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Acupuncture Montclair and the Meridians

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian systems are the invisible highway networks that deliver chi to every part of the human body.  Meridian lines run through the nervous system from the brain to the coccyx, the shoulder, limbs and lower extremities of the body and delivers blood and the life force known in TCM as chi or qi.

Chi is what gives a body life.  It is the life force in the universe.  Where there is life, there is chi.  Chi is represented in various ways in creation.  A different form of chi manifests itself in the animal kingdom while another in the plant kingdom.  There may be infinite number of manifestations of chi in the universe considering the size and greatness of the universe where life in one form or another exists.

All meridians are connected to the brain.  Each meridian is one or another connected to an organ in the body.  In TCM, an organ is not the same as is thought of in western conventional sense. The kidneys, for example, in western medicine, are organs that filter blood, normalize the blood electrolytes and help excrete waste.  In TCM, the kidneys govern the water aspect of the body.  They are also the organ responsible for reproduction, growth and sexuality.

The meridians act like the circulatory system.  Instead of blood, they deliver chi throughout the body.  Meridians may develop blockages or cause the chi to stagnate.  These blockages or stagnations are result of various factors such as high emotional states, stress, depression, accidents, injuries, unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to harmful elements and environmental pollution.

TCM considers physiological, physical, emotional and psychological issues as chi inhibitors and cause of blockages in the meridian system.  TCM treats sickness in a holistic manner and thus provides holistic treatments and therapies for the human being.  This is a very sensible and realistic way of thinking considering that some physical illnesses and diseases are products of emotional and psychological problems thus, weight loss or drug addiction, maybe the result of stress and depression.  What TCM does is to find out what particular organ may be the cause of the person’s emotional and psychological problem.

When the organ is identified, reed-thin needles are applied to it and to the other organs than may have been affected by the organ suffering chi deprivation.  Some of the organs affected usually govern both the physiological and the psychological aspects of the problem.  When the addiction is healed or cured, the underlying cause for the addiction itself is healed, say depression or lack of self-confidence.

Acupuncture Montclair presents itself not merely as a cure for a symptom posing as the disease; it does cure the body entirely of the cause of the symptom/disease.