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The Three Health Aspects of Tai Chi

There just are moments when people just seem out of sync, or feel tired or out of sorts. They may have some physical issues going on, but they aren’t tied to any disease or illness. But something sure feels wrong, as if there is something missing in their lives. They may search far and wide in vain for a cure when there is none to be found. They turn to drugs, pills or alcohol for relief but these things can’t provide what these people need. Sometimes, bringing the mind and body back into balance and strengthening the body is the only way to get the body the healing health it needs. This is the premise and purpose behind Tai Chi.

Tai chi is a form of exercise that originated in Ancient Chinese medicine. It is made up of the aspects of yin and yang and is aimed at restoring balance to the two. The entire practice of this defense art concentrates on mental focus (meditation), slow movement and breathing. The low, slow impact exercise is an excellent workout for people with physical conditions and for people of all ages. Tai chi’s healing health is tied into the many benefits, which are both physical and mental. It has emotional, physical, and psychological benefits as well.

The psychological health aspect of tai chi can help the practitioner develop more confidence and positive self esteem and improve his viewpoint on life by means of meditative exercises. Meditation brings peace to the practitioner’s life, helps him refocus and calms his mind. To people who are just beginning to practice tai chi, these benefits can be felt within a few weeks.

The physical health aspect of tai chi can be developed via the movements and exercise of this art. Although the movements of tai chi are low and slow, it will still cause the participants to work up a sweat. The incessant movements help increase blood flow and build the muscles. They also align the muscle groups which help alleviate back and joint pain. The practice also increases the amount of positive chi around the body helping to strengthen the immune system.

The emotional health aspect of tai chi can result in a decrease in the levels of cortisol in the body. The decrease of this hormone gives the practitioner the capacity to handle life’s stresses in a calmer and more relaxed manner, helps even out moods and lessens overall stress.

In your quest for peace of mind and healing health, Tai Chi can be a very valuable tool.

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