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The Decreasing Usage Of Chinese Traditional Bone-Setting

By re-aligning, resetting, and stretching, traditional Chinese bone-setting therapy can relieve bone-related pain through the use of small splints to heal disarticulation, fractures, and other orthopedic conditions. These in-depth bone-setting procedures have been used for over 3,000 years and play a major role in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Fort Lauderdale. At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, highly specialized bone-setting practitioners were relegated to treating orthopedic disorders. Basic techniques andtheories were developed during the Ch’in and Han Dynasties, including the Golden Mirror of Medicine, Ready Reference for Invaluable Prescriptions, The Secret Prescriptions for Curing Wounds and Fractures, and the Prescriptions for Emergencies Handbook, all of which hold huge volumes of data on bone-setting therapy which have been transferred from one generation to another.

Chinese Traditional bone-setting not only has created a distinct theoretical system with refined curing methods and principles, but has also amassed a wealth of experience over the course of its far-reaching medical practices. Chinese medical experts invented the small splint immobilization, and because of its effectiveness, it was eventually copied by other countries. The Chinese traditional bone-setting method is widely regarded as one of the major gifts that Traditional Chinese Medicine has given to the world.

The accessibility and inexpensive efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided the Chinese people their general health and well-being. Among medical practices and medicines, some have been well recorded while others have only been disseminated via oral tradition. These days, many hospitals and schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are unfortunately abandoning these age–old medicinal techniques due to economic worries over its viability, leaving a mere 10 hospitals of the southern and northern TCM Schools to carry on this healing art. Chinese Traditional bone-setting now faces the dilemma of being abandoned altogether and even totally abolished. To safeguard these traditional medicinal practices of China, effective measures should be taken as the soonest time possible. In addition, policy and academic studies to be carried out to develop further traditional medicinal customs.

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