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Acupuncture, a very effective treatment for illnesses and diseases, has never been accorded the respect and recognition it rightfully deserves from the West.  If one judges medicine as a discipline whose aim is to heal and preserve the well-being of a creature, then acupuncture fulfills this aim very well.

There are tens of millions of cases of illnesses and disorders, which acupuncture in Louisville has cured and to highlight these cases, a solid majority, especially those cases that involve drug addiction, have been given a new perspective in life spiritually and psychologically much better than the ones they held even before they became addicts.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, in particular have woken some people up to a new and different paradigm about life and the universe.  For those, especially spiritually tuned in and have been treated with TCM, the spiritual aspect of healing which TCM inherently follows, a new form of respect develops in them into the sacredness of life and nature.

Some acknowledge chi as not only the force that gives life to human, plant and animal life, but is the life force that generates the stars, black holes, quasars and galaxies.  This life force is also found even in inanimate objects like stones.  Chi is the divine essence that animates, grows and propagates creation.  It is also the force where intelligence and wisdom emanates from. Chi, in essence has a divine attribute:  it creates and harmonizes nature.

Chinese philosophy is anchored in nature.  For the Chinese, divinity is present in all of nature.  Each creation has a divine aspect in them.  This philosophy is called naturalism and it is the philosophy of many prominent scientists such as Carl Sagan and Charles Darwin, to name just a prominent few.

The skepticism of western medicine of TCM has to do a lot with empiricism, a philosophy that believes knowledge can only come with sensory experience. If a thing cannot be seen, smelled, touched, felt or heard then it does not exist.  This philosophy has given rise to materialism and meaninglessness.

With all the latest, most sophisticated technology available, the best that western medicine can produce are drugs that are, in essence, mere palliatives or symptom relievers.  Diseases can only be dealt with by pharmaceutical drugs or by surgery.  Death due to causes attributed to cancer is speeded up by putting the cancer patient in the hospital because the hospital follows procedures that make the person even worse.

Money is also a factor why western medicine tries to belittle acupuncture and TCM.  The more patients find out the efficacy of acupuncture, the more they will stop buying medicines made by the pharmaceutical corporations and turn their back on western conventional medicine thus making these corporations and hospitals lose billions of dollars.

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