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The Eight Mansion Directions Of Feng Shui

In Chinese, Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. It is a technique designed to bring in harmony and balance and harmony between our environment and us. Feng Shui, just like the forces of Yin and Yang, is all about balance. Where there is darkness, there is also light; where … Continue reading

Selecting The Right Foods When Ordering In Chinese Restaurants

You may not know this but eating at a Chinese restaurant can offer you various ways to maintain good health; although it can also provide you many ways to ruin it. Correct choices can result in a guilt-free, nutritious dining experience. Improper choices that you may find with typical Chinese … Continue reading

Auricular Acupuncture For Treating Digestive Conditions, Insomnia, Pain And Others

One of the most sensitive nerve-filled parts of your body is your outer ear. These nerves are directly connected to your brain, and so when they’re properly stimulated, it can reach any part of your body through the. Mankind has developed, through diligent research, the techniques to utilize your ear … Continue reading

How Food Impacts The Body In Various Ways Based On TCM

Perhaps, one of the most contradictory and complex discussions pertaining health is the relationship of health to food. So many diverging dietary plans, perspectives, and theories as well as several industrial and corporate entities have turned what should have been a simple discussion into a seriously convoluted topic.

For instance, … Continue reading

How Gua Sha Therapy And Chinese Medicine Can Help Treat Severe Case Of Arthritis

To know how and why Chinese Medicine heals arthritis, it is first essential to know the basis of why arthritis occurs in the first place.

According to Chinese Medicine in Jacksonville, the human body has a natural ability to remove most of the toxins it takes in. If we … Continue reading

Gua Sha Treatment For PMS, Head Colds, And Tired Muscles

Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest in learning TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Miami, especially acupuncture and Chinese reflexology. Hover, there is another form of TCM that you probably may never have heard of but is one of the best ways ever to detoxify … Continue reading