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TCM, An Ancient Solution To The Modern Problems Of Society

People all over America have been turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) more and more for aid in treating problems related to the modern age. Personal time previously used for nourishment and relaxation has become an indulgence in one’s schedule as the workday lengthens and the pace of life quickens. Yes, the modern way of living provides us with a variety of pleasant stress-relieving diversions and amenities but it often comes with a price – paid for by our good spiritual, mental, and physical health. A growing number of individuals are realizing the toll on our health by our hectic lifestyles and are looking into the past to seek guidance for the present. The incredible boom in TCM, the widespread popularity of Buddhism, and the resurgence of Yoga illustrate that the ancient traditions have a place in the Modern Age. These philosophies are now sought after because they can help restore harmony besides balancing and mitigating the harmful effects of modern living.

TCM practitioners are aware how profound this wonderful medicine is that can help restore balance in people’s lives. This is because one of the fundamental principles of TCM is based on the harmonious interaction of the forces of nature and life. This philosophy basically acknowledges that a lot of things in our daily life affect our health and that it is essential that we keep these forces in balance. Our activities, the foods we eat, our emotions, work life, home life, and environment would be a few examples.

When one visits a practitioner of TCM to seek help with a problem, the practitioner will deeply look into the cause of the illness to determine the forces that are out of balance. When problems are approached this way, it leads to the treatment of the “root” cause of a disease and can bring about lasting and profound healing. Carpal Tunnel disease would be a good example. The practitioner will locate the root of the problem by questioning the patient to find out: what type of work they do, if a certain event started the problem, what makes it better or worse, etc. The practitioner may then use any of the TCM techniques – lifestyle counseling, exercise therapy, massage, Chinese herbs, and/or acupuncture in Marlton – to rectify the underlying imbalance as well as to treat the pain. The patient can then leave the office feeling empowered to take charge of his health and all his symptoms cured.

This is just a few ways Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to help bring back harmony to our hectic modern lifestyles. TCM can be a powerful tool if you need to balance the forces acting within your life. It can give you the tools necessary to effect a lasting and positive change, the wisdom to correct disharmonies and imbalances, and give you the means to achieve a happy and long life.

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