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Nutrition And Diet According To The Theory Of The Five Elements

Nutrition and diet is so important for your well-being and health as it’s a basic primary way of acquiring life-giving chi (energy) you need to exist.

Acquiring Chi in Your Body

All of us are born with a specific amount of chi that we inherited from our parents; we get a constant supply of chi from the food we eat and from the air we breathe. When we eat foods that are low in nutritive value, our health slowly weakens; when one consumes a balanced diet based on the Theory or the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, his health thrives.

Eating Our Way to Health

Meals that are prepared according to recipes based on the Five Element Nutrition and Diet and are nutritionally balanced are nature’s pharmaceuticals. These healing recipes are varied and may be the same as the delectable morsels most of us enjoy at our favorite Chinese restaurants. They supply us with the nutrients and chi we need to maintain and improve our health, and are usually recommended in a Tarzana traditional Chinese medicine treatment strategy. Imagine a treatment plan that allows you to treat yourself to a healthy balanced and delicious Chinese cuisine.


Food recipes based on the Five Elements can also be used as complementary treatment to conventional Western treatments. One example is the use of healing foods to counter the harmful side effects of drugs. If you’re recuperating from an illness or are currently sick, these foods can help you regain, rejuvenate and restore your health and vitality.

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