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Eliminate Your Smoking Cravings For Good With Auricular Acupuncture

You’ve tried nicotine gum and patches and they didn’t work. If you are serious about quitting smoking for good, why not try a new approach that really works! This treatment is called ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture. It’s quite strange to know that a technique that sticks needles in your ear somehow helps you to stop smoking but auricular acupuncture is a type traditional Chinese medicine treatment that has a track record of curing different sorts of vices and addiction, including nicotine addiction that dates back for thousands of years.

The notion behind this type of therapy is to enable the vital energy in your body called Qi, to begin freely flowing throughout your body. This leads to improvements and overall well-being on both a psychological and physical level.

What To Expect At An Acupuncture Procedure

Your acupuncturist will first discuss with you about your symptoms and past medical history. After that, he/she will perform an examination of your ears and locate for areas where there is a weak flow of energy. Specialized thin needles are then strategically inserted into parts of your ear to strengthen the flow. This process typically requires the insertion or five needles on your outer ear.

Usually, after an hour, the procedure is completed and the needles are removed. There are acupuncturists who recommend ear magnets taped on the ears of their patients so that the effect of the treatment can be sustained once the patient has left the clinic. During treatment, you’re not required to remove your clothes.

To get the full benefits of the therapy, you need to make a few follow up visits. Commonly, a patient will require four to six visits although the number of visits will depend on also how well your body responds to the treatment and on the recommendation of your acupuncturist. The cost of the treatment also needs to be factored in when seeking acupuncture treatment to quit smoking in Austin. But when you compare it to the cost of smoking, acupuncture is still a very cost-effective mode of treatment for your smoking problem.

Does Ear Acupuncture Hurt?

People react differently to the treatment. There are those who say it is painless, while others experience a slight pricking sensation. Most people who have tried the treatment find the whole experience very relaxing that causes them to sleep through the rest of the procedure. Others find it invigorating and are wide awake throughout the procedure.

Does Ear Acupuncture Work?

According to Western conventional medicine, there is no evidence that ear acupuncture therapy to quit smoking works. However, throughout the years, countless numbers of ex smokers who have been cured of their nicotine addiction with acupuncture report that this treatment has really helped them quit smoking for good. A large majority of acupuncturists say that ear acupuncture is an overwhelming success when it comes to treating smoking addiction.

Make sure you talk to a qualified practitioner, if you are interested in getting ear acupuncture treatment. To find a qualified acupuncturist near your area, call or email the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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