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Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Treatment Of Kidney Disease

Despite being responsible for so many things in our daily life, diet is not a thing that we spend enough time focusing on. Food therapy helps us choose the right foods to eat and guides people to good health. Kidney disease is a serious chronic medical condition that requires an appropriate care on diet.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chinese Nutritional Therapy is a component of an ancient Eastern medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy aims to achieve healing through consumption of natural foods rather than the use of drugs. It is designed to improve a patient’s diet and it is not about going on a diet. It allows them to eat easy to prepare and tasty food that everyone can enjoy and be bought from any local market. Chinese Nutritional Therapy is all about enhancing health and wellbeing without yielding all the good stuff.

How is Chinese Nutritional Therapy Applied?

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, foods are sorted in two types – Yin food and Yang food. On the one hand, the Yin type of foods is believed to reduce the heat in the body; on the other hand, the Yang types of food are known to increase body heat. The goal of Chinese Nutritional Therapy is to preserve the balance of Yin and Yang in the body by using the both types of food in a proper way. When one eats too much Yin food, he might become anemic or lethargic; conversely, when a person eats lots of Yang food, he might suffer from bad breath and acne.

Benefits Gained From Managing Kidney Disease

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the center of the Yin and Yang of the body – the origin of life. The basis of the whole body’s Yin fluid is Kidney Yin, which nourishes and moistens the tissues and organs. The basis of the Yang energy (Chi) of the entire body is Kidney Yang, which promotes and warms the functions of the tissues and organs.

Aliments develop in the renal tissues when the Kidney yin and yang is out of balance.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy can aid in restoring Yin and Yang balance in the kidneys by either increasing or lessening the consumption of Yin or Yang foods. This idea that foods have an intrinsic “hot” or “cold” or “yin” or “yang” quality is widespread throughout mainland China. This viewpoint has been adopted by other kinds of food therapies in order to treat different kinds of kidney diseases. Chinese Nutritional Therapy recipes are infinitely varied and the use of a recipe will be based on the taste and health benefits needed for the patient.

What to Expect From Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chinese Nutritional Therapy is designed to spark a lifetime of change centered on your health, your attitude toward food, as well as your eating habits.

The Benefits That Can Be Gained From Chinese Nutritional Therapy Include:

• The chance to learn how to prepare delicious, easy to make, quick, and healthy meals
• A renewed relationship between your kidneys and food
• Improved wellbeing and health
• Increased energy and a new zest for life
• An assurance in knowing the food one eats will support his kidneys.
• Sustainable and new healthy habits that will improve your kidney conditions in positive and dramatic ways

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