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Developing And Tapping The Power Of Chi Through Nei Kung

Nei kung or Chinese ‘soft’ martial arts or internal martial arts, is a self-defense system that focuses on developing and tapping the power of the internal energy known as ‘chi’ instead of the traditional muscle power of purportedly hard or external styles.

In the West, the best known system of Nei Kung is Tai Chi. Other systems include Liuhe Bafa Chuan, Dacheng Chuan, Hsing Yi Quan, and Bagua Shang. Interestingly, many systems of Chinese kung fu posses a certain internal element despite the fact they are mainly external. One instance of a kung fu system or style with a specifically powerful internal aspect is the kung fu system of Shaolin White Crane.

Certain individuals would state that all Chinese combat schools and styles are both external and internal. Based on this perspective, Tai Chi and other internal styles start with learning and developing chi and progress to embodying this as advanced levels of external muscle strength, whereas Wing Chun and other external styles of kung fu start by studying the physical external forms and utilizing them with external muscle power, and then progress to studying an advanced level of chi. Both would result in the achievement of balance of the external and internal.

When people practice internal martial arts, they achieve a realization of chi by experiencing it, instead of understanding it at an intellectual level. Chi, in essence, is seen as the vital life energy, which is more or less similar to Indian yoga’s Prana. Some of today’s practitioners depict chi as some kind of magnetic phenomenon, which is the same as the depictions of the soul’s ‘astral light’ as noted by Levi, Mesmer, and other esoteric Western philosophers.

Internal martial arts originated from an ancient Chinese system called qi gong or chi kung. The origin of Qi gong can be traced as far back as the instructions of Boddhidharma and to the earliest history of the Shaolin temple. It is made up of a series of exercises meant to help one develop and direct the power of chi, in order to heal disease, boost vitality and health, beef up the body, and eventually to achieve illumination. Qi gong is designed to totally rebuild the body. Two of the most popular documents pertaining to qi gong are the Classic of Bone Marrow Washing and the Sinew Metamorphosis.

Internal martial arts are made up of martial arts forms and qi gong. This is the reason internal martial arts are used both for healing illnesses, improving vitality and health and self-defense. Both internal martial arts and qi gong are seen as a moving, energetic type of meditation.

Between the practices and styles forms of an external system of fighting and an internal martial arts class, the greatest difference that a practitioner would observe is that internal martial arts espouse the importance of keeping the body ‘soft’ and relaxed and to harmonize the movements and them flowing. A body that’s relaxed body gives the chi a chance circulate through the limbs. The Schools of Nei Kung also reiterate the control of one’s breathing and the coordination of movement and breath in order for the entire body and all its functions to work harmoniously allowing you to tap into a greater degree of effortless energy for your techniques.

In addition, Nei Kung arts integrate forms of Chinese philosophies like Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine in Boynton Beach. For instance, Hsing Yi Chuan, great depends on the five elements theory, while Bagua Shang reiterates the I Ching philosophy, particularly, the eight trigrams. If you really wish to gain mastery of an internal martial art, you need to be a fighter as well as a philosopher, and should develop your physical skill and strength as well as your and mental skill and moral strength.

A New Trend for Cosmetic Surgery: Facial Acupuncture

It is now a new trend, especially in trendy Fort Lauderdale, to use Chinese medicine as a form of non surgical facelift for cosmetic enhancement. A lot of cosmetic procedures were developed to improve scars, disorders that resulted from birth defects, injury or disease and other skin conditions. Most surgical procedures are invasive techniques that require adequate post surgical recovery time. This is usually the reason why many are anxious to go under the knife. But thanks to eastern medicine, the pursuit of cosmetic surgery has a more pleasant alternative.

Facial acupuncture or acupuncture face-lift uses traditional Chinese medicine to treat skin from the inside out. Acupuncture’s fundamental concept is based on the notion of balance and a lot of acupuncturists simply follow this principle. In acupuncture treatment, practitioners are treating medical problems by balancing the body and restoring the normal flow of energy or Qi.

For facial acupuncture, it uses the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to reach aesthetic goals. The basics of acupuncture treatment involve the insertion of small needles to stimulate circulation, plump fine facial wrinkles and boost collagen production. The resulting face lift makes this procedure and alternative to the traditional face-lift and not simply replacement for spa facials.

A lot of enthusiasts of the procedure have seen visible improvements in their appearance. A lot of first-timers in facial acupuncture treatment are a bit frightened at the prospect of having multiple needles inserted in the face but because of the reported benefits, a lot of patients are intrigued with facial acupuncture treatment. Facial acupuncture is truly the latest and safest tool in the never ending battle to stop aging.

A patient undergoing facial acupuncture won’t feel the slightest discomfort and can immediately return to work after the treatment. It doesn’t take out a lot of time like the recovery patients usually experience after traditional forms of surgery. Of course, even though recovery time of the traditional face-lift maybe absent, patients will still experience the usual redness, blotchiness and irritation associated with spa-facials.

When it comes to choosing a practitioner for facial acupuncture, remember that only licensed acupuncturists should administer the procedure. It is suggested that an acupuncturists should include in their list of specialty acupuncture facial.

A prescribed course of facial acupuncture requires eight to 12 treatments in order to achieve optimal and lasting results. Individual sessions would usually range from 100-250 USD per visit, usually less if patients would commit to a full series. Maintenance appointments are recommended once or twice a year once a series is completed.

Sometimes, the benefits of facial acupuncture are usually apparent even before the completion of the series. According to long time client of facial acupuncture Fiamma, he explained, “Even after one treatment there should be a noticeable difference. A lift in the jowls, eyelids and brow, more noticeable definition of the cheekbones, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles, are all common benefits of the first appointment.”

Reduce Wrinkles with Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is an anti-aging treatment which involves sticking very thin needles in your face to reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles. The treatment is performed by a licensed acupuncturist who specifically specializes in cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is supposed to be an alternative treatment to facelift.

Like most acupuncture treatments, cosmetic acupuncture also has its benefits. Its main benefit is promoting blood and lymph circulation. Due to the increased circulation, the peripheral blood vessels are dilated for better oxygen and nutrient distribution for cellular regeneration. Another benefit of cosmetic acupuncture is that it rehydrates the skin’s external layers by stimulating the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands to encourage the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Exfoliation is another benefit that aids in the proliferation of new skin cells thus increasing nutrition build-up to the skin’s surface. The improve quality of the skin would result to a more healthy glow. Cosmetic acupuncture also allows healthy breathing of the skin to increase the skin’s protective ability to prevent clogged pored and infection. With increase oxygen consumption on the external layers of the skin, this could result to fast carbon dioxide and nitrogen release at the cellular level. This will help keep the skin deeply clean and contribute to the reduced accumulation of excess grease on skin’s surface. The most useful benefit to softening and reducing the wrinkles is cosmetic acupuncture’s capability to stimulate the production of four collagen proteins and elastin. Skin integrity is improved since cosmetic acupuncture can relax and reduce the tension in the muscles and nerves thus resulting to an improved overall facial appearance.

Cosmetic acupuncture is facelift without going under the surgeon’s knife. A lot of people wouldn’t mind looking a few years younger but the thought of having a surgeon to take a knife to your face can be quite scary. Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-surgical alternative that can give-off a fresh faced radiance while reducing the signs of aging. Plus, the treatment will address the underlying causes of aging and at the same time masking symptoms of invasive procedures.

Cosmetic acupuncture has attracted the attention of the media. It has been recently acclaimed by the Irish Times as “a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances”. It is a remarkable treatment that can erase as much as five to 15 years from the face.

Using acupuncture to improve the physical appearance has started 800 years ago during the Sun dynasty when the when the emperor and empress’ concubines used it to maintain their youthful appearance and glow.

It is no wonder that this ancient technique is becoming so popular nowadays. Virginia Doran, the world’s leading acupuncturists has been very in introducing the technique to modern western culture. Her treatment protocols have been featured on major television networks and even on famous TV shows like Sex and the City. it comes as no surprise that New York and LA waiting lists for cosmetic acupuncture are flocked with the rich and famous like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cher.