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Magnotherapy & Acudetox Can Help A Child With ADD/ADHD

Magnotherapy involves the application small magnets in specific acupuncture points on each ear. The best complementary treatment for this procedure is the Acudetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) technique in which five needles are stuck into predetermined acupoints in both ears.

In certain instances, an electronic pointer is used in children who are scared of needles to stimulate the acupoints. However, it is essential to point out that electro stimulation is a less effective treatment than traditional needling acupuncture. Normally, treatment will last about 45 minutes. Thereafter, small gold magnets are attached on the shen men point on the ear’s posterior.

One may require a total of 22 treatments one session each week for up to five months with the magnets being replaced each week. The magnets help balance the polarity of the brain’s right and left hemispheres helping maintaining the stability of the electrical function and chemistry of the brain.

Toxicity is the main culprit for most cases of ADD /ADHD. Unfortunately, a majority of the children with this problem suffer from learning disorders and are treated with ritalin and at times have to undergo psychiatric counseling.

ADD – Its Causes

According to Western medicine ADD/ADHD is the result of dysfunctional or unstable brain chemistry.

In Oriental medicine ADD/ADHD is due to a dysfunctional body. This means some of the body organs are improperly functioning caused by an imbalanced brain ability/function and chemistry.

Modern conventional therapies don’t have the means to detect the imbalances in the organs. What they can do is to measure the organ function’s polarity through the use of an electro meter/pointer/stimulator.

Various factors can bring about focusing, logical, and emotional impairment. They can include:

• Loss of interest due to lack of direction, purpose, or vision
• Loss of interest in life due to stress at home
• Poor management of behavioral boundaries by the parents
• Belief that failure will is inevitable in every endeavor undertaken
• Belief that there’s no point in living
• Lack of love or attention at home
• Poor self-esteem
• Poor diet
• Bad role models
• Distrust or lack of belief in the educational system, the feeling of being just a number
• Inability to fit into the group
• Undetected damage in the brain
• Asperger’s autism that’s undiagnosed or misdiagnosed
• Poor hearing or eyesight
• Low IQ

Addressing all these aforementioned factors can be very inconvenient and time consuming and this inconvenience is perhaps the most likely reason why parents resort to having their child on medication to address their unacceptable behavior. Each case of ADD/ADHD must be properly studied.

Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are very good in balancing the behavior, mind, brain, and body of the person when the cause of the ADD/ADHD is body imbalance. Usually the origin of an unbalanced body organ can be traced back as far as birth. Some kids are born with dangerous afflictions or various complications in which case, modern methods (such as drugs) are required stabilize, treat, or even save the life of the child.

However, we need to realize that modern medications are chemicals that carry a lot of toxins. When they are given to help save the life of a child, in the long term, it leads to organ dysfunction of body toxicity (dysfunctional brain chemistry). According to Chinese Medicine, a healthy regulated organ function is a sign of a healthy brain chemistry function and body. Nowadays, brain and body dysfunction is very much widespread.

The air we breathe, the food and water we take, and especially the drugs we take can now be poisons to our body. When these elements cause ADD/ADHD, then Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are the best therapies that should be considered. Diet as well as parenting techniques and boundary issues should also be included in the treatment plan for ADD/ADHD.

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