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Bellvue Acupuncture Good for Infertility Treatment

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical treatment, which originated in China for over two millennia.  In acupuncture, reed-thin needles are inserted at areas called acupuncture points in the body to restore the body to its proper healthy equilibrium.  The needles are twisted or vibrated to elicit the proper reaction from the body to mitigate any pain or sicknesses.

Chinese acupuncture was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s and has over 10 million adherents today who have been treated for a number of conditions, including infertility. These days in the US, Bellvue acupuncture is the number one choice for alternative treatment for infertility.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has noted 20 energy pathways or networks all over the body. When any of these pathways has blockage, particular forms of diseases and maladies occur depending on the area of the blockage.  Acupuncture needles are introduced at specific points to remove the blockage thus restoring well-being.  Acupuncture enables the release of endorphins, which causes euphoria and body relaxation promoting healing.  Endorphins also are responsible for activating antibodies to destroy viruses and infections in the body.

Acupuncture for infertility works best when the reason for infertility is endometriosis, ovulation issues or hormonal dysfunction.  Many women opt for acupuncture infertility treatment to engender fertility or as a complement for reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization (IVF).  Studies have shown the proven efficacy of acupuncture in treating or aiding treatment for female infertility.

For male reproductive problems, acupuncture can treat issues such as erectile dysfunction or low sperm production, such as low sperm count. A study done in 2005 by Shanghai University in China showed the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating male infertility when participants exhibited an increase in sperm production in their semen.  Moreover, their sperm was healthier than those untreated with acupuncture.

A whole acupuncture program can cost as little as $300. This and the proven potency of the treatment have made acupuncture a very attractive option for couples and individuals wanting to have children or to just have a healthy sexual life.  In order to really benefit from its efficacy, one should have treatment once or twice a week for a number of months. A session normally lasts one hour and includes discussing and assessing the patient’s condition.

It is in every individual’s interest to find the best acupuncturist for one’s problems.  The acupuncturist should be properly trained and has certification to practice his/her craft on the state he/she lives in. In addition, it helps to know the reputation and skill of an acupuncturist by asking family, friends and acquaintances for referrals and recommendations. One should also ask professional opinion from a health provider to see if one’s infertility issues can really be addressed properly by acupuncture or by a different medical approach.

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