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Three Major Acupuncture Points In Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, the Shen Men acupuncture point is considered a Master Point. In comparison with other acupoints on the ear, master acupoints are always active electrically.

Actually, if you’re having a difficult time locating active acupoints, treat Shen Men first and then the acupoints that require treatment will become active.

The Shen Men point is so powerful that it treats almost everything – inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. This point is also referred to as Divine Gate.

When practitioners have patients that just keep talking and they can’t get them to compose themselves, they quickly treat the Shen Men point in the patients’ ear. They are also likely to send patients home with seeds at this point, if they are susceptible to stress and anxiety, along with directions to apply pressure on the seeds several times a day while performed some deep breathing exercises. Patients love it when they’re offered an easy tool to de-stress.

Centering point – Point Zero

Before he became famous for developing Auriculotherapy in France, Dr. Paul Nogier was a civil engineer. A lot of people are familiar with the inverted fetus depicted on the ear describing the anatomical mirror used for therapeutic aims.

While sketching zones all over the body, Nogier started to understand that Point Zero was actually the physiological and geometrical focal point on the ear’s homunculus – and arranges next to the solar plexus.

Inverted Fetus

The Point Zero is considered to help restore homeostatic balance in the body. Aside from balancing energy, the Point Zero is also utilized to normalize the hormones, viscera, and brain.

Some practitioners would use the Point Zero point when patients come in with a wide range of symptoms and most of the time, they don’t know exactly where to start. Patients who have difficulty staying centered are sent home with a seed at this point for care at home.

The Sympathetic Autonomic Acupoint to Help Relax a Patient

A lot of patients have opted to live in a continuous state of sympathetic nervous system. Our sympathetic nervous system is intended to trigger our bodies into fight or flight response for survival mode purposes. The organ and digestive functions basically, shut down so that people can save themselves during emergency situations.

On the other hand, the parasympathetic mode is where we ought to be most of the time. This is the mode where the body heals and recuperates. When a person goes in for acupuncture treatment, it is the responsibility of the practitioner to help the person return into parasympathetic activity. The Sympathetic Autonomic Point will precisely do that.

The Sympathetic Autonomic Point is a very powerful acupoints and its effects can be experienced instantly.

These are just some of the health conditions that the auricular acupuncture in Boca Raton can treat:

• Insomnia
• Management of stress
• Dementia
• Smoking cessation
• Weight Loss
• Constipation

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