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Monthly Archives : March, 2016

TCM and Acupuncture Can Be the Treatments that Just Might Cure Your Acid Reflux

More popularly known as heartburn, acid reflux is a burning painful sensation felt in the chest (specifically in the esophagus with the pain traveling to the neck, throat, and jaw) that happens when gastric acid flows back from the abdomen to the throat.

Besides the chest burning pain, others acid … Continue reading

Why is Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture the Best Modes of Treatment for Low Back Pain?

The issues of arthritis, joint pain, and chronic pain, especially in the lower back are some of the biggest reasons why a lot of people go and seek out acupuncture treatments. For many of these sufferers, TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) and acupuncture have been their go-to treatment for their pain. … Continue reading