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Tips On How To Eliminate Negative Energy In Your Home

How do you remove negative energy in your home? Succeed in this effort by applying feng shui cures and applications.

Determining Where the Problem Area Lies

We first need to determine if any negative energy exists in your home and if so, where that energy is located.

Types of Negative Energy

Negative energy can be caused by a variety of factors and can come in all shapes and forms. Remedy or rectify this negative energy with feng shui cures and solutions.

Obstructed Flow of Energy

Blocked energy is the most common cause of sha or negative energy.

More often than not, Sha’s main cause is clutter that traps energy and blocks its natural flow. Energy, like air, circulates throughout your home, and if it encounters clutter such as a stack of old newspapers, it won’t be able to move freely and can become trapped. Stagnant energy is then created which, until you get rid of the clutter, continues to build-up in your home.

Once the clutter is taken care of, the flow of energy is restored and you home once again enjoys a constant supply of natural positive chi and the Sha is carried away by the positive energy flow.

Stagnant Energy

A messy unclean home also generates stagnant energy.

Factors that can Produce Stagnant Energy in Your Home:

  • Pet fur or hair
  • Dust
  • Stack(s) of Dirty dishes in a sink
  • Pile(s) of Dirty clothes on the floor
  • Debris that comes in from the outside
  • Cobwebs

Solving this kind of energy problem is simple. Clean regularly. Avoid the piling of dirty dishes in the sink. Perform chores like doing the laundry. So that chi doesn’t stagnate and turn to sha in your home, dust frequently, vacuum, and wash the floors.

Obstructed Passages

Placing objects or furniture in a pathway is a huge factor in the creation of negative energy in your home. You can draw a layout of your home if you’re not too sure if it has blocked passages. Denote the location of each window and door. Now, from room to room and door to door, inspect the pathways. Do you and other people need to go around a furniture or object when you have to walk across the room to get to another room? Is there furniture or an object in the natural passage from the living room to the kitchen? If you can mentally observe chi entering your home and trying to maneuver around objects or furniture or other obstacles, you would surmise that its flow would slow down. It slows down even more when more and more objects block its natural flow through the room.

Windows can be another cause of blocked pathways in your home. If you place a bed in front of a window, the bed can disrupt the flow of energy in and out of the room, which can also disrupt your sleep. A sofa that blocks a part of a window also obstructs energy and generates sha.

Poison Arrows

Sharp columns, corners, and angles can generate a type of sha called poison arrows. Sharp angles rechannel chi funneling it into a mighty thrust that converts positive chi into negative chi. You’ll likely be plagued by ill health and sleeping problems if your bed is in the direct path of a poison arrow.

External Factors that Cause Negative Energy

From the point of view of feng shui, your outer surroundings are the most important factors which may influence the flow of positive chi into your home. If there are issues in your external surroundings that haven’t been addressed, the negative impact to you, your family, and your home can never be neutralized or countered with any amount or form of interior feng shui cures and applications.

External Poison Arrows

Yes, certain external factors can also become poison arrows pointed at your home. The home of a neighbor or an outbuilding having sharp corners that directly point to your home is a poison arrow. Places affiliated with negative energy such as a hospital, landfill, or cemetery generate poison arrows as well. Intersecting roads and streets directly across your home produces a poison-arrow effect aimed at your home. Hanging a bagua mirror outside a window directly facing the poison arrows is the best way to neutralize external poison arrows from another edifice or structure. The mirror bounces the poison back to its place of origin and protects your home.

An intersection or a dead-end road in front of your driveway can create a poison arrow at your home. Placing a large rock with a couple or more trees in a berm-effect between the road or street and your home can mitigate the effect of the poison arrow. Just be sure the landscape you create is an attractive one. The sha can also be weakened by creating a space of tranquility between the street and your home.

Negative Chi and Flying Star

According to feng shui practitioners, because it makes use of the date your home was built, the Xuan Kong Flying Star is the most accurate way to create a chart. The movement of the stars can bring about negative effects in places that were previously filled with positive chi. Feng shui experts can create charts based on monthly, yearly, or 20-year periods.

Negative Effects of Flying Star and the Cures

You can rectify the adverse effects of flying stars by filling a glass container with water and salt. Then place six Chinese coins tied together by a red ribbon into the salt water and wait until your chart shows that the star has moved.

Eliminating Negative Energy in Your Home

You can convert sha into positive chi in your home by following these helpful tips:

  • Replace worn out equipment
  • Repair broken fixtures, locks, doors
  • Remove plants with pointed or sharp leaves
  • Make your bed each morning
  • Keep drawers organized and free of clutter
  • Keep bathroom door closed at all times and hang a full-length mirror on the inside of your door
  • Keep appliances in good working order
  • Keep all drains and faucets in good working order
  • Fix any drips or leaks
  • Remove floral arrangements that have dried and take out of dead flowers
  • Close toilet lid after flushing and keep closed when not in use

Living without Sha

It may seem like a huge task eliminating any trace of negative energy in your home, but with resolve and constant effort, you can.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

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