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Elements of Acupuncture Miami

Acupuncture Miami is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  TCM believes in the forces of nature governing the body’s health.  When these forces are in harmony, the body is healthy and grows.  When they are imbalanced and in disharmony, the body experiences sickness, disease and ailments.  These forces or elements are chi, the meridians, yin-yang and the five elements.

Chi –   Chi or Qi is the basic essence of life.  It is also called the life force, vital force or vital energy the makes the body live and grow – without chi the body dies.  Chi is energy and is like electricity composing of two opposite but complimentary forces – yin and yang.

Meridians – These are energy channels where chi flows.  Meridians are networks distributed throughout the body similar to the circulatory and nervous systems.  They are, however, like chi, invisible to the eye and cannot be empirically studied by Western science.  When a person experiences injuries, sickness or extreme emotions, blockages in the meridians can sometimes develop.  These blockages hinder chi flow and chi starts to stagnate in the process.  This blockage or stagnation causes the body to weaken and get sick.

Yin-Yang – These are the opposite but complimentary forces within chi energy.  They are like the positive and negative forces of electricity.  Yin and yang interact with each other and when they interact harmoniously and are in balance, the body experiences good health.  When there is imbalance in either of these two forces, the body suffers illnesses and disease.

The five elements – The five elements in TCM are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  These elements are all integrated in a person’s body although as the body ages and exposed to all kinds of things, these elements become disharmonized.  Harmony and balance can be restored with acupuncture or some of the treatments TCM offers.  When a person is born, these five elements are in perfect balance.

The acupuncturist’s job is to diagnose the disease of the patient, what organs or body parts are affected and where the needles need to be placed.  He should know if the patient suffers from a yin type deficiency or a yang type imbalance.  TCM ascribes a yin or yang orientation to the major organs.  Yin energy always governs organs without cavities; these organs are the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen and lungs.  Yang energy administers the large and small intestines, stomach, gallbladder and the bladder. Yin is the water, passive, feminine, nurturing side while yang is the fire, active, male and consuming side of nature.  Yin is matter while yang is energy.  A deficiency in yin makes yang rage in the body causing symptoms such as headaches, a flushed face, sore eyes, sore throats, nosebleeds, bad temper or manic behavior.  Yang deficiency can result in hypo activity, cold limbs and extremities, poor circulation of blood, pale face or low energy.

Acupuncture Louisville and Eczema

Acupuncture Louisville for the treatment of eczema is a process whereby thin needles are inserted at certain strategic points in the body to remove energy imbalances and blockages in the body.  During acupuncture, the needles are manipulated by the acupuncturist or are connected to machines that send out electric impulses to elicit a favorable physiological response.  In the hands of an experienced and well-trained acupuncturist, the insertion of needles should not be painful at all and the patient may not even be aware that the needles have been stuck into the skin.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist usually examines the patient thoroughly in order to get a clear and precise diagnosis.  The skin condition is carefully studied.  People react differently to acupuncture and some may show improvement immediately while some may take three, four or five sessions before showing some improvement in their skin health.   Some may need only a few sessions of treatment while others may take half a year before treatment is finished.

Eczema is a skin disorder manifesting on the outer surface of the skin. Eczema is distinguished by swelling, redness, blisters, crusts, scales or scabs on the epidermis

It is also characterized by a burning or itching sensation with skin dryness on the perimeter of the affected area.  Eczema can be caused by allergies, the weather and food choices.  Western society turns to topical ointments and creams or drugs to combat this skin disorder.  However, these medications serve only to relieve the symptoms of pain and itching and do not even start to address the root cause of the disorder.  TCM does not aim to merely treat symptomatic problems.  It believes that a body in good health means it is in a state of relative balance, physically and emotionally.  When the body is in a state of disharmony or imbalance due to climate changes, emotional extremes such as stress or anxiety and diet, ailments and illnesses usually arise.

According to TCM, eczema is caused by the imbalance of wind, heat and dampness in the body. Eczema is not the root problem itself but merely a manifestation of an underlying health problem, which may be an imbalance in chi (yin-yang) energy in some of the major organs in the body.  Acupuncture can address these problems effectively.  Sometimes acupuncture therapy is complemented by herbal medicine to make treatment much faster and more optimal.  The acupuncturist will select the acupuncture points he/she deems are needed to treat the patient.  These points are connected to meridians that serve as energy channels and the meridians in turn are connected to some major organs where chi flow has stagnated.  Acupuncture for eczema is relatively safe and truly an effective form of treatment for skin disorders like eczema.

Does Acupuncture Miami Work?

The consensus of western medical science is that acupuncture does not work for all types of people.  People respond to acupuncture Miami treatment in different ways.  In some cases, some people may need a number of treatment sessions for the effect of acupuncture to kick in while there are some who respond to it relatively quickly.  There have been numerous controlled studies showing the effectiveness of acupuncture on the majority of subjects who participated in them.

In spite of the lukewarm reception of western medicine towards acupuncture, the latter has been growing in popularity.  Mainstream medicine has integrated acupuncture in some surgeries, acknowledging its power to relieve or block out pain.  Even in the field of combat, injured US soldiers are using acupuncture as treatment for their wounds and pain.  Doctors now consider prescribing acupuncture treatment on patients having pain as their chief complaint.

As painkiller and a controller for addiction and cravings, acupuncture utilizes the aid of the body itself.  It helps stimulate the brain to release endorphins and other “feel-good” chemicals to mitigate the pain and with the aid of herbal medicine and other special modalities, cures the source of the pain.  Acupuncture similarly uses endorphins to help quell the addiction or cravings of the individual and thus helps the individual to have the willpower to resist these cravings or addictions.  After a successful treatment, the patient usually comes out not only addiction-free or craving-free; he/she also comes out a new and bright individual with a more optimistic outlook in life.

Acupuncture clinics do receive patients whose purpose is to lose weight.  It has been the number one alternative form of treatment in the US for people wanting to lose weight without needing to resort to pharmaceutical drugs.  For emotional problems, acupuncture studies show that acupuncture can be as effective as psychotherapy and drugs making it a superior alternative for pharmaceutical drugs for the reasons that unlike pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture does not carry side effects on individuals and it helps with the emotional problems of the individual.

In cases of infertility, acupuncture studies have shown that acupuncture has been effective in treating some cases of infertility such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS.  Acupuncture relaxes the patient while undergoing stressful assisted reproductive programs such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Acupuncture also enhances the likelihood of conception by strengthening the organs and tissues vital for reproduction and balancing the hormonal secretion of the body.  Again, many clinical studies have reinforced the validity of these claims.

For many skeptics who have focused on the statistics where acupuncture seemed to have failed to live up to its expectations, many others, in spite of the skeptics have benefited greatly from acupuncture and as a result, this ancient Chinese treatment has only been growing, slowly but surely, in popularity in the US year by year.

Acupuncture and Endometriosis

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  It is a natural treatment that cures a wide range of psychological and physical problems.  Acupuncture has been practiced by the Chinese for at least 2000 years and its popularity in the West is due to its effectiveness in treating problems, physical and emotional and its relative safety.

What acupuncture does is to make the individual live a balanced harmonious healthy life.  It emphases a balanced lifestyle even in terms of the emotions – too much happiness or too little happiness can cause imbalances in the health of the individual.  Acupuncture lies in the basic belief of a life force in the body called chi or qi.  Chi flows throughout the body through networks called meridians similar to blood and neural impulses traveling through the circulatory and nervous system respectively.  The free flow of chi energizes the body and causes it to be healthy and grow.  Organs and tissues are energized and strengthened by chi making them function efficiently.

Many infertility problems for both male and female can be addressed by acupuncture.  Hormonal problems that make pregnancy difficult can be treated by acupuncture since the organs that secrete these hormones are positively affected by chi energizing and repairing these organs to make them function normally.  The same goes with the other organs such as the endometrium.  Endometriosis is one cause of infertility.  Symptoms of endometriosis are (dysmenorrhea), cramps and dyspareunia among others.

With the presence of endometrial cells outside of the uterus, it is very difficult for sperm cells and the eggs to survive when the endometrial cells attract the white blood cells mistaking them, the sperm cells and the eggs foreign agents making conception considerably difficult.

Acupuncture, oftentimes with the aid of herbal medicines cures menstrual cramps and at the same time normalizes menstrual cycles for women.  Another way acupuncture treats endometriosis is to enable maximum uterine blood flow, suppress the hyperactive immune response creating an “environment” conducive to achieving pregnancy and preventing miscarriages.  Western medicine’s approach to treating endometriosis is through birth control pills and laparoscopy.  Birth control pills such as Lupron create a state of temporary menopause to “starve” the endometrial cells but are not 100% effective and such is not a viable treatment for infertility.  Laparoscopy is an invasive form of surgery that does not guarantee all endometrial cells will be located or if they are, are located with the ovaries making them extremely difficult to burn off with laser.

In the hands of a capable experienced professional, acupuncture can cure infertility caused by endometriosis.  There are many successful pregnancies by acupuncturists who have treated patients with endometriosis.  Many couples or females turn to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which is a painful and difficult process for their infertility problems.  Again, acupuncture can be applied with this treatment to help the patient relax from this strenuous form of infertility treatment.