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Using Traditional Chinese Medicine To Improve The Health Of The Breast In Breast Cancer Patients

These days, with great leaps in technology, there has been a greater improvement in the prevention of breast cancer than ever before. An alternative form of treatment to consider is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help lessen the side effects, pain, or recurrence after radiation therapy or surgery.

Traditional Chinese medicine such as energy exercises, herbal medicine, and acupuncture are alternative modes of treatment to boost the health of the patient’s breasts after the treatments. Emotional distress such as stress, anger, etc., can result in functional disorders of the spleen and liver and thus can lead to recurrence and exacerbate the lumps in the breast after treatment.

Energy exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help reduce tension and stress in the body. These remedies have been shown to work in improving the lifestyle of a person and in controlling the cancer cells.

Another long-established Chinese treatment to reduce the symptoms of breast cancer patients is herbal medicine. In the treatment of cancer, it has four uses: for preventing alterations, for immunity, for cleansing the body toxins, and for depressing cancer cells.

Another great way to release stress and provide energy after treatment is acupuncture in Overland Park.

To help enhance the health of the breast and bring about a fast recovery after treatment, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the best therapies to consider. It can also be used to reduce risks in the development of breast cancer and the recurrence after the treatment. In addition, living a healthy lifestyle such as performing regular exercises and quitting smoking can also improve the health of the breast.

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