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High Blood Pressure Treatment with Herbs and Acupuncture

Nowadays more and more people are looking for natural, safe and effective alternative treatments for their health problems.  People, particularly in the Western world have become aware of the horrible side effects of prescription medications on the body which oftentimes are many and worse than the condition they are allegedly trying to treat.  One of the conditions which alternative therapies can safely and effectively address is high blood pressure.

There are really good alternative therapies if you do not want to avail of the conventional ones because of the side effects that have on the body.  Western medical science thinks these alternative treatments are all a sham but so far they have not proven how they even work.  People, whether Western medical science listens or not, have been treated with alternative therapies oftentimes on a permanent basis.

One very good alternative treatment for high blood pressure is yoga.  Yoga is about meditation and inner peace that helps relax the body and mind.  For others, yoga is more than that.  It a lifestyle that that uses plenty of physical exercises, and follows dietary prescriptions, ethical teachings and ethical behavior.  Yes, those who have integrated yoga as a normal part of their lives can change their mental and body responses that no ordinary human can ever do.

For over 80 years, health researchers in the Western world and in India have studies how yoga can induce therapeutic effects to the mind and body.  The studies have concluded that yoga most definitely can change at a person’s body temperature, brain waves, skin resistance, respiratory function, heart rate, metabolic rate and blood pressure.

For all its wonderful effects and the ability of a person to change his physiological standing, yoga entails long and many hours of following its teachings and principles every day.  In this modern world we are living in today, no one has the time to allocate for religiously following and practicing the yoga routines.

One other very good alternative treatment for high blood pressure that also came from Asia, particularly China is called acupuncture.  This treatment is thousands of years old but is still very popular all over Asia.  Acupuncture follows the belief that normal energy flow through the body is vital for good health.  When this flow is disrupted, it ushers in illness, disease and pain.   Acupuncture is needed to correct these flow imbalances by inserting hair thin needles at specific areas in the skin.  Acupuncture is oftentimes combined with Chinese herbal medicine to help strengthen the effect of the treatment.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines are only effective if the person alters his lifestyle and diet that does not cause a rise in blood pressure.  If the person lives a less stressful life and follows a healthy diet plan, high blood pressure can be easily treated and prevented.

Manage Chronic Pain with Acupuncture New York

Everybody has experienced pain at some time or another.  It is part of being human.  Pain is the message of the body to a person that he has a strain, disease or injury that he needs to be aware of and to remedy the problem before it becomes life threatening.  One would never know he is suffering from a torn muscle, wound on the stomach or intestines or has a burst appendix that may have released toxins in the body without the sensation of pain.  Pain is very important for our health and existence.

Because it is so undesirable and distressful, people try to get rid of pain with various methods, the common one being the use of painkilling pharmaceuticals such as tranquilizers anti-depressants or narcotics.  However, it is only the pain they kill, not the cause of the pain.  This is only called pain relief not treatment because it only hides the cause of the pain and pain will always come back and even become chronic as long as the source is not treated.

Generally pain serves as a useful function for our health; however, there are certain types of pain that serve no purpose at all.  Acute pain do act as warning signs for underlying serious problems but chronic pain is pain that stays with you even after the injury or ailment has long been treated.  Some forms of chronic pain are arthritis, migraines and backache.  There is no treatment for these types of chronic pain but the pain can be managed by various kinds of therapies.

Some therapies work through physiological means by controlling pain signals sent to and from the nerves and the brain.  These treatments work by numbing the nerves or desensitizing them from feeling pain.

The Western world is poorly informed about incredible alternative pain treatments such as acupuncture.  The rest of the world though has been enjoying and benefiting from this treatment for many thousands of years now.  Acupuncture is part and parcel of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which follows the principle that energy balance and good flow in the body causes good health.

Acupuncture New York is a uniquely Chinese healing procedure that follows the TCM principle.  Acupuncturists believe that good health is caused by the amount of chi or energy present throughout the body.  Chi is believed to travel through energy vessels called meridians that connect to the major organs in the body.  Very thin needles are the tools used by acupuncturists to remove energy blockages in the meridians that cause illnesses, ailments and diseases ad release blocked chi that is the cause of pain.  The needles are inserted at specific points in the body that access the affected meridians and stimulate energy to remove the blockages or imbalances in the meridians and the affected organs respectively.

Acne Treatment with Bellevue Acupuncture

Yes there are acne treatments that really are effective in treating acne.  One is an anti-acne diet and the other one which is the subject matter of this article is Bellevue acupuncture treatment for acne.  These are not instant cures and patience and dedication is required to make them wholly successful.  The end result will be all worth the sacrifice, perseverance and patience you put into them.

Several studies done regarding acupuncture have attested to its efficacy as a natural path to relieving and/or curing acne.  One specific study involving 120 young adult men more than 80% experienced a substantial improvement after only a week and almost all (90%) after two weeks of treatment.  When the treatment ended, 90% were completely cured of their acne while 80% left the treatment scar-free. Most of these participants were revisited after 3 years and 90 percent never had any recurrence of their acne.  The other 10% though had recurrence albeit mildly.  It should be noted though that the patients underwent herbal face peeling at the start of treatment and after every 2 weeks.

Another acne related study of acupuncture this time done in China, 62 out of the 80 patients suffering from acne ended up with impressive clear skin from acupuncture therapy with 11 showing less impressive improvement while 7 had no change of their skin condition.  Another study which was reviewed and published by the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine had 98 participants with 54 of them cured while 42 showed great improvements and 2 with no change in their condition.

We need to note that the studies were not done in a rigid scientific environment.  However, as one can obviously glean from the studies, the results are very good in terms of the effects and the number of people cured or who showed marked improvement in their acne.  Acupuncture does truly work albeit the mechanism of how it works is somewhat too complicated for the Western scientific establishment to understand.  Acupuncture is as close to a panacea as any treatment can get.  It can be used in the treatment of so many health problems including injuries and chronic fatigue syndrome to mention just a couple.  The World Health Organization and the National Institutes for Health have officially endorsed acupuncture as an effective treatment for many health problems including teen and adult acne.

Even now, many physicians have become practicing acupuncturists and have treated many types of painful conditions successfully with this almost magical oriental procedure.  Of course, not all problems of the body can be treated with acupuncture; however no other treatment can treat as many conditions as acupuncture can and definitely, teen and adult acne can be very ably cured or treated by this incredibly versatile therapy.

Addressing Sterility with Acupuncture Louisville

There are many causes for male and female infertility.  Some infertility conditions in females have been identified while some have not.  The known ones include ovarian dysfunction, reduced ovarian reserve and endometriosis.  A low progesterone level is likewise a known cause of female infertility.  Male sterility includes low sperm count, chronic diseases, injury, seminal flow blockages, sexually transmitted diseases and poor sperm motility.  Male impotency usually increases with age.

Pharmaceutical medications are available for the treatment of infertility if the factors are not related to chronic diseases or aging.  The conventional treatments are expensive, not 100% guaranteed to work and have harmful side effects.  The most popular conventional treatments for infertility are sperm injection and In Vitro fertilization. Both procedures fertilize the egg outside the womb and reinsert the fertilized egg back into the womb.

The mature egg ovum is extracted from the female body and fertilized in vitro in a laboratory.  The fertilized embryo then is placed back into the womb and matures there until its birth.  This procedure by far is the most successful among all conventional treatments.  It is not a perfect procedure and it can go awry or unsuccessful many times.  Worst part about this is that any procedural mistake can affect the baby’s health during and after pregnancy.

Nowadays, people have started to become aware of alternative ways to treat sterility.  These alternatives are more desirable because they are safer both for the parent and the potential baby as they have fewer and less troubling side effects.  Most of these alternative therapies are millennia old wisdom to handle certain types of diseases and disorders such as infertility.

Acupuncture Louisville is one such great millennia old alternative treatment.  For treating infertility, particularly ovarian problems, ear or auricular acupuncture is quite effective.  Medical researchers of acupuncture have discovered acupuncture brings about substantial improvements in the hormonal transmissions from brain to ovary.  Women with ovarian dysfunction have been seen to have improvement of their condition when availing of acupuncture therapies for at least 30 sessions within 3 months.

Patients availing of acupuncture and other alternative treatments are strictly advised to modify their lifestyle and dietary habits.  Drinking, ingesting or even inhaling caffeine, green tea and black tea with caffeine o even chocolate and cocoa can lessen fertility.  Caffeine in all forms inhibits the physiological environment for conception and therefore needs to be avoided.  PCBs which oftentimes are found in contaminated fish can render women and men sterile.

Traditional Chinese medicine, particularly acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are popular treatments against infertility.  These therapies are holistic in nature targeting the physiological, emotional, mental and even spiritual health of the patient.  They are considered safer than conventional modalities without serious side effects to speak of.

Acupuncture Davis Helps You Lose Weight

Dieting can entail physiological changes that come with the time measured food deprivation.  When the body lacks nourishment for a long time, its metabolism weakens and the person needs just a few calorie intakes to maintain the present weight.  However, it is really difficult to diet at this present time because of the abundance of food.  Furthermore, when our attempt to lose weight fails, we use food to comfort ourselves thereby adding to the fat we already have accumulated in our body.

Many people become so disappointed and frustrated of failing to lose weight they throw away any more notions of dieting altogether.  We all know that healthy eating is vital for all people to acquire good health but adhering to a really low calorie diet may just end up having the exact opposite end which is more excess weight.  Other alternative surely should be considered then.

With the market flooded with sugary foods and other hard to resist food products, we tend to succumb to the temptation.  We hardly have enough time to cook healthy dishes anymore and the pressures of a fast paced life have forced us just time to eat junk foods.  When we were children, chocolates and candies were our rewards for doing something good; as adults today, we find some sort of comfort from stress and extreme negative emotions in comfort foods.

A person needs to tackle his excessive weight problem in a holistic manner.  To do this, one should find modalities that treat and view health conditions holistically.  For some, if comfort eating is the problem, they can see a psychotherapist to identify what are the emotional factors causing their addiction to comfort foods.

Acupuncture Davis is and has been used for thousands of years as a weight loss treatment program in itself.  It is used to treat various kinds of behavioral and chemical addictions.  Food craving is also an addiction in itself and the main type of acupuncture used for food addiction is ear acupuncture.  Acupuncture is a holistic treatment because it endeavors to treat the whole person (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) rather than just focus on the weight problem.  The first thing you need to know is that you should only seek treatment from a licensed and qualified acupuncturist to avoid any unexpected complications.

Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine is often used for weight loss treatment.  The herbs greatly complement acupuncture by strengthening the effect of the treatment and allowing the effect to be felt faster and longer that with just acupuncture alone.  However, without lifestyle and dietary changes, acupuncture and herbal medicine can only do so much if people keep on living stressful lives and eating nutrient deficient foods that only makes them hungrier and thus make them eat more.

Obesity and Acupuncture Miami

Obesity is a global problem and the World Health Organization (WHO) knows it is.  Its statistics showed that between 1995 to 2000, the number of obese adults worldwide jumped by a hundred million (from 200 million to 300 million).  A 50% jump within a span of only 5 years.

A person may be overweight because of excessive muscles, body water, bone or fat.  Obesity, on the other hand, means too much fat in the body.   If you want to know if you’re overweight or obese use the body mass index (BMI) to have reliable information on where you stand.

To know your BMI, divide your weight by your height in meters squared. The National Institute’s of Health BMI calculator ( will let you know where you stand in terms of weight status.

According to the BMI, overweight means you have a BMI 25 and over; obesity, on the other hand means you have a BMI of 30 and over.

Obesity has resulted in more than 300,000 premature deaths annually in the U.S. Men who are severely obese die 13 years sooner than men of normal weight; obesity is the second highest cause of deaths in the U.S. and Americans spend 40-50 billion just to lose weight.  These facts just show why obesity is a very serious health problem in the U.S.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for a few millennia and acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, both components of TCM have ways to effectively deal with obesity.  Acupuncture Miami works by stimulating neuroendocrine vessels which control physiological functions such as metabolism.  In this way acupuncture can help lower lipid levels in the bloodstream, insulin levels body fat and body weight; it allows the body to be easily satiated with less food intakes; lowers the appetite and lessens weight gain due to menstruation.

Acupuncture treatment for obesity or excess weight can and ought to be combined with counseling, exercises and diet management to help take the undesired weight off and to maintain one’s desired weight.  Oftentimes, the acupuncturist will combine Chinese herbal medicine with acupuncture to help solve issues that concern imbalances in hormonal function.  Food cravings may be caused by enzyme deficiency or low blood sugar in the body.  Acupuncture can address these problems by helping to regulate the endocrine system and prevent hormonal and enzyme imbalances from occurring.

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss can be done once, twice of three times a week.  Herbal medicine should also be included in the treatment process to help metabolism and food cravings much better.  Develop a diet program where you eat highly nutritious foods that can satiate you with just a few food intakes.  Engage in some physical activities that allow you to sweat even just a little bit and do them every day.