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If All Treatments Fail, Try Acupuncture for Your Hyperhidrosis

If standard treatments such as deodorants or stronger treatments such as Iontophoresis are not enough to relieve your excessive sweating, then you need to try acupuncture treatment for hyperhidrosis (abnormal profuse sweating).

Chinese medicine practitioners began to use acupuncture to treat profuse perspiration thousands of years ago. Oftentimes, modern Western medicine ignores or overlooks holistic therapies such as acupuncture, which in truth, can be a worthwhile option in lieu of prescription drugs or surgery.

Several people have tried this treatment and they can attest to the palpable difference in their sweating. Acupuncture can be a very powerful solution for controlling perspiration on every part of your body: from your face, hands, and body all the way down to your feet.

Science has also validated this fact. Clinical studies using acupuncture to treat hyperhidrosis in humans have been successful. Now, more and more people all over the world suffering from hyperhidrosis are turning to acupuncture to cure their problem once and for all.

Acupuncture is a technique that uses reed-thin needles in order to stimulate the pressure points on your skin in order to set off biological processes that lead to healing.

How does Acupuncture for Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Pembroke Pines feel like?

When a needle is stuck into a pressure point, patients react to it in different ways: some may feel a pricking but not painful sensation; some may feel some tingling or numbness at the site of the insertion; while others may feel nothing at all. One common thing they all share is that they feel no pain at all despite the fact that sometimes a lot of needles are used. However, there have been reports of discomfort or even soreness by some patients the next day. Today, most acupuncturists insert the needles through a tiny metallic tube.

One important point that needs to be stressed is that when you decide to get acupuncture treatment for your hyperhidrosis or for any other purpose, choose a licensed practitioner very carefully. You can find one on the website of your medical insurance network where you can read feedback from other patients and the ratings of the practitioner.

You can also ask for referrals from your doctor. Who knows, he or she may even be a qualified acupuncturist himself/herself.

The Procedure

According to Western medicine, this how an acupuncture hyperhidrosis treatment works:

The points on the skin where the needles are inserted (acupoints) connect to sensory nerves of the skin known as dermatomes. When the needles make contact with these dermatomes, it directly affects the nervous system of the body.

It may be worthwhile to point out that the dermatomes for hyperhidrosis treatment are aligned with several of the dermatomes that needles penetrate to alleviate stress and anxiety through acupuncture. Acupuncture research has followed this technique which proves further that our emotions can be triggers that directly cause hyperhidrosis sweating.

A lot of these dermatomes control also internal body temperature by directly communicating with the body’s sympathetic nervous system in the body.

Depending on the severity and location of the hyperhidrosis symptoms, acupuncture for hyperhidrosis treatment may vary. A person with plantar or palmar hyperhidrosis, for example, may receive acupuncture to treat sweating feet and hands as well as sympathetic dermatome nerves in the ribcage or chest.

In some instances, the practitioner may use a more generalized acupuncture treatment for hyperhidrosis. It really depends on how one responds to the treatment and the style of the acupuncturist. You may need two to three sessions of acupuncture treatment for it to produce results.

Acupuncture has the ability to make you profoundly relax which is very important in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. This is because anxiety induces sweating and when you tend to sweat a lot, being anxious anxiety is definitely the one thing you need to avoid.

A lot of hyperhidrosis sufferers have said that acupuncture treatment for hyperhidrosis works phenomenally when it comes to anxiety driven sweating. However, the treatment is not always curt and dry. People react differently to acupuncture. Some have noted that it wasn’t worth the effort and relief was minimal. Some have gained nothing at all from the treatment while some got cured because of it.

You need to be realistic about your expectations regarding this treatment. Acupuncture works best at stopping stress and emotionally induced sweating. It’s deemed a more holistic remedy, although its results are deeply respected in the medical community. Do not underestimate the benefits this treatment option may offer you.

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