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Common Chronic Problems That Can Be Treated By Tui Na Sports Massage

Most injuries are considered external conditions in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. These injures affect the channels rather than the internal organs. They can influence the function of the channels, muscles and joints and generate inflammation, numbness, stiffness, swelling, and pain. The disturbance in the circulation of Chi (Chinese word for energy) within the channels may also weaken the organ related to the obstructed channel, further degrading the entire system.

Overall plan of treatment: harmonize the yin-yang relationships of the impacted channels and remove stagnation in the muscle tissues to stimulate the flow of blood and Chi to restore the body back to its natural state of mind/spirit/body.

Sports Tui Na: A main focus of Body Therapy and Tui Na Massage in Winter Park is to address the chronic issues that have developed in a person’s body over several years or months of day to day activity. PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is one type of manual manipulation bodywork that is used to increase range of motion in a particular muscle and re-align the body. Aside from PNF, there will be integrated active-passive and deep tissue stretching, to help the clients further dissolve chronic issues.

Typical Chronic Problems Tui Na Sports Massage can help you with:

• TMJ or Temporal Mandibular Joint Injuries
• Strains/Sprain
• Tendonitis and Sprain/Strain
• Hypo and Hyper Kyphosis
• Frozen Shoulder
• “Tennis Elbow” or Epicondylities
• Whiplash/Cervical Injuries
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Researchers believe that more than 90 percent of disease is related to stress. And probably nothing ages us faster externally and internally and extreme stress. For managing this stress, massage is an effective tool that can translate to:

• Reduced fatigue
• Improved circulation
• Better concentration
• Increased energy
• Enhanced sleep quality
• Lower anxiety

Massage can also specifically help resolve a number of health problems. Bodywork can:

• Alleviate migraine pain
• Release amino acids and endorphins that work as the natural painkiller of the body
• Soften and relax overused, tired, and injured muscles
• Relieve cramping and spasms
• Relieve postsurgery swelling and adhesions
• Pump nutrients and oxygen into vital organs and tissues, improving circulation
• Promote tissue regeneration, reducing stretch marks and scar tissue
• Alleviate anxiety and depression
• Boost joint flexibility
• Improve the condition of the largest organ of the body — the skin
• Help athletes of any level recover from and prepare for strenuous workouts.
• Stretch and exercise atrophied, tight, or weak muscles
• Increase immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the natural defense system of the body.
• Ease drug dependence
• Assist with easier, shorter labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays
• Enhance range of motion and relieve low-back pain

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