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The Mechanics of Acupuncture Spokane

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) main goal is to keep harmony among the forces interacting inside the body using the body itself rather than external factors (like using fertility drugs to achieve fertility) to achieve this purpose..

According to TCM, meridians, which are network channels that deliver chi energy throughout the … Continue reading

Acupuncture Bellingham Good for Anxiety

Living in this stress-wracked world often gives rise to emotional highs and lows in people.  Depression and anxiety are the common emotional problems people encounter now and then.  Some have been to experiences such as a loss of loved one or a relationship break up that oftentimes lead to bereavement … Continue reading

Acupuncture Orlando Effective Treatment for Low Back Pain

More than 86 million Americans suffer from back pain in one form or another and it affects their lives one way or another.  Chronic low back pain is the more common form of back pain prevalent in the United States today and most people resort to some form of medication … Continue reading

Major Acupuncture Ear Points in Cleveland

Ear or auricular acupuncture is one of the most effective forms of alternative treatment for a number of illnesses and diseases such as substance abuse, over eating, depression, among a few.  There are a number of acupuncture points that connect directly to major organs in the body and some to … Continue reading

Acupuncture Good for Infertility Treatment

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical treatment, which originated in China for over two millennia.  In acupuncture, reed-thin needles are inserted at areas called acupuncture points in the body to restore the body to its proper healthy equilibrium.  The needles are twisted or vibrated to elicit the proper reaction … Continue reading

Edina Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, a very effective treatment for illnesses and diseases, has never been accorded the respect and recognition it rightfully deserves from the West.  If one judges medicine as a discipline whose aim is to heal and preserve the well-being of a creature, then acupuncture fulfills this aim very well.

There … Continue reading