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Things You Need To Know About Tuina Massage Therapy

Tuina massage generates productive deep tissue massage therapies that are suitable for a wide variety of problems and for all ages from the very young to the senior years.

What is Tuina massage?

There are five main methods for the treatment of disease in Chinese medicine: tuina massage, qi gong, herbal medicine, moxibustion, and acupuncture in Encino. Tuina, like acupuncture, is based on the acupuncture points and meridians (Jing Luo) of the body, minus the use of needles. Sometimes, a practitioner of tuina makes use of various hand techniques to apply pressure on key points on the body surface which, when stimulated, increase the body’s circulation of blood, nutrients and Chi and release tension to set off the healing processes of the body. Other hand techniques involve stretching, pressing, kneading, pumping, and otherwise activating the musculo-skeletal system to boost systemic improvements, eliminate blockages, and break down scar tissue.

Tuina provides a wide range of benefits. It invigorates and revitalizes the body as a whole. It improves well-being, and relaxes tired or tight muscles to speed up the body’s capacity to heal itself. It works both psychologically and physiologically, releasing the stresses of our modern way of living.

What does Tuina treat?

Tuina can be used for a lot of conditions and situations, from acute problems such as strains and migraines to chronic problems, such as old injuries and frozen shoulders. It can abet improvements in mental, emotional, and physical stress.

• tennis elbow
• sports injuries
• neck problems
• knee injuries
• frozen shoulders
• fatigue
• tooth and ear ache
• arthritis

On a mental level it can aid in:

• sleeplessness
• nervousness
• stress
• mania
• fear
• anxiety

It can also be used to maintain good health including the following situations:

• physical jobs
• new parents
• Marathon training
• distant driving circumstances
• climbing practice
• busy work schedules

What to expect in a Tuina appointment?

1. Appointment and Examination: In the beginning of the appointment, the practitioner would first explain to the patient about Tuina and its applications and actions. A medical history of the patient will then be taken to confirm the level of problem or injury, the strength of the constitution and the best course of action.

2. The therapy may be done on a massage couch in a supine prone position or seated, usually with belts, jewelry, and shoes removed, but patients remain clothed. The practitioner will advise the patient on the proper position for the massage.

3. The patient will then be covered with a cotton sheet through which a number of elbow, finger, and hand, techniques will be performed. This sheet serves both as a cover to the patient and to protect the hands of the practitioner. In some sessions, special oils may be used, often on the hands, lower legs, or neck. In certain instances, clothing may be removed to protect them from these oils.

4. Advice may be given on exercise, lifestyle, and diet after the treatment to strengthen the constitution and to reduce the impact of dis-ease.

How long does a tuina therapy session last?

Most sessions last from half an hour to one hour

Do I need to undress?

Over the fully clothed patient a protective sheet is placed. You will not be advised to remove any of your clothes except your footwear for general massage.

How strong is the massage?

The massage can be extremely strong and it can be uncomfortable in areas where there is damaged tissue.

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