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COVID-19 And Your Immune Health

I’m an acupuncturist, herbalist and primary health care provider in San Antonio, TX and I’d like to go over a few ways to keep your family and yourself healthier and boost your immune system naturally during the flu and coronavirus infection.

So first off, immune system.  With our immune system, we don’t actually want a strong immune system; we want an intelligent immune system. A strong immune system will look like allergies or you’re overreacting to things that come in your direction. Even autoimmune disease, if that’s deregulated, it can’t differentiate if it’s your body that’s causing the problem or an outside pathogen.

We’re heading towards an intelligent immune system that’s responding well to noticing what’s a problem or threat to the system, and what’s actually not a threat. There are several ways to adjust the immune system. The most comprehensive one that I know of is to really consider it from three angles, and that keeping all three of these healthy is what will give you the best chance of fighting of any kind of thing that comes in your direction.

  1. The Nervous System
  2. The Endocrine System
  3. The Gut Flora

Having the triangle of all of these systems really healthy will help build the foundation of response to things that come in. It’s not simply that you want each of these to be healthy separately, but you want them to communicate well. Knowing how p to keep your particular immune system intelligent really may vary depending on your health history and lifestyle history.

For example, if your weakest spot is your nervous system; such as, may be, you’re anxious a lot, angry or emotionally going haywire, then you want to address your immune system on the nervous system level. For this, I recommend doing meditation, hot baths, chilling out, doing some deep breathing, going for walks in nature, to name a few.

If it’s your endocrine system that is the most out of whack in your system, such as you have a lot of premenstrual symptoms, or perhaps, cortisol level elevations, hot sweats or night sweats, they indicate an endocrine system imbalance. You then want to look at that the most comprehensively in order to address your immune system.

Thirdly, what’s going on in your belly, your microbiome and how well are you able to digest all of the information that comes through into your system, whether that be food, hormones or other emotions that we need to process every day.

It’s hard to always know for yourself, if you don’t have a lot of health background, which one needs to be addressed the most and which one’s the most out of balance. I would suggest that you consult with your local health practitioner, whether that’s an acupuncturist, herbalist or a naturopath. Whoever it is, get the support that you need to make sure that your immune system is functioning optimally.

Some other really simple things that can help; for example, staying away from sugar can be a major one, so any kind of refined sugar will dramatically decrease your ability to respond to outside pa anything is thogens in an intelligent way.

Simply cutting out sugar will be a dramatic way to help you maintain equilibrium. Sugar is also going to impact those three systems that we just discussed: nervous system, endocrine system and gut Flora. Eliminating sugar from your diet certainly can help pull things deeper into the body. For example, if you are exposed to the virus, having s and sweets at that point will pull the pathogen deeper into your system.

The pathogen appears to be a febrile disease. That means it’s thermal nature is hot. So, avoiding things that are spicy will also help your body from overheating and decrease the severity of your symptoms if you do get in contact with the febrile disease. So old remedies such as cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger is not the one we’re going to want to jump to when it comes to a febrile disease.

You want to go for the cooling herbs, such as mint. The formula you’re going to choose if you come into contact with the virus, is going to dramatically depend on what level the virus is into your system. We have four levels of febrile disease. The beginning level is easier to treat once it gets into alternating chills and fevers. We need to get into the yang level and we need to change the formula. This is a little bit more complicated. Whatever the case, the best solution is to keep your immune system healthy.

Your conduct is important, especially at this time of year where we are on early spring. Panicking, rage, getting upset and getting into a fear frequency will deplete your immune system. Remember, if you’re finding yourself feeling a victim of the coronavirus, or a victim of this fear frequency of panic that is being pushed through mainstream media, you can notice that and let it turn over into inspiring you to take better care of your health.

This is the time when you have the opportunity to step into your healing journey in a new way and take care of some of those lingering symptoms and things that haven’t been comprehensively been addressed. So, instead of succumbing to a victim frequency of fear and panic, allow yourself to step into a new level of health and healing in your life.

Take care of your body. Eliminate the bad or the unhelpful habits out of your life. As we evolve to higher levels of consciousness, it is really important that we continue to evaluate and let go of habits that no longer serve us, such as smoking, alcohol, sugar, etc. All these types of things that deplete our immune system and inhibit our ability to respond effectively and intelligently to the different viruses, microbes and bacteria that come into our system.

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