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Acupuncture and Its Role as an Alternative and Complementary Treatment for Health Issues

One of the branches of China’s health that evolved at least 2,500 years ago is acupuncture. Literally translated as “piercing by needles,” acupuncture is a healing practice involving the insertion of filiform needles into the skin to activate specific acupoints in the body for the treatment of certain health conditions.… Continue reading

Symptoms and Underlying Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Addressed with Acupuncture

Peripheral Neuropathy or Neuropathy, for short, is characterized by pain, tingling, and/or numbness in nerves apart from the brain or spine, usually in the feet and hands. It usually develops in people suffering from diabetes, spinal injuries, and genetic disorders such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome. These symptoms can be effectively treated … Continue reading

The Fundamental Concepts Behind Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that the concepts of Yin and Yang and Chi or Qi, are the basic energies of the universe and of the human body, as well. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas are used to make sure that the Yin and Ying of the body is well … Continue reading

The Different Chinese Medicine Patterns Associated with UTI

You’re probably no stranger to the sudden bolt of pain you feel each time you go to the toilet to pee if you’ve ever had a bladder infection. Since it hurts and it’s damaging to your bladder to hold your urine, you have no choice but to pee which also … Continue reading

Some Patients Claim That Acupuncture Has Helped Ease Their Diabetes Symptoms

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very old form of treatment that is slowly gaining acceptance in the western world.

In certain places of Korea and China, acupuncture is a very important component of their healthcare system that is far from being considered an alternative type of medical care. … Continue reading