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