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How The Chinese Deal With Obesity

I find fat people to be disgustingly ugly. As a former fat person myself, this seems very hypocritical. Still, fat people just don’t have the energy to live a full and active life, which makes the old cliché “fat people are happier” a total nonsense. What’s more, these people definitely have little sex drive, if they have at all. Fat women have difficulty becoming pregnant, and both they and their male counterparts have low fertility rates that can be directly attributed to their excess weight. Worst of all, obese people die young and during the last years of their premature death suffer immensely. One can only hope that sooner or later, the government and the masses will wake up to this serious problem, and before change is brought about, it would entail the bankrupting of the health care industry. When I came to live in China, one of the greatest pleasures I experienced is to walk the street and see almost all slim Chinese people and only very few fat people. This is remarkable for my old and tired eyes.

The obesity problem in America has been chronic since the 1970’s. In spite of that, fast-food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald’s have popped up in every town and city and they have never been busier. Eating junk food in the States that maintains and increases testosterone levels is as normal as visiting a dentist in China. All doctors and primary healthcare providers here will usually write a prescription for a testosterone enhancing supplement, often either plant materials to be boiled into a tea or herbs in the form of sliced tree roots and when drunk every day, those supplements produce significantly higher levels of testosterone that totally reverses a person’s obesity cycle. Chinese people rarely take to the gym to lose weight. Most take serious care of their health and bodies. They just don’t have the flagrant obesity problems that America has to deal with. People here regularly boost their testosterone levels and naturally live more physically demanding lives.

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