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Acupuncture and Its Role as an Alternative and Complementary Treatment for Health Issues

One of the branches of China’s health that evolved at least 2,500 years ago is acupuncture. Literally translated as “piercing by needles,” acupuncture is a healing practice involving the insertion of filiform needles into the skin to activate specific acupoints in the body for the treatment of certain health conditions.

The theory behind acupuncture is grounded on the belief that that there exists patterns of energy or Qi flow (Qi) in the body that are necessary for health and life. The disruptions or disturbances in this flow are the cause of health conditions. As theorized, acupuncture was created to address the imbalances of Qi flow at acupoints close to the skin.

Stimulating the body is what acupuncture does. Besides the typical procedure of puncturing the skin with fine needles, acupuncturists may also use impulses of electromagnetic energy, suction, friction, pressure, or heat to stimulate the acupoints. Until President visited China in 1972, the use of acupuncture in treating diseases in Encino was rare in American medicine. The visit opened the door and helped introduce acupuncture to the United States. Today, it is a strong alternative treatment or a complementary treatment for today’s conventional treatment modalities.

In order to understand how acupuncture really works, one needs to first become familiar with the fundamentals of Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the essence of the principle of acupuncture. This treatment may ultimately prove to be a very important vehicle for maintaining well-being and good health the way it has gained popularity throughout the world in the past four decades.

Symptoms and Underlying Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Addressed with Acupuncture

Peripheral Neuropathy or Neuropathy, for short, is characterized by pain, tingling, and/or numbness in nerves apart from the brain or spine, usually in the feet and hands. It usually develops in people suffering from diabetes, spinal injuries, and genetic disorders such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome. These symptoms can be effectively treated with acupuncture which restores feeling, life, and energy, back into the extremities.

Neuropathy often affects the quality of life of people and is a serious condition. When they don`t feel parts of their bodies, people are more prone to infection and injury and may find it difficult to perform daily tasks such as gripping, fine motor work, and walking. People with neuropathy caused by a genetic disorder may also have to deal with the anxiety and fears that come with having an uncommon medical condition.

Acupuncture can be a powerful way to balance energy or qi and also bring balance back into the spirit, emotions, and mind as well as bring hope and peace to the sufferer. There is not enough qi reaching the periphery when there is numbness in these areas

According to traditional Chinese medicine, when there is numbness in the periphery, there is not enough qi reaching these areas. The reason for this may vary although it is usually because:

– Energy is blocked from reaching the area, or
– There is not enough energy or qi reaching the affected organ system.

There may be instances when both causes are found in patients. The acupuncturist makes sure that all these things are considered and addressed, and a plan of treatment is designed that will best suit the needs of the patient.

The treatment basically involves choosing acupoints that can boost energy flow in the meridians. If cold or heat is the cause, then treatment may include either warming coldness or clearing heat.

Wei syndrome is marked by flaccidity and weakness in the extremities. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that this is caused by poor nourishment of the tendons because of depletion of body fluids, which in turn, caused, in turn by is excessive heat lingering in the body after illness. If person has Wei QI syndrome, treatment may take a longer time.

Acupuncture usually brings immediate relief to the brain particularly when there is pain although the length of the treatment may depend on the severity of the pain and other symptoms. To experience long-lasting benefits, you may need to take a series of treatments. How long or often treatment should be depends on the health of the patient and his/her overall constitution.

Acupuncture allows the body to heal itself and treats the individual as a whole, by balancing his spirit and mind. It helps the patient to be more focused and present. It also qi in the regions of deficiency, and helps remove blockages.

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The Fundamental Concepts Behind Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that the concepts of Yin and Yang and Chi or Qi, are the basic energies of the universe and of the human body, as well. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas are used to make sure that the Yin and Ying of the body is well balanced and the flow of Chi throughout the body is vibrant and smooth.

Chinese Medicine Philosophy

Dating back at least 2,500 years, Chinese medicine, specifically acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Bellingham has been used by the people of China to treat a wide variety of conditions. Both these approaches have been recognized as effective in the treatment of a lot of modern illnesses. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have garnered wide approval as a valid alternative to Western medications for several types of conditions.

People in the West are still mystified as to how Chinese medicine actually works. Knowing this Oriental medical system well will make it simple for you to integrate it into your life to help you attain optimal health. Chi is one of the most fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine. It literally means vital energy (life energy). In ayurvedic medicine, Chi is known as “Prana.” If the flow of Chi becomes blocked or weakens, disease or imbalances develop.

Yin and Yang is another Chinese medicine primordial philosophical concept and fundamental element. These two opposing forces complement each other to generate life and health. They also are the two fundamental energies of the universe. Yin represents the negative aspect of the universe. It also represents the lunar energy, female, internal, fluid, and cooling energy. Yang is the solar, male, external, sharp, and heating energy.

More About Chi

Each of our internal organs has Chi. This energy is required in order for us to become strong and enjoy overall well-being. Disease develops if our Chi becomes weak due to overwork, pathogens, stress, or a poor diet.

TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine offers medical treatments such as acupuncture and herbs, and several exercises (such as Qi gong and Tai chi) to strengthen your Chi.

One of the most common Chinese patterns diagnosed In Western society is Stagnation of Liver Chi or simply put, stress. The liver, according to Chinese medicine, is the organ system that controls free Chi circulation; when this flow stagnates, which is usually caused by stress, the liver is always involved.

Our physical and emotional bodies contract under stress and Chi circulation goes from smooth to stagnant. We become agitated or nervous when our internal energy is stuck this way.

After you have exercised, have you noticed how much better you feel, both emotionally and physically? Stress can be relieved by anything that helps move Chi once more. One of the best movers of Chi is acupuncture.

In Western society, it is interesting that alcohol is one of the first things people use to relieve stress. Alcohol does help alleviate Chi stagnation temporarily. However, it is toxic and actually results in more Chi stagnation over time.

Chi stagnation also leads to pain, and when stress is high, it is common to see people suffering from pain and tightness in their necks when they’re under severe stress.

The Basics of Yin and Yang

Everything in the universe can be viewed as having both Yin and Yang present within itself. The body is just a microcosm of this reality

As the sun rises in the sky, it awakens the Yang digestive fire inside us. We then become awake and alert because of the Yang energy that predominates during the day.

Yin rules at night allowing us to rest and rejuvenate.

Yin nature is reflected in the physical nurturing nature of a mother to her newborn child. The Yang nature inherent in a father is reflected in his dedication and strength to protect and support his family. When Yin and Yang is in balance, good health results; conversely, ill health or disease reigns when there is an excess or deficiency in the balance of these two forces.

A Yang deficiency may result in lack of appetite, pale skin, and chill while Excess Yang may cause skin rashes, ulcers, or fever.

The goal of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is to tonify any deficiencies and sedate any excesses in the internal physiology that may be the reason for the illness’s symptoms.

Chinese Five Elements

Like Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine sees the universe as made up of five elements: Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood. These five elements are interrelated and interact in many ways. There is a specific element that corresponds to each of the major internal organs, and treatments for illnesses are determined based on the elements involved.

An individual’s predominant element can be determined through various modes of diagnosis which identifies the patient’s health tendencies, body type, and personality. An imbalance of one or more elements can be diagnosed if the patient suffers from a certain disease.


The best known type of Chinese medicine n the West, by far is acupuncture. Western science has been trying to find out how and why acupuncture works, but still hasn’t made any breakthrough discoveries. There are 12 major energetic channels or meridians in Chinese medicine. They lie like a road map on the body’s surface.

There are hundreds of acupoints or wells of energy along these meridians with each acupoint having its own specific effect and function. Heat, massage, or needles can stimulate these points helping restore the body into a more balanced state. Acupuncture relieves pain and boosts health by clearing any blockages to the flow of Chi.

For those interested in optimal health and natural medicine, it is very useful to understand the basic fundamental philosophy behind Chinese medicine. By understanding that the human body reflects and contains the natural energies of the universe, we all can live a life that’s in harmony with the environment.

The Different Chinese Medicine Patterns Associated with UTI

You’re probably no stranger to the sudden bolt of pain you feel each time you go to the toilet to pee if you’ve ever had a bladder infection. Since it hurts and it’s damaging to your bladder to hold your urine, you have no choice but to pee which also hurts

In Western medicine what’s going on with you seems to be simply a matter of a bladder infection; in Chinese medicine, however, this is anything but simple. Bladder or urinary tract infections (UTIs), like back pain, colds, or headaches, have a distinct personality. This condition runs a gamut of symptoms like pain traveling to your lower back; spasms in the lower stomach; sharp pain in the urethra; dribbling; and urinary difficulty, frequency, and urgency.

UTI, in Chinese medicine usually manifests as a pattern of depletion or excess. UTI caused by depletion often is caused by too much sex, poor diet, lack of sleep, and aging. These factors can take its toll on your Chinese Spleen and/or Kidney which can result in your body’s inability to metabolize water or to control the function of your bladder really well. This leads to a sore lower back, achy dull pain, dribbling, and/or incontinence.

Excess patterns are caused by too much accumulation of something. Excess-related bladder infections are likely to be a combination of heat and dampness (too much fluid accumulation in the body). Burning pain during urination is the most distinguished symptom of this type of pattern. UTI associated with damp heat can be caused by poor hygiene, eating too much sweets, hot spicy foods, and drinking too much alcohol.

Chinese medicine furthers complicate the diagnosis by classifying UTI into six different types:

1. Taxation: This is one pattern of depletion, and is a result of overdoing things or being totally exhausted. Weak achy knees or low back, fatigue, stress incontinence (leaking after sneezing or jumping), and periodic dribbling of urine are some of the symptoms of a taxation pattern.

2. Cloudy: Can be caused by either depletion or excess pattern. A cloudy pattern results in milky or cloudy looking urine. If this pattern is the result of an excess, the urine will look very cloudy combined with urethral burning and pain. If caused by depletion, the symptoms may include achy or weak knees and lower back, ringing ears, dizziness, mild urethral pain, and dribbling or cloudy looking urine. People who have a depleted, weak, or thin body are usually affected by this type of pattern.

3. Bloody: A bloody pattern may also be caused by either depletion or excess. Regardless of the cause, its most distinct symptom will be blood in your urine. Heat causes you to bleed in an excess pattern and besides hematuria (bloody urine), the other symptoms of a blood pattern are sharp burning pain, urgency, and urinary frequency. If this pattern is caused by depletion, the pain won’t be as sharp or that severe and there wouldn’t be as much blood as that caused by excess or the bleeding would not last for a long period of time. You may feel tired though and suffer from achy weak knees and/or low back.

4. Qi: This pattern may also be either caused by deficiency or excess. Qi the vital energy flowing in your body and if it’s in excess, this means that the flow of your energy is stagnant and generating symptoms such as rib pain, tightness in the chest, pain in the lower stomach, sensation of fullness, and difficult urination. A qi pattern caused by a deficiency or depletion is the result of not having enough energy to help the bladder metabolize water. This will lead to an aching lower back, shortness of breath, feeling tired, a pale complexion, incontinence, dripping, and a heavy sensation in the lower stomach.

5. Stony: This type of pattern really causes severe unbearable pain. This is because we are talking about kidney stones that have developed in your body causing extreme stomach and low back pain. Other symptoms include passing stones in the urine, hematuria, urination difficulties, and cramping.

6. Heat: This pattern is the most common form of UTI having symptoms that include a bitter taste in your mouth, thirst, constipation, fever, and a burning sharp pain.

Chinese medicine has a specific form of treatment for each type of UTI. Usually, however, resolving the dampness and clearing heat will be the initial goal of treatment of an excess pattern. This can be achieved using a combo of food therapy, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture. An herbal formula known as Eight Herb Powder for Rectification or Ba Sheng San is commonly used to treat UTI. This herbal remedy is able to drain out dampness and clear heat and sometimes be used to treat UTI that causes blood in the urine.

In depleted caused UTIs, initial treatment may include the use of Chinese herb supplements to tonify Kidney or Spleen Qi (energy). Selected foods and acupuncture treatment in Pembroke Pines can help build up your strength. It takes longer to treat a UTI that’s caused by a depletion than in an excess pattern. The reason for this is that when you’re depleted, the aim of the treatment is to rebuild and nourish your body back into health which takes time.

Some Patients Claim That Acupuncture Has Helped Ease Their Diabetes Symptoms

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very old form of treatment that is slowly gaining acceptance in the western world.

In certain places of Korea and China, acupuncture is a very important component of their healthcare system that is far from being considered an alternative type of medical care. Acupuncture is even used by qualified medical doctors in China to treat the two types of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes).

The treatment is usually conducted in conjunction with acupuncture and other types of Eastern medicine such as herbal medicine and Western medicine. The treatment has shown to truly work in some diabetic patients.

Chinese Medicine Claims

TCM practitioners believe that in order to gain optimal results, treatments must begin at the earliest stage of the disease’s development. The most important benefit of TCM treatment of diabetes is its ability to get the blood circulating throughout the body.

This enhanced blood flow is essential to slow down or even freeze the onset of debilitating diabetic neuropathy. The crippling effects of diabetic neuropathy can lead to the amputation of the affected body part or at least, cause pain and swelling. TCM is able to reduce diabetes-related pain. Other benefits a diabetic person can get from acupuncture include the stabilization of the blood sugar levels for Type 2 diabetics.

Acupuncture is a procedure that involves the insertion of 4 to 25 mm long needles into strategic points in the body to stimulate the organ functions. It is believed to be useful in the treatment of diabetes symptoms. Acupuncture can help stop the impact of diabetic neuropathy in a patient’s health. Likewise important is that this treatment can help treat the pancreas helping to reduce the autoimmune component that is essential to diabetes.

Less Use of Insulin

There are some patients who claim that acupuncture treatment actually has made them use insulin less. Ear acupuncture in Tarzana is the best type of acupuncture that can help stimulate the nervous system of type 2 diabetics.

Although they have helped diabetics in the past, acupuncture along with other TCM modalities should be used with caution and only after you have been given the green light by your doctor to proceed. They should be used as adjunctive therapies to Western medicine and not as a frontline treatment for diabetes.