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Qi Gong And Food Therapy For Good Health And The Prevention Of Disease

The 5000 year old energy boosting technique known as Qi Gong combines slow body movement and powerful breathing techniques. It is one of the most potent natural healing exercises for reversing cancer. Qi Gong exercises literally have thousands of forms and the other more well-known Chinese medicine techniques of Feng Shui, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi of Qi Gong, were derived from the concepts of Qi Gong. Qi is the Chinese word for life force of vital energy while Gong connotes “skill”, which makes Qi Gong the practice of working with your vital energy.

Qi Gong is a very popular form of exercises and there are about 250 million people all over the world practicing it mainly due to its health benefits. These benefits include enhanced energy, better mental focus and acuity, more efficient metabolic function, better digestion and sexual function, healthy appetite, and improved microcirculation and blood flow in the forehead. Several published clinical researches have revealed Qi Gong’s healing power for health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, among many others.

Why is Qi Gong unlike any other exercise? What is behind its healing power?

A person practicing Qi Gong even by just standing perfectly can still increase his blood circulation as he would if he had jogged for two miles. Jogging and other ordinary exercises release cortisol, a stress hormone, which tightens blood vessels. On the other hand, Qi Gong exercises relax the body, calm the mind, and enable blood to circulate much better in the body. When a person performs the slow exercises he can boost the pulsation of blood in his hands and since these exercises eliminate stress, blood can flow to parts of the body that have been obstructed for years, which is why Qi Gong is extremely effective in relieving bodily pain. Digestive function is greatly enhanced and microcirculation to the forehead is strengthened. This increased blood flow to the glands and organs can never be duplicated or surpassed by any other exercise.

One vital aspect of our health and Qi Gong practice is breathing. The breath is utilized by the best forms of Qi Gong, specifically synchronizing it with the movements. Those forms often entail deep stomach breathing exercises that enable the practitioner to inhale more oxygen, reducing the levels of cortisol in the blood, and at the same time helping relax the mind. The Nine-Breath Technique and other advanced breathing techniques make use of Tibetan techniques and can promote oxygenation of the blood. These techniques have been scientifically validated to enhance one’s blood quality. Most practitioners report a soft humming in their stomach or a full-body vibration. Several psychologists and counselors have been able to successfully help drug addicted patients substitute their addiction with a “natural high” that can be experienced when performing these breathing exercises.

Aside from movement and breath, genuine holistic Qi Gong practices also include the intake of proper herbs and foods. In our modern world filled with pollution and toxic chemicals and radiation, this is a very important thing to consider.

For thousands of years, physicians have been using foods to reverse various health problems. Kiwi fruit, for example, has been used by the ancient Maoris to cure asthma. Kiwi fruit contains phytochemicals that have been proven to significantly improve the breathing of asthma sufferers. Food therapy is an essential part of Qi Gong therapy.

The world we live in today is highly toxic. The levels of toxins and heavy metals in our air and environment is staggeringly high, tainting our soil, water, and air, and alarming amounts are found in the household products we use every day and even in the food we eat. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), are growing at an alarming rate.

The beneficial phytochemicals we need for good health can be found in medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs, vegetables, and fruits that hone the function of our endocrine system and help jumpstart our immune system. A lot of people unfortunately, lack these vital chemicals. Phytochemicals are concentrated mostly in the parts of the food we usually discard; the rinds, skins, stems, and seeds of the vegetable and fruits we eat. People eating the appropriate food often discard the parts that can provide the greatest benefits to their health. The avocado fruit, for example, is usually blended with the seed thrown away. The seed of the avocado has no taste but it contains an amazing amount of fiber and qi that can help scrub plaque out of your arteries.

In order to avail of the phytochemicals, the cellulose fibers of the vegetables and fruits need to be broken down. Thus, compared to blending, “juicing” your fruits or veggies may not really give you the optimal amount of nutrients you can possibly derive from certain foods. This is the reason smoothies are becoming the drink of choice for more and more people as they are able to treat or slow down diseases such as cancer and boost overall health and well being.

So, now we can see that many health conditions can be potentially resolved by eating the right kinds of food. However, it is not enough to merely practice healthy eating. You need to also know how to use certain foods for certain diseases. Bitter melon, for example contains a phytochemical that is constitutionally the same as insulin and can help reverse diabetes by promoting the natural balance of blood sugar in the body. Of course, we also need to follow the proper treatment protocols, but the idea here is that all the medicine that is in our disposal is not being utilized. The grapefruit is known to help treat cancer, but the pith of this fruit which is rich in D-Glucarate is thrown away. One should always utilize the parts of the food that contains medicinal value. And if you are still unaware, this wisdom is derived from Qi Gong.

When we attain a healthy body, we elevate our Qi and create a stronger receptacle in which to house it at the same. A real holistic treatment focuses on the healing and balancing of all aspects of our being: Our spirit, mind, and body. Qi Gong accomplishes these by enabling us to take charge of our health and by increasing the vibrational energy of our body.

Dr. Guoen Wang is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and doctor of Chinese medicine in Austin Texas.

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