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The Impact of Certain TCM Food Categories On Your Fertility

Reading Infertility is treated with more natural approaches in Traditional Chinese medicine . This means diagnosing the underlying causes and considering the body as a whole and each individual as a unique entity. Based on the condition you’ve been diagnosed with, you may be advised not to consume certain types of food that may affect your chance of fertility. We will talk about the method of how foods are categorized in TCM.


Cool food exhausts heat energy (yang qi) in a moderate way. So when you eat these kinds of foods, you also need to eat warm foods to avoid becoming deficient in kidney yang and yang qi. Women trying to get pregnant are advised to only consume moderate amounts and for nutritional purposes only. Otherwise, their likelihood for may be dampened.

a) Tomato
b) Strawberry
c) Spinach
d) Pear
e) Cucumber
f) Lettuce
g) Apple
h) Etc.


In traditional Chinese medicine, cold foods are seen as factors that can activate the cold effects in your body and exhaust or extinguish the yang qi. Eating cold foods for long periods of time without countering them with other hot or warm foods can result in deficient kidney yang and yang qi causing interference with the reproductive organs’ normal function and reducing the likelihood of fertility in women and men alike. Women attempting to conceive need to completely stay away from these types of food or at least neutralize their effect by eating the same quantities of hot foods.

a) Bitter melon
b) Watermelon
c) Seaweed
d) Clams
e) Grape fruit
f) Banana
g) Bamboo
h) Etc.


Obviously, your body is provided with warming effects when you consume warm foods. These are the most ideal foods for women who are pregnant as they help maintain a healthy pregnancy and help prevent the risk of miscarriage. Eating warm foods slightly increases yang qi and raises your body temperature increasing the likelihood of fertility in men and women alike.

a) Chicken
b) Raspberry
c) Peach
d) Leek
e) Chive
f) Cherry
g) Black tea
h) Etc.


Naturally hot foods are healthy for the immune system strengthening it and increasing its ability to combat viruses, bacteria and the formation of free radicals. Hot foods also boost the flow of blood to the body including the reproductive organs; however too much consumption of these kinds of foods may result in deficient kidney yin and yin qi that causes hormone imbalance and disrupts the process of fertility.

a) Cinnamon powder
b) Green onion
c) Onion
d) Pepper
e) Ginger
f) Garlic
g) Etc.

Also, salty, sour, and bitter foods are categorized as yin while sweet and hot foods are categorized as yang.


Despite having no impact on both yin qi and yang qi in the body, neutral foods such as potato, grain, and rice can produce other side effect that may disrupt the spleen’s production of insulin the liver’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently. Your herbalist will inform you if neutral foods have any affect in your fertility.

a) Bread
b) Rice
c) Honey
d) Celery
e) All kinds of red meat
f) Beet
g) Apricot
h) Etc.

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