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The Chinese Healing System Of The Five Elements

Asian medicine has recently become a hit in the west. They include acupuncture from China and Ayurveda from India. This article addresses the healing system called the Chinese five elements.

What are the Five Elements and Does It Work?

The Five Elements healing system is based on the premise that everything, including people, is controlled by one of five natural elements; water, metal, wood, earth, and fire. While these elements have some association with the elements they are named after, they also signify that seasons of the year that in turn affect our internal organs that can either weaken or strengthen them based on our own innate tendencies to be influenced by certain kinds of stress that’s not always physical but also spiritual and psychological problems.

This article will give you a bird’s overview that briefly describes what each element represents. Water is associated with winter and affects the bladder and kidneys. Metal corresponds to the autumn or fall season and affects the large intestines andlungs. Wood is related to spring, the gallbladder and also the liver. Earth is associated with late summer, the spleen and the abdomen. Fire is associated with summer, the small intestines and the heart.

Each element can also be inhibited or stimulated by one of the other elements.

Next to be discussed is the concept or theory of chi.  According to the ancient Chinese, the world originally was one great energy mass called chi.  This great mass of energy was then divided into minus and plus. This is the reason we have soft and hard, female and male, night and day. Minus and plus in Chinese is known as Yin and Yang. What the Chinese did is to merge the philosophy of Yin Yang with the five element health system. So, for instance, in acupuncture, the chi flows along designated pathways called meridians. Inserting a needle into one of these meridians at a specific area will affect an associated internal organ to either become more yin or more yang.

Eventually, the 5 element system developed to cover the whole spectrum of mind and body health conditions and how to diagnose them. The liver organ is related to the wood element, and the anger emotion and fingernails areits health indicator. In order to make a speedy diagnosis, if there is discoloration in the fingernails, this would indicate that an high amount of anger is diminishing the chi of the liver resulting in illness and a cure will then be sought with either meditation, exercise, herbal medicine, or  Maitland acupuncture to restore the balance and function of these organs.

This is a very much uncomplicated explanation of the Five Elements healing system. It’s usually accompanied by diagrams and charts. Further research is recommended in order to understand and appreciate this amazing system that was developed and refined over thousands of years.

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