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Qigong Self-Massage For Keeping Fit And Improving Your Health

An honest-to-goodness form of Chinese Massage Therapy, patting is a technique that falls into the category of Wei Dan or External Qigong and is specially designed for keep-fit enthusiasts. Its impacts can be a bit deeper than basic skin rubbing techniques in the resolution of underlying conditions. Patting keeps your tendons and bones strong, boosts improves metabolic functions, improves the circulation of blood, lubricates the joints, and spurs the development of muscle-tissue. When performed on the torso, patting can enhance the functions of the internal organs.

The exercises only involve yourself and the participatory activity they generate results in patting being deemed more effective and better than ‘passive massage’ (massage that’s administered on you by third parties). Your body feels more comfortable and ‘lighter’ after the exercises and your consciousness becomes clearer. For ‘serious’ or more advanced patting enthusiasts, a variety of basic technical aids exist including rice and sand bags.

Basic Patting Exercises

Basic patting exercises can be done using the bottom of your fist your palm, or with the rice or sand bags mentioned above. These exercises can be done both standing and walking and by taking on the following body positions.

1. Patting the Legs

While standing in an upright position, raise your left leg until it is about 90 degrees to your right leg. For this purpose, you can use a table, fence, rail chair, or other convenient object. Pat all four sides of your leg from thigh to foot in similar 5×5 sequences to make a hundred then move to the other leg and repeat the exercise. Move from light to heavy within each round when patting in sequences.

Regular practice can prevent and even treat certain walking difficulties; maldevelopment, paralysis and partial paralysis of your leg muscles; and lack of feeling or numbness in your lower limbs.

2. Patting the Arms

Use your right palm to pat each of the four sides of your left arm 25 times, from top-to-bottom, in sequences of 5×5 to make a hundred ‘pats.’ Repeat the same procedure this time using your left palm to pat your right arm.

Regular practice can prevent and even treat partial paralysis of the arm, cyanosis of the lower arm, and poor muscle-growth of the upper arm.

3. Patting the Head

Start by dropping your shoulders and elbows and smile. Pat the left-top of your head 50 times from front to back using your left palm then repeat the exercise 50 times using your right palm to pat the right-top of your head. Do the same this time to the left and right left sides of your head, keeping your breathing natural and mind calm throughout.

Poor blood supply to this area, headaches, and dizziness can be prevented and even treated with regular practice.

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