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What Are The Benefits of Plantar Fasciitis Acupuncture Treatment?

Plantar fasciitis acupuncture treatment in Bellingham should be considered when you’re seeking relief from this painful foot condition. The associated pain in the heel is commonly felt when you walk or stand. Middle aged people are more likely to experience it although it could also afflict younger individuals who are always on their feet. Simply resting your feet is the best way to treat the foot pain or you can apply ice over the heel to relieve the swelling and pain. There is also physical therapy and another alternative therapy known as acupuncture to help get rid of the pain.

Inflammation might be avoided, or probably even completely cured with acupuncture treatment. This therapy dates back thousands of years ago and because of its enduring legacy and benefits, it’s been widely accepted as a valid form of treatment all over the world today. The acupuncture treatment of plantar fasciitis will typically last for around seven to ten weeks. As a patient, you will be eligible to get acupuncture treatment so long as you are capable of receiving at least seven treatments or if you are not pregnant.

The acupoints utilized for plantar fasciitis treatment are located in the ankle and foot, and at times, on the calf. This is if it’s been determined that muscle tightness has been contributing to the problem. These days, a lot of acupuncturists will also massage the foot and calf after acupuncture treatment. To help between visits, they will also show you how to do stretching exercises.

Studies done very recently showed that ten out of twelve patients given acupuncture treatment showed marked improvement in their condition just after they’ve completed their treatment. Moreover, one benefit of acupuncture plantar fasciitis treatment is that the treatment addresses the source of pain, which is the plantar fascia in this case. The treatment helps alleviate the inflammation as well as the heel pain, so that it can return to normal and heal the pain as soon as possible.

However, you should remember, for every person acupuncture works in its unique way. One therefore ought to seek the services of a licensed or a professional acupuncturist who should take a look at your condition before sticking acupuncture needles at various parts of your body.

A New Approach to Plantar Fasciitis Acupuncture Treatment

Currently, for plantar fasciitis treatment, electro-acupuncture combined with medical acupuncture is being used by a growing number of acupuncturists. Research shows that when compared to the traditional ones,this approach helps in setting off pressure points in the body in a more effective way. Most people still prefer getting traditional acupuncture treatments for the relief of their pain although you can find probably find an acupuncturist who does electro-acupuncture therapy.

Whether you choose oral drugs, surgery, physical therapy, or acupuncture, if you decide on living a more comfortable life plantar fasciitis has to be addressed. Be sure that the treatment you chose is not simply because it is cheaper and looks attractive, but is what your body actually needs and is safe.

With Plantar Fascitis Acupuncture Treatment, You Can Avoid the Need for Surgery

Bear in in mind that maintaining the health and safety of your body is an important aspect of your lifein order to be productive and live well. And as mentioned before, by simply resting and giving your body and feet ample time to relax is the best cure for plantar fasciitis; being on your feet for too long at a time is what usually causes this condition to arise in the first place. Plantar fasciitis acupuncture treatment is the way to go if you’re trying to avoid surgery. It is so effective that it can help you avoid the need for surgery.

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Stroke Rehabilitation

Doctors and patients alike have tried eastern forms of therapies to seek for a solution to the damage caused by stroke. Two extremely old techniques, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine have become widely popular options for the rehabilitation of stroke patients as outcomes show that they are much better than Western medicine.

Already popular among stroke patients for thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine usually is comprised of Tong Ren therapy, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

People associate acupuncture with painful needles which causes many of them hesitant to try it. However, this procedure, is actually painless and it although it involves the insertion of filiform needles into certain points on the body for treatment and stimulation, almost all those who avail of it find the modality relaxing and invigorating. Besides the traditional form of Chinese acupuncture, there is also auriculotherapy (ear or auricular acupuncture), Korean Hand acupuncture, Japanese Style Acupuncture and others.

With acupuncture nerve regeneration can be facilitated. Also, surviving nerve cells can be redirected to the parts of the brain that have been damaged by stroke, regardless of what type of acupuncture are used. Acupuncture prevents the accumulation of blood cells, reduces blood viscosity, and also dilates blood vessels. Stroke victims benefit from this treatment in that it relieves hypertension, dizziness, and headaches besides improving emotions, mobility, balance, and walking.

As mentioned above, TCM employs Tong Ren Therapy, an energy healing based on the idea that every individual possesses energy that can be exploited through specific acupoints on the body and can be utilized to heal a person.

Though not as famous as acupuncture, Tong Ren Therapy is also used to treat problems in the nervous system, hormones, and circulation minus the needles.

Chinese herbal medicine, on the other hand, makes use of a combination certain herbs to help a person recover from a stroke. The herbs used are known to help boost blood flow helping to restore vigor to the bodily systems thus restoring normal brain function that was affected by the stroke. Studies reveal that when stroke patients regularly use Chinese herbs, it has led to an improvement in speech, memory, disorientation, hemiplegia, and aphasia.

Ginseng is one quite powerful Chinese herb that’s been known to enhance body energy and tone and restore the blood. Another herb, Gingko Biloba, is known to boost flow especially to the brain, as well as help lower cholesterol levels.

These days, TCM has been made more convenient and accessible for stroke patients by technology. Neuroaid is one good example of this technology. This post stroke therapy is based on the ideas in TCM. Neurologists all over the world use Neuroaid to help stroke patients recover their functional skills. Several published work in well-known scientific journals shows the ability of Neuroaid to help restore neurological functions such as vision, speech, and motor skills of a stroke victim. The articles show that Neuroaid is not only efficient and safe for the rehab of stroke patients but it can also be used to prevent stroke and if a stroke occurs, reduce its severity.

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Five Natural Remedies For Really Serious Medical Emergencies

Internal hemorrhaging, severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), stroke, heart attack and other terrifying and serious medical emergencies can happen any time and often occur when we least expect it. What’s worse, it can happen while you are alone at home. In the event of a medical emergency, there are some natural techniques and remedies that can spell the difference between life and death. Learning about these techniques and remedies and teaching them to others will lessen the toll on the longstanding destruction that can be wreaked on the body and help to save a person’s life.

Internal Hemorrhage or Internal Bleeding

This is a severe loss of blood that happens inside the body. The organs usually affected include the colon, abdomen, lungs, and brain. Hemorrhagic shock, brain damage, and even death can ensue in internal bleeding.

Remedy: Arnica

The herbal remedy known as Arnica is actually made up of 30 different plants belonging to the sunflower family. For centuries, arnica has been used as a treatment for internal bleeding and bruising resulting from physical trauma. Widely utilized to control bleeding for people undergoing surgery homeopathic arnica is also used to address various forms of internal bleeding and shock. Homeopath Larry Malerba, who’s also the author of the book Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care is a popular proponent of holistic medicine. He says that “Homeopathic Arnica is one of the best remedies for any injury or accident resulting in physical trauma including swelling, skin discoloration (black and blue), broken blood vessels, tissue damage, and bruising.” Before you use arnica to treat internal hemorrhaging, consult first with a knowledgeable homeopath.


An extreme form of allergic reaction, anaphylaxis is a violent body response to allergens such as an insect bite, medication, or food. It can cause severe swelling of the throat and face and if not given medical attention immediately, may lead to death.

Remedy: Apis Mellifica

As a type of homeopathic treatment Apis Mellifica is a very diluted form of honey bee venom that counters the severe reaction from an insect bite. This homeopathic remedy works on the belief “like treats like.” People who already are suffering from inflammation, swelling, and pain can find symptomatic relief by taking something that would yield these responses in a healthy person. If you have a severe allergic reaction from an insect bite, Apis Mellifica can quickly relieve swelling skin, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. For swellings that are stinging, itchy, red, and hot that gets better with cold applications, Apis is an extremely highly effective remedy. Besides that it may also be extremely helpful for other anaphylactic symptoms such as swelling in the throat.

Remedy: Carbolicum acidum

Another very potent homeopathic treatment is Carbolicum acidum, which is believed to help people who are having trouble breathing because of swelling in the mouth, esophagus, and throat.


A deadly condition, stroke can happen if the circulation of blood to the brain is blocked. Ischemic stroke is the most common type of stroke and is caused by blood clotting that obstructs circulation to a specific part of the brain. If a blood vessel has been ruptured in the brain, this may lead to a type of stroke known as hemorrhagic stroke. A condition known as transient ischemic attack causes a series of mild strokes after circulation to the brain is temporarily disrupted. If you experience a transient ischemic attack, it can be as sign that a much more severe stroke is on the way.

Remedy: Gingko Biloba

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as in the West, Gingko Biloba is a very useful herb. This herb is also called the Maidenhair Tree and in the West is very well known to treat erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma among others. In Iran, the University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz did a study observing gingko biloba’s effects on acute ischemic stroke patients. The researchers used the NIHSS (National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale) to measure the effects of the herb. This scale gauges the reaction of the patients’ motor strength, consciousness, sensory loss, and speech. The patients took the herb for four months. At the end of the study, results show that some experienced a 50% decrease in their NIHSS scores leading the scientists to conclude that their data indicate that gingko biloba possess protective qualities in ischemic stroke. The use of gingko biloba, therefore, is highly recommended after an event such as acute ischemic stroke.

Heart Attack

Heat attack is medically known as myocardial infarction and is caused by inappropriate blood circulation to the heart depriving the muscles of the heart of much needed oxygen resulting in extremely severe damage and oftentimes, death. People with a very huge risk of a heart attack are those suffering from diabetes, people who regularly eat a high fat diet, smokers, and overweight people.

Remedy: Cayenne Pepper

Renowned herbalist and medical doctor John Christopher, claims that by administering a teaspoonful of cayenne pepper in a glass of water to his patients, he has been able to stop heart attacks. The University of Cincinnati did a study demonstrating that during a heart attack a capsaicin cream application to the skin can shield the heart muscle from damage. Usage of capsaicin cream as Dr. Keith Jones, PhD, discovered led to a decrease in the death of cardiac cells by 85%. The main ingredient of cayenne and other various types of chili peppers is capsaicin. Capsaicin cream as a topical pain reliever can be bought over-the-counter under several brand names. Scientists think that the capsaicin works by triggering a nervous system reaction sending out certain messages to the brain designed to safeguard the heart. “This may be a way of tricking the body into dispatching protective signals”, states Dr. Jones. He adds that “This can be the same way that some acupuncture treatments in Pembroke Pines work and there is a neurological explanation to this.”

Always talk to a medical professional first if you plan to address an extreme medical condition with capsaicin cream, even of it considered safe to use and has been is approved by the FDA.


In the event of any of the aforementioned conditions, seek immediate emergency medical help. While you await an ambulance and while you’re on the way to a hospital, these first response remedies can be implemented.

Sciatica, Golfer’s Back And Acupuncture

For tens of hundreds of years acupuncture has been a mainstream treatment in China for sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that Western medicine defines as a form of back pain starting in the lower back and radiating down the back of the leg downwards along the trajectory of the sciatic nerve. This condition is actually not a diagnosis but a symptom/sign of another underlying health problem. Sciatica is usually caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. The factors that lead to this pain can include tightness in the piriformis muscles (found in the buttock), degenerative disc disease, a constricting of the spinal channel (spinal stenopsis), or spinal lumbar disc herniation.

Sciatica and Golfers

At some point during their golfing activities, it is not uncommon for a lot of golfers to develop sciatica or pain/discomfort in their lower back. The twisting of the lower back and the extreme forces at play during a golf swing can be blamed for much of this discomfort. It is highly likely that the back pain will occur if the low back and stomach muscles are too weak to withstand the forces or if the swing technique is not correct. The fact is, in golf, the prevalence of sciatica and low back pain is so common that a term can been given to this type of ailment: “golfer’s back.”

If You Suffer From Sciatica You Can Benefit From a 4,000 Year Old Treatment

As a viable alternative to Western medicine, a lot of people choose acupuncture because of its very few and very minor side effects and its extreme efficacy compared to people who go for surgery or drugs. The latest research in biomedicine suggests that acupuncture promotes the production and release of the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins. Chinese medicine practitioners firmly believe that acupuncture in Vancouver alleviates inflammation, relaxes tense muscles, nourishes, tendons and ligaments, and boosts blood circulation. When you enhance blood flow, you will keep the tendons, ligaments, and joints of the back supple. Boosting blood flow can also help relax the muscles and lessen inflammation that may directly reduce the compression/pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain will be relieved once the compression is loosened.

A Golfer’s Tale

Mr. Smith, a 62-year old man, complained about his symptoms with a pained look on his face. He told me about the “sciatica” that he had developed after having been golfing for many years. He said that his left buttock is where much of the pain was felt, which seem to aggravate while playing golf and with sitting. A sharp stabbing pain going down the back of the leg into the ankle was felt when the sciatica was aggravated, making it very for him to walk. Mr. Smith tried various kinds of treatments all of which he said did little to relieve his condition. It was clear that he had a classic case of “piriformis syndrome” after I had evaluated him. His pain came from the buttock caused by a tightening of his piriformis muscle. I assured him that within a few treatments he would feel a significant reduction of the pain. His discomfort dramatically improved by 80% after just the first acupuncture treatment. He felt no discomfort after the third treatment. Mr. Smith had been enduring several years of debilitating and annoying sciatic pain; his pain and discomfort completely disappeared after 6 acupuncture sessions.

Using A Modern Spin To An Age-Old Medicine

The main goal of the acupuncturist is to rid you of your pain. Once the pain is gone, he/she will then exploit the outcomes of modern research to maintain the benefits of your treatment. Your acupuncturist will teach you all the things you need to know and do to maintain the looseness, strength, suppleness of those stabilizer muscles. If you have sciatica stop suffering needlessly, get treated with a modality that combines modern and ancient research to regain your freedom and mobility.

An Australian Controlled Clinical Study Proves the Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of IBS

The JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) recently published an Australian study that lends strong scientific validity to the treatment of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) using traditional Chinese herbs. The study’s authors think that they were the first to rigorously record Chinese herbal medicine efficacy in IBS treatment. They also believe that they were the first to integrate traditional Chinese diagnosis and treatment procedures for IBS into a tightly controlled, traditional study model.

A total of 116 IBS patients participated in this double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study. They were patients taken from various private gastroenterology practices and hospitals in Sydney, Australia. Using conventional western diagnostic methods, gastroenterologists first diagnosed these patients, who were then treated based on the principles of Chinese medicine by Chinese herbalists.

Randomly selected for a standard Chinese herbal formula, 43 patients were given a formula that was known to help improve and regulate bowel function. Customized herbal remedies were given to 38 patients and placebo treatment designed to be almost Impossible to differentiate from the herbal treatments were given to 35 patients. All herbal treatments were in capsule form. Individualized therapies were uniquely-created by the herbalists. They likewise oversaw treatment during the course of the study. For the duration of the study each subject worked with just one herbalist. After eight weeks, the outcomes were analyzed by gastroenterologists, which were then repeated at the end of the four-month treatment period.

In the relief of IBS symptoms, both the individualized and standard herbal formula treatments were considerably more effective than placebo. The researchers concluded that besides being superior to placebo, Chinese herbal therapy also had benefits that lasted longer especially among patients who were treated with individualized formulas than the patients who were given the standard formula. In four out of five key outcome measures, the subjects treated with herbal formulas showed vastly better scores. According to patient assessments, 44% of the patients treated with the standard formula got better and according to doctor evaluations 59%of those treated with individualized therapies improved by 40% and 42%, which was much better than the 19% and 22% improvements in the placebo-treated subjects.

In the study, neither the herbal contents of the individualized formulas were described nor the herbs in the standard formula used (which was made up of 20 Chinese herbs), were identified. In the standard formula the herbs in the highest proportions were yin chen (13%), dang shen (7%), yi yi ren (7%), and wu wei tsi (7%).

Because of adverse effects associated with the herbal therapy (headache and gastrointestinal discomfort), a couple of patients dropped out of the study. No other significant negative side effects were reported.

In the United States, there are about 36 million people or 10% of the population suffering from IBS. This condition is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder characterized by bloating, stomach pain, and issues in the function of the bowel alternating from diarrhea to constipation. The study’s authors stated that no one therapy can provide reliable resolution or relief of the condition. In the doctors’ analysis of this study, 50% of the subjects given individualized formulas improved during treatment, while 78% of the subjects given the standard Chinese herbal formula got better compared to only 30% of patients treated with placebo.

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The Advantages of Using TCM Products Over Western Medicine

More often than not, cancer therapies are so toxic that the disease as well as the patient is likely to be killed. Diabetics have to live with daily painful and costly shots of insulin. HIV patients facing imminent death hope that it will be painless and swift.

For some reason, those patients continue to rely on these modalities even when there are other less risky and relatively less painless alternative treatments available. There are actually quite a number of less known medical systems and therapies out there, some of which began as methods of traditional healing. A five thousand year old medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)is one the most prominent examples of these traditional healing methods.

Medicinal safety

There are basic reasons why the Western system of medical care became the world’s most commonly used healthcare system. One reason is that scientific measurable and observable results support it. Western pharmaceutical medicines are manufactured in this manner. They are mostly produced from isolated compounds that generate justifiable and measurable effects. However, there is no telling whether those drugs will remain safe in prolonged use or in all situations as each is tested across relatively short years within a controlled environment. Therefore, before any harmful product is recalled, it has probably already done damage to the user.

TCM, on the other hand, for thousands of years, has been tried and tested through countless human trials. The common traditional Chinese medicine herbs used today, have been proven to be safe to use or eat a long time ago. According to TCM belief, herbs used for medicine are the same as vegetables as both are produced by nature and like regular food, both can nourish the body. The worst these commonly used herbs can do is produce mild side effects such as diarrhea or nose bleeding if one happens to take excessive amounts of them.

Healing approach

Western medications are typically used to replenish certain substances lacking or treat certain maladies in the body. They usually work in a way that they recuperate the body by helping relieve symptoms. Reliance or resistance to the drug is formed in the mean time, making it ineffective next time it’s used.

In its approach to healthcare, TCM utilizes a holistic mode of healing which means that the treatment attacks the root of the problem while helping maintain balance within the body. This is done by strengthening the immune system of the body through a concoction of various herbs that is gentle and synergistic at the same time which neutralizes each other’s adverse attributes. This approach enhances natural resistance towards the specific illness, similar to vaccination, while making the body healthier.


One can represent illness as an anomaly that adds onto a mathematical formula (which represents the body), messing up some of the formula’s variables. Protecting the variable is a part of the body formula, the immune system.

When drugs are added into the body formula, they could either be a set of formula meant to resolve the anomaly, but it is difficult to study the alterations to other variables. Or they could change certain variables so that the overall formula (body) still works despite existence of anomalies (the underlying cause of the illness). Meanwhile too much excess amount may overwhelm both the body formula (the body) and the anomaly (the illness).

Herbal compounds, on the other hand, can restore balance to the body variables and boost the sub-formula of the immune system instead of directly confronting the anomaly. Over the course of time, the immune system repels the anomaly, which is safer but slower, producing no or as little damage to the variables of the mathematical formula.

Healing Ability

TCM can be used for both chronic and acute health conditions. But why is there little or no information at all about TCM products? One reason is because TCM products possess a vast range of qualities that their cumulative effects cannot be precisely measured and therefore, cannot be accredited to any form of recovery. With the government’s and Western conventional healthcare’s inability to measure accurately the medicinal effects of TCM, they deny almost all claims of TCM products, relegating them as mere complements for illnesses. Though shills and Western pharma gatekeepers argue they do this to protect consumers who are unaware of the truth.

A TCM herbal remedy can in fact, consist of tens of different herbs. There are a huge variety of herbal preparations made from countless of effects and combinations. It is not only possible, but very probable that with the right formulation, an herbal remedy that can fight a terminal disease such as cancer or AIDS can be created.

Cautionary note

TCM herbal formulas that are reliable and effective are hard to come by. This is partly due to difficulties in validating the authenticity of Chinese products. Adequate research should be done and credible sources should be sought before trying any such products. As health conditions vary from person to person, it’s best to talk to a credible doctor first.

Final note

This article focuses on the benefits of TCM. It is not aimed at belittling western medicine which is obviously superior in certain aspects with regards to treatment of health issues. There are many things where Western medicine is obviously superior over TCM. Surgery, for example, can save lives in a way TCM can’t. The point this article wants to make is that there are alternative modalities available that sometimes can be a much better option than the ones Western medicine offers and you need to take them into consideration.

Gigi Terinoni is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Louisville, CO. She is also a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor and the founder of Dova Center for Health and Healing.

Technology That Combines Acupuncture and Nanotechnology To Treat Illnesses

We all know that aging inevitably leads to death; all of us, regardless of wealth, sex, belief, and status will experience death. The difference, however, is how we live our lives, how we age. Our bodies gradually degenerate and all the money in the world can never buy fulfillment and happiness. Those things can only come from within us.

The Universe is filled with energy; actually, the Universe Is Energy. All things possess energy. Even the rocks and stones that seem to be devoid of anything have certain energies within them. Animals, plants, and humans have energy that gives them life and health. The ancient Chinese has managed to harness the energy that flows within humans. They have learned to control its flow for a good purpose – to treat illnesses and diseases.

A lot of people living in the West know very little about this healing technique, which is called acupuncture. This treatment is a natural healing procedure stimulating certain physiological and neuro-chemical processes that strengthens the body enabling it to heal itself. Now, scientists have been able to integrate nanotechnology into acupuncture, a combination of 21st technology and a 5,000-year old Eastern medical tradition which can lead to potentially remarkable and incredible health benefits that may allow us to live energetic, healthy, happy lives even through our senior years.

To find out that scientists and biologists were working with Western trained allopathic physicians on a project that combined new modern technology with these ancient wisdoms was truly exciting .The medical profession which has always been closed minded has finally woken up to reality and that can only be good news for all.

It seems very ironic then to find out that this new awakening actually came out of a desire to help soldiers in the battlefield to operate at higher levels of efficiency and stamina in order to better protect themselves in combat while they kill others.

These days, we have access to this wonderful technology, and when used for really good purposes can greatly enrich our lives and that of our friends and families.

Invented by David Schmidt, this technology has now helped a lot of my patients. I want to thank him for the love and passion he has for people on this planet.

When I see the pain subsiding and a smile slowly creeping in a patient, it makes me even more grateful for the universe and for others who have the creativeness and the foresight to see the potentialities and to sail on uncharted waters, with the intention of peacefully helping everyone, no matter who and what they are in life.

Kine Fischler is a licensed acupuncture physician and the clinical director of Willow Tree Wellness in Portland, OR.

Attaining A Natural Homeostatic Balance Through Chinese Medicine Nutrition

Just as much as medicinal herbs have done for thousands of years, Chinese medicine nutrition has been utilized as a way to empower health. Food was used to resolve illnesses and to prevent them from occurring once more. Thus the continuance of the human species was maintained.

Focusing on the flavor and thermal energetic qualities of foods, this Chinese medicine nutritional model provides a holistic and qualitative concept of individually prescribed foods. Its effectiveness is based on the fundamental principles of natural laws as well as from its facility as it includes most foods we eat anyway. Basically, the principle goes like this: to cool the heat, to warm the cold, add where there is too little, and lessen where there is too much.

Food energetics is combined and a dietary plan is formulated depending on the patient’s symptoms, past medical history, and constitution. The plan will entail what foods to avoid, what to eat, how to combine assorted flavors, and how to prepare foods. The diet plan will be specifically prescribed to introducing foods and eliminating aggravating drinks and foods to attain a natural homeostatic balance, that is, if there are any pre existing health conditions to treat.

Basically, a diet should consist of:

• Thirty to forty percent cooked vegetables such as fennels, lentils, cabbage, beans, carrots, and potatoes.
• Fifty to eight percent grains: wheat, spelt, rice, oats, millet, barley, and corn.
• Five percent raw foods such as fruits and salads, except in summer.
• Five percent fish, chicken, game, beef, and lamb.
• Never eat when upset, angry, or stressed.
• If possible, use unprocessed, high quality, organic foods.
• Chew food well and do not rush meals.
• During meals, drink minimal amounts of liquids as large amounts tend to prevent correct absorption and dilute the process of digestion resulting in a shortage of vital energy and tiredness.
• Do not eat when preoccupied with certain activities: eating in front of the computer or at the desk, or while watching TV.
• It is important for those on a vegetarian diet to add foods that are energetically warming and ones recommended by a qualified practitioner.
• Consume foods that are in season.
• In general, consume at least one cooked meal a day and smaller food portions. It is important that the food should be easy to digest and moved through tissues if your digestion is impaired in any way.

As the Chinese medicine diet is different from the typical western consumption of foods, more so when cooked versus raw foods is concerned there are often several modifications that need to be made.

However, diet modifications should be done incrementally and in small, attainable segments, so that the body slowly but surely gets used to the new ways. Results can always be expected when this practice is followed as it is easy to adjust to the needs of the individual in the modern way of life and is designed to conform to the patient’s unique constitutional needs.

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Artemisinin, A Promising Chinese Folk Medicine Treatment for Breast Cancer

Chinese folk medicine has produced a promising new approach in the treatment of cancer. Seattle researchers have shown that a compound from a wormwood plant extract searches and eliminates breast cancer cells and leave the healthy cells unharmed. Artemisia is a safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive alternative closely related to oxygen therapy. Its key to success is peroxide linkage within the active molecule of the herb.

University of Washington bioengineering researcher, Henry Lai, M.D. noted that in laboratory experiments the compound virtually destroyed all human cancer cells upon exposure to it in the test tube within 16 hours and left alive all the normal cells. Artemisin is extracted by Chinese folk healers from the wormwood plant (Artemisia annua L.). For thousands of years, it has been used as a treatment for malaria.

Scientist began to study artemisin’s anti-malarial qualities and this also led to it being tested as an anticancer agent. They found that a shared characteristic of dividing cancer cells and of the malaria parasite is high concentrations of iron.

When it comes into contact with iron, artemisinin chemically reacts with the iron, creating charged atoms chemists refer to as free radicals. The free radicals in malaria kill the single-cell parasite by binding with cell membranes and then breaking them apart, attacking them and then, eventually kill them. When they divide, the malaria cells need iron to replicate DNA. Iron concentrations in cancer cells are much higher than in malaria cells. Cancer is marked by cell division gone awry.

On their surface, cancer cells have a lot more transferrin receptors. These receptors are the cellular pathways in which iron enters. Dr Lai says that breast cancer cells posses five to fifteen times more transferrin receptors on their surface than normal breast cells. To selectively destroy the cancer cells, Dr. Lai’s strategy was to pump up cancer cells with even more iron and then introduce artemisinin.

Lai used a compound known as holotransferrin on both the breast cancer cells and normal breast cells. Holotransferrin is a water-soluble form of artemisinin. After eight hours, Lai observed that 75% of the cancer cells were completely killed. After 16 hours, almost all of them were destroyed.

Alida van Heerden is a licensed New York acupuncturist and a NADA certified acupuncture detoxification specialist.