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Health Benefits For The Elderly Offered Through Kung Fu Practice

The earlier in life you begin performing internal styles of kung fu, the greater your mental and physical abilities will be in old age. Unfortunately, many individuals ignore this fact not until their physical strength and natural healing abilities start to weaken.

Just to Feel Better or a Wake-up Call

Suddenly, you wake up in the middle of the night. Your body is under extreme discomfort and pain from an injury that you thought would heal within a couple of days still persists for more than a week now. You feel totally run down for days until the weekend when your body, already exhausted due to lack of rest or sleep, can rest and sleep for a few days. Or perhaps, you’ve been frequently suffering from a viral infection like the cold or flu for a while now. Anxiety and overall stress appear to linger for an extended period of time while your libido declines.

If you experience problems like these, it means the aging process has taken its toll on your body due to unhealthy habits, which you’ve been doing when you were young . Now those signs of a poor unhealthy lifestyle are catching up with you.

These wake-up calls manifest themselves usually when a person is in his 50s. Sadly, we now hear of people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s burning out and succumbing to these problems.

You can stay in denial or ignore the warning signs, or you can start becoming proactive and begin reinvigorating your spirit, mind, and body, while reversing the damage, regardless of your age.

The Internal kung fu Solution

Now, you could be in your 50s and can still be quite healthy. This is obviously brought about by a healthy lifestyle and an avoidance of stressful events that drain your energy and weaken your immune system. maintaining well-being and health will allow you to continue enjoying an fulfilling and active life.

Being aware of the full realization of your dreams and making helpful contributions to society and your family all begins with your health.

The Benefits of Wing Chun for Over Fifty Practitioners

While anyone who practices kung fu is sure to gain related health benefits, people over 50 stand to gain the greatest benefits of the various forms of internal kung fu. Some of the benefits they can expect include the:

Restoration of sexual vitality

Lowering and regulating of blood pressure

Restoration of bio-mechanical alignments

Promotion of good quality sleep

Increase of physical balance

Boosting of circulation

Several medical studies done in the West and China reveal how meditation and kung fu practices bolster people’s health.

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Acupuncture treatments work for acid reflux

With the desire to avoid drugs and chemicals and the risk of side effects, a natural solution for acid reflux is a much more attractive alternative for a lot of people suffering from heartburn and acid reflux.

More and more people seriously considering Chinese medicine to treat their health issue are wondering whether there is proof that acupuncture treatments work for acid reflux.

I should state first that not all people with acid reflux will respond well to acupuncture treatment since everyone reacts differently to it and that there are a lot of different causes of this condition.

The past few years, however, the interest in acupuncture and TCM had spiked in the medical community. A gastroenterologist from Taiwan performed a couple of experiments that aimed to prove the potency of traditional eastern medicine in treating acid reflux. This study was posted in the American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, August 2005 issue.

The two tests showed that the TLESRs or the transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations that directly affect acid reflux were restrained using electrical acupuncture point stimulation. Electrical acupuncture point stimulation is a more sophisticated version of traditional acupuncture that uses mild electrical impulses instead of needles. The barely-felt stimulation was on the Neiguan acupuncture point located on a person’s wrist.

The TLESRs were reduced significantly by 40% from this stimulation (from about 6/hour to just 3.5/hour). This result was also substantially higher compared to the group given placebo that entailed receiving acupuncture on the hip. The “sham” stimulation lessened TLESRs to just 0.02 times/ hour.

Acupuncture would obviously work or not work for you depending on the type of condition you have. It is recommended that you try acupuncture more than one time in order to ascertain whether it works for you. You can likewise opt for different traditional types of acupuncture for treating acid reflux in a natural way. They have proven to be effective and far less expensive than electrical acupuncture point stimulation.  Furthermore, the traditional forms of acupuncture are now being covered by a lot of health insurance companies.

The truth about acupuncture is that it has been used to treat acid reflux in China for more than two thousand years. Traditional acupuncture has been utilized throughout the years to overcome vomiting, nausea, burning and pain and other symptoms of GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), a chronic acid reflux condition.  Results from the experiments done at the Royal Adelaide Hospital show that acupuncture works by changing the manner nerve cells communicate to one another, and affects the manner the central nervous system produces and releases some chemicals in the body.  Another recent study has given indication that acupuncture can help lessen the function of the lower esophageal sphincter.

However, the study just mentioned entailed the use of electrical acupuncture point stimulation rather than the traditional needling technique to treat acid reflux naturally.  Still, this does not mean that the traditional needling technique of acupuncture is less effective in treating acid reflux than electrical acupuncture point stimulation if the treatment is focused on a specific acupuncture point.

If you want a lesser invasive type of acupuncture than traditional acupuncture or electrical acupuncture point stimulation, you can opt for acupressure instead. Acupressure uses manual pressure using the thumbs and fingers on acupuncture points. This type of treatment you can perform by yourself at home. To treat acid reflux, you put pressure to the P6 or Neiguan point on the wrist. The P6 point is found between the two large tendons on the inside of the wrist. In order to locate this acupuncture point, you need to hold your hand out then bend it towards you.

Acupuncture for Influenza

If you experience a bad cold that developed quite suddenly rather than gradually, it is very likely that you have influenza. Influenza develops just after a few hours after contact with the virus while a cold can take several hours before symptoms manifest.  There is no real cure yet for influenza, only symptom relievers.  If you’d rather pass on using decongestants and pain relievers, you can opt for electronic acupuncture instead for a safer way to treating your flu and its symptoms.

Common Symptoms of the Flu

Influenza has a lot more in common symptom-wise with the common cold. These symptoms include nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat and runny nose. However, the flu has additional symptoms that the cold hasn’t. These extra symptoms are dry coughing, chills and sweat, aching muscles, headache and fever. Moreover, flu symptoms are so much more severe than cold symptoms.

Influenza is basically untreatable due to the fact that it is caused by a virus. You then need to be patient and allow it to run its course. However, you don’t have to suffer quietly from its symptoms. You can take over the counter drugs to battle the symptoms to get short term relief from these symptoms. With electronic acupuncture though, you can enjoy long-term relief without incurring the side effects of flu medications.

Overview of Electronic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the idea that illness comes about due to blockages in the energy pathways called meridians located within the body. Acupuncture is used to remove these blockages to restore energy flow throughout the body. Acupuncture needles are the main tools used in traditional acupuncture and these are very thin and tiny needles that are inserted at various parts of the body to treat diseases. Electronic acupuncture, on the other hand, uses an electronic acupuncture device that is compact and portable with a wand where pulses of electromagnetic wave come from and delivered into certain acupuncture points located on the palm and hand to treat illnesses. The acupuncture points are shown on a hand map which serves as an aid in knowing what specific points to treat for certain types of illnesses.

You need to reference the map to locate the areas to be treated for your flu symptoms. If, for example, you want relief from your respiratory problems and fatigue, you can stimulate the points located on the palm side of your thumb where meridians corresponding to those symptoms are located. For cough and sore throat, acupuncture points to be stimulated are under the middle finger (on the palm-side) specifically the space between the index and middle finger.

When you have an electronic acupuncture device you not only can treat your flu symptoms but many other health conditions and illnesses as well. You can also use this device as a diagnostic tool that can aid in diagnosing illnesses.  What’s more, electronic acupuncture can be performed at any time you desire and in the comfort of your own home. It is indeed an effective and very convenient treatment.


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Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture is an Oriental medical practice that has been utilized for tens of centuries as a means to alleviate pain all over the body. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture involves the use of acupuncture points situated at various different parts of the body on the meridians wherein life energy known as Qi flows. Different types of acupuncture needles are inserted into these points in certain parts of the body to remove pain associated with headaches, stress, and other different kids of ailments. While there is no scientific explanation as to why or how acupuncture does what it does, hundreds of millions of individuals all over the world avail of acupuncture on a regular basis, and it has been utilized since as far back as 2,600 B.C., as recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian or Shiji, recorded by Sima Qian from around 109 – 91 BC.

So with a 4,500 year history, acupuncture has a long track record of validated effectiveness, even if scientific research has yet to come up with a definite comprehension as to its effectiveness.   A lot of people may see it as a controversial modality particularly among medical researchers and clinicians entrenched in rigid Western scientific protocol and methods who argue that none of the benefits acupuncture claims have been proven using the scientific method style of study. They claim that the treatment’s effectiveness s is merely due to the placebo effect. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization has announced that acupuncture to be an effective therapy for at least 28 different conditions. While showing few results from clinical studies, abundant anecdotal evidence on the other hand points to the great capability of acupuncture in resolving dozens of conditions.

The lack of scientific evidence for acupuncture’s claimed effectiveness does not alter the fact that this treatment has helped and is still helping hundreds of millions of people all over the world cope with the various stress factors and painful conditions in their lives. The article from the New York Times by James Reston in the 1970s, writing about his experience in undergoing appendectomy surgery in China using only acupuncture as a postsurgical painkiller has showed the great ability of acupuncture in relieving pain. This inspired the rise of the National Acupuncture Association which is the first national group involving itself in all matters acupuncture in the United States.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The body’s biochemical response to a stressful situation whether mental or physical is what is known as a stress response. When this happens, the body injects into the bloodstream a number of chemicals in the blood that causes a complex chain of events that include increased muscle tension, high blood pressure, increased rate of breathing, and increased heartbeat. Other people call this a “fight or flight” response, or an “adrenaline rush”. During these moments, the body becomes endowed with additional alertness, energy and strength to deal with the current challenge. During these short moments, the body will not incur any damage; however, if the stress is permitted to go out of proportion or become longstanding, the normal healthy response can turn pathological. Enhanced alertness, for example, can lead to exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety or mental strain, while higher breathing rates can bring about panic attacks and a rapid heart rate that can result in palpitations.  Also, the increased muscle tone of a normal “fight or flight” response can end up in muscular pains, tension, and tremors.

The 21st century is already starting with so many people especially in developed countries living in an almost endless state of stress, unrelenting and causing a long-term cycle of stress where the natural energy reserves of the body are exhausted causing physical symptoms such as gastric disorders, skin problems, and backaches, as well as psychological symptoms of stress ranging from anxiety to depression, insecurity, poor concentration levels, poor cognitive function, and memory loss. Chronic stress can result in longstanding health issues such as higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and strokes. The importance of lowering the levels of stress cannot be overstated. Therefore, the initial steps to live a long and meaningful life should include a lowering or elimination in life stress, or a heightened sense of well-being.

Acupuncture is a very effective remedy for stress because it does aid in the normalization of muscle tension and other types of stress-caused conditions in the body. No one is forced to acknowledge or believe in vital energy or Qi to believe the 4,500 years of clinical proof. It really does not matter whether western medical science proves the effectiveness of acupuncture or the existence of Qi, what is important is that acupuncture can help people relax their body and calm their mind, lower blood pressure and decrease heart rates in people suffering from stress.  Acupuncture can eliminate or at least mitigate feelings of depression and anxiety by stimulating certain muscles in the body. This causes the release of painkilling and “feel good” chemicals in the body that neutralize the stress chemicals, thereby removing stress.

One of the best and most important factors of acupuncture therapy is that it not a product of pharmaceutical companies and so it is a very safe form of treatment. The ways acupuncture utilizes in creating a better sense of well-being are all natural. It only needs to help the body’s own mechanisms to heal itself. Acupuncture abets better blood flow, and when it is used as treatment for recurring stress injuries like wrist tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, it uses the pain-killing neurotransmitters known as endorphins to neutralize any type of body pain; once the pain disappears, the level of stress decreases. Acupuncture is ideal for painful problems like knee pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches and back pain, to mention just a few, and is equally or much more effective than massage therapy. It may be a sad fact that acupuncture is grossly misunderstood by western medical researchers and professionals despite the fact that a substantial percentage of the populations of the world today and throughout history have been using this modality for millennia. This should inspire you to consider this very beneficial gift to humanity for the alleviation of your stress.


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Sciatica Prevention

It may be difficult to prevent the onset of sciatica, but you can take some measures to help prevent a herniated disc as well as other kinds back problems that can result in sciatica.

Handling and Lifting

Mishandling and improperly lifting objects are one of the most common reasons for back injury especially at work. Knowing and following the right ways for handling and lifting objects can help prevent sciatica and other types of back problems.

  • If you think you cannot lift an object, then don’t. Use equipments to easily move heavy objects from one place to another or get help from another person.
  • When lifting an object spread your feet apart with one a little bit forward than the other to keep your balance. As you lift let your leg muscles take the brunt of the weight. Bend your hips, knees and back a little bit but do not squat or stoop. You also need to tighten your stomach muscles. Before lifting, your legs should not straighten up as doing so might strain your back when you begin to stand.
  • The object needs to be close to your body as much as possible before and during lifting and with the heaviest part of the object nearest your body.
  • Do not neat lean sideways or twist your back especially when your back is bent – Keep your shoulders level in the same direction as your hips. If you need to turn move your feet to the side you need to face.
  • As you lift the object keep your head up with your face looking forward instead of looking downward at the load.
  • It is better to push a heavy object rather than pulling it.
  • Evenly distribute the weight– This should be the case when you carry luggage or shopping bags. Try to share the weight evenly on both sides of your body.


Sit upright at all times on a chair that has back support that supports the small of your back. Hips and knees should be level with your feet flat on the floor. If your feet do not reach the floor, use a footstool if possible. You can use a rolled-up towel or a small cushion to bear the weight of the small of the back.


Stand upright, back straight and head facing forward. Keep your legs straight and keep even balance on both of your feet. When using a keyboard, be sure that your elbows are perpendicular to each other and that your forearms are horizontally positioned to the keyboard.


When driving keep your lower back well supported. To completely avoid twisting your head or body, position your side mirrors in a proper angle. When you need to drive a long distance, stop every hour to stretch your legs preferably by walking.


You need a firm mattress that properly supports your body. If you have a soft mattress, place a flat hard board or boards thick enough to properly support your whole body under the mattress. Use a pillow to support your head but not too high that it stretches your neck at a steep angle.


The best way to prevent and lessen back pain and sciatica is to exercise. If you have chronic back pain or chronic sciatica, then you need to first consult with your doctor before embarking on any type of exercise.

Acivities like swimming or walking are good ways to strengthen the back muscles without exposing them to sudden jolt or putting any strain on them.

Pilates or yoga not only strengthens the back muscles but they also improve the muscles’ flexibility. If you are interested in these exercises, then you need to be guided by a qualified instructor.

You can also perform other simple exercises in the comfort of your own home to prevent or lessen your sciatica.

Bottom lifts – In this exercise you need to lay down with your back on the floor. Then bend the knees in a manner that your feet lay flat on the floor. Slowly then lift your bottom in the air through the tightening of your stomach muscles keeping your back straight at all times. Repeat this procedure five times.

Leg raises – Your body should lay flat on the floor with your back on the floor. Alternately lift each one off the floor while maintaining legs straight at all times. Do this five times.

Wall slides – Stand with your back against a wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then slowly crouch down that your knees are bent to around 90 degrees. Hold the position for 5 seconds then slide up again in a standing position.  Do this procedure five times.

You can initially perform these routines one or two times a day. As your body gets used to the exercises you can progressively increase them to up to six times a day or as your back permits. These exercises can also serve as “stretching” or “warming up” exercises to prepare your back to handle daily activities at work or at home like vacuum cleaning, gardening or lifting. These exercises help prevent the development of sciatica and other back problems.

Attention Deficit Disorder Prevention

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and other kinds of childhood conditions may not be simply due to deficiency in neurotransmitters alone. Factors like heavy metal poisoning and food allergies can lead to inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity.  These may be the reasons why a lot of children on ADHD medication still show ADHD symptoms.  When a child with ADHD taking ADHD medications who is likewise intolerant to casein and gluten still drinks milk and eats cereal, for example, the child can still have difficulties in concentrating and paying attention even if the medication has relieved or lessened his symptoms.

Treating ADHD through natural means has been valuable for parents in addressing their child’s ADHD when medicines have failed; however, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  If you find out that you have a family history of autism, ADHD, autism or other disorders, there are certain steps you can do to protect your child from the causes of these conditions.

Physical Activity

Unfortunately TV shows, video games and children go together. Video games and TV shows can be enticing but they compel children to live a sedentary lifestyle. A child needs physical activity which is essential to his neurological development. Therefore, you need to ensure that your child spends a lot of time playing outdoors. Give your child a maximum of an hour for watching TV or playing video games.

Stay Away from Food Additives

Few people are aware that preservatives, flavoring and artificial coloring can cause ADHD symptoms. Sadly, a lot of foods designed for kid’s consumption are loaded with these chemicals. Stay away from foods added with artificial additives, and limit junk cereals and candy to special occasions or weekends.

Avoid Vaccines

School officials and doctors often view vaccinating children as a must for their well-being.  Children may be at high risk to certain types of diseases, but it is now being revealed that vaccines are laced with mercury and other toxic substances that contribute to autism and ADHD. You need to do a thorough research on vaccines and infectious childhood diseases before deciding in having your child vaccinated.

Eat Organic Foods

Thorough washing of grocery bought vegetables with water does not guarantee that all traces of pesticides will be removed.  Pesticides kill insects by damaging their nervous system. However, the neurotransmitters of insects are the same as humans and even if human adults have a certain resistance to these pesticides, babies and young children can be affected by these poisons.  This fact should be an indication that organically farmed produce may be the best types of food for your family regardless if your child has ADHD or not. It is also advisable not to keep or use pesticides in your home.  Children can be very prone to contamination from domestic pesticides due to the amount of time they spend playing on the floor.


Mother’s milk is the most nutritious food a baby can feed on. A baby fed on mother’s milk has very little chance of developing intolerance to casein (a milk substance suspected of triggering symptoms similar to ADHD) and food allergies. Breast milk greatly improves the child’s neurological development (as long as the mother has no nutritional deficits).  You can take omega-3 fish oil supplements and multivitamins daily if you are breastfeeding to keep your baby well-nourished and to keep you healthy and strong as well.

Dr. Jack Handlin is an experienced acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and oriental reproductive medicine specialist at Tree of Life Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine in Bellevue, WA.

High Blood Pressure – Coping and Support

High blood pressure management means treating and controlling this condition for the rest of your life.  Your treatment plan for high blood pressure (HBP) will consist of availing current medical care, using prescribed medications and making lifestyle changes.

These courses of treatment are for controlling your HBP and not curing it since no existing cure has been created so far for this disease. This treatment plan should not be stopped since doing so can lead to complications and other health related issues in the future.

Current Medical Care

Your doctor will recommend medical tests and/or checkups if you are being treated for HBP.  To make your treatment plan as effective as possible, your physician may either add more medications or change them during the course of time if your meds are not effective enough or if they cause you severe side effects. Regular checkups help make it easy for your doctor to make some modifications to your treatment plan if your blood pressure keeps on rising. You need to regularly monitor your BP and have them checked per recommendation of your physician.

It is best to learn how to take BP measurement. You can have your doctor teach you how to do it. Write down readings every time you take your BP including the time and dates they were taken. You can ask your doctor or health care provider questions about your treatment or condition during your check ups.


You need to follow all your doctor’s advices especially in taking all your blood pressure medications he has prescribed.  It’s important to know the medications you are taking and to take the exact doses that the physician has advised.  If you want to know more information about your medications, talk to your doctor or pharmacist to learn more about them.

Refill your meds before they are all used up so you are not forced to skip days or halve your pill. If you suffer from discomforting side effects from the medicines, you need to tell the doctor about it and he may either replace the said medications or adjust the doses. Never decide on not taking your HBP medicines on your own.

Lifestyle Changes

Making the right lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, keeping a normal weight appropriate for your height, eating a healthy diet and exercising every day will help you manage well your HBP.

Pregnancy and High Blood Pressure

Even if pregnant women who suffer from HBP usually birth healthy babies, HBP, nevertheless, can entail problems for both the unborn baby and the mother.  HBP can cause damage to the mother’s body organs particularly her kidneys. It can also lead to premature birth of the baby and a low birth weight. You need to talk to your doctor or health care provider if you plan soon to have a baby. You and your doctor can come up with measures that will help manage your HBP while you’re pregnant.

Unfortunately, some women develop HBP during their pregnancy which can lead to a condition called preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia can be fatal for both the fetus and the mother and so special care needs to be taken to avert any potentially serious outcomes. Often with good care, most women with this condition come out all healthy and safe.

High blood pressure can also develop because of severe emotional stress. In order to avoid this, try to relax as much as you can. Don’t take in extra tasks or work that is not necessary, dispel any negative and hurtful thoughts and foster better relationships with others who in turn will interact with you in a more warm and caring way.


Dr. Jack Handlin is an experienced acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and oriental reproductive medicine specialist at Tree of Life Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine in Bellevue, WA.

Drug Addiction – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

To help sufferers from drug addiction transition from their drug problems to normal, healthy and productive lives there are lifestyle modifications they can do and home remedies they can avail of.  The road to recovery may involve a long process that may entail enduring several episodes of withdrawal symptoms that can be mitigated by supports and remedies the patient can readily avail of.

Liquid flush

One of the best ways to rapidly remove toxins (drugs) from your bloodstream is to drink lots of water and other liquids. There are highly recommended drinks like cranberry juice to effectively flush out the pernicious drugs.


Walking can help improve your blood circulation and sweat which are good ways to remove the toxins in your bloodstream.

Healthy Diet

Select healthy nutritious foods that not only make you healthy but make your body loose huge amounts of toxins in a much faster time period.  Some of the products you need to avoid include refined carbohydrates, caffeins and sugar. You can substitute these foods with a supply of vegetable, lean meat, dairy, fresh fruits and whole grains.

Hot baths

Immerse yourself in a relaxing hot bath to help you lessen stress. Always keep yourself hydrated
After care

Join support groups.  Having a support group can help you in so many ways.  You can get counselling in a support group and make your recovery process much easier and faster. A support group also provides you a healthy environment that helps keeps your mind off your cravings.


Drug addicts are usually acutely deficient in nutrition. So it can a bit helpful if the person suffering from drug addiction is given the much needed nutrients and vitamins he requires. The more important vitamins include vit B, C and  E as well as beta carotene – all vital for home remedies for substance addiction.

Herbal Remedies:

A lot of healthy teas can improve your mood and better immune function. Some of the recommended herbs to be taken include peppermint and chamomile. These teas can bring you to a better mood as well as lift the spirits and boost the immune system.  These help the body become stronger and more resilient.

Gastritis Coping and Support

Here are some of the ways that can help you deal effectively with your gastritis problem

Be sure to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals in a day – Having a full amount of foods in the stomach increases pressure in the stomach and can aggravate the lining of the stomach already affected by gastritis.

Never eat foods that only enhances the production of acid in your stomach – There are a lot of foods and beverages that can cause heartburn and add to the production of stomach acid. If you want to prevent or relieve gastritis or heartburn then you need to avoid these foods and beverages.

Stop drinking alcohol – Alcohol makes your stomach more acidic making you more prone to stomach ulcers or gastritis.

Use an antacid – Antacid drugs like Tagamet help neutralize or minimize gastric acid in your stomach. The use of these drugs will treat the symptoms and assist in the healing process.

Sleep with your head and shoulders elevated – Sleep in a way that makes the head positioned higher than the stomach.

Don’t smoke – Cigarette smoking is a catalyst in the production of stomach acid so it’s in your best interest to stop smoking if you have gastritis.


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Coping with Rash

Having rash may force you to deal with its accompanying and annoying symptoms: flaking skin, redness and extreme itching.  The worse thing about this is that the more you scratch, the likelihood of secondary skin infections may occur with you ending up with complications more than you’ve bargained for.  This is why it’s important that you need to be well-informed of your rash problems and find effective ways to cope with the problem once it starts.

Skin with rashes may become dry and get cracked opening the skin and making it prone to bacterial and viral infections. Children are particularly vulnerable to catching impetigo which they can get in day care centers, camp bunks and in other places where they have close contact with other kids.

One good way to cope with rash is to cut the nails and keep them short and clean at all times. Using creams and moisturizers can help relieve the itching. Children and adults can be taught to use paper towels and cold at school or camp instead of scratching their itch. They should know that the risk of getting broken skin and worsening discomfort from scratching is a worse alternative from their itching than patting the skin gently with clean paper towels soaked in cold water.

When using the paper towels to help relieve the itch, you should utilize a patting motion instead of a scratching motion to the itchy skin. Young children can be fitted with cotton mittens to prevent them from using their fingers to scratch themselves.

Apply conventional and alternative treatments like cool compresses, antihistamines, moisturizers and oatmeal baths to prevent the need to scratch your itchy rash and in the process help the skin to heal well.

For those who tend to break out with rashes when sweating, it is best to always bring dry, loose cotton clothing that readily absorbs their sweat. They can also bring talcum powder and a medium-sized towel that they can put in their back to contain the sweating.
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