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The Benefits Of Foot Reflexology For Neuropathy Or Chemotherapy

Reflexology is a very old form of healing that strives to balance the internal organs by applying pressure to the acupuncture points on the feet.

According to theory, the different regions of the feet energetically correlate with the internal organs. For instance, the region of the big toe going down towards the foot’s heel on the inner aspect of the foot is associated with the spine.

By performing self-massage in this region of the foot, one can relieve tension in the spine, neck, and shoulders.

Try this easy exercise.

Roll from side to side your neck and notice where tension exists and where there is relaxed tissue.

Then, massage the base of your big toe and twirl it for three minutes as if giving your neck a massage. Similarly, on the opposite foot, massage the other big toe.

Roll your neck now from side to side. What did you notice?

A lot of feel extremely relaxed more after performing self-massage on their feet.

Some practitioners practice a special type of reflexology that involves emitting Chi near the feet’s reflexology regions. Chi emission is an energetic type of healing that allows the flow of energy from the healer to the patient.

While this technique is mainly performed off-the-body without massage, it is more profound than conventional reflexology as it enables deeper stimulation of the energy channels that are located in the feet and that are associated with the internal organs. It works quite well for shifting imbalances associated with the nervous system.

Therefore, through this technique, problems such as neuropathy caused by diabetes (e.g. tingling or numb feet) or chemotherapy are greatly benefited.

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