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The Incredible Benefits of Mongolian Chua Ka Massage

There’s a great way to avoid paying for a massage: Do it yourself!  It may not be exactly the same as another person doing it on your body and may not even feel as good. But, there’s no doubt that it gives you the power to heal yourself and it still is good for you. 

The warriors of ancient Mongolia know very well the value of self-massage.  They designed a type of deep tissue self-massage they named Chua Ka, which they administered on themselves before marching off into battle. They believed that the experiences in life created channels of pain and muscle tension that are recalled by the body in the form of fears.  In other words, these soldiers believed that life itself can become so difficult that the body has no choice but to store those fears, injuries, and stresses learned from the traumas inside the muscle tissue. Because it is important to enter into battle and fight without fear, the idea was to free those deep-seated fears by massaging them deeply away.  

The healing practice of Chua Ka believes that freeing physical tightness in the body allows us to lessen mental tightness as well.  The warriors during those eras would use stones and sticks to deeply delve slowly into the body.  This method was also believed to bring the mind and body into a state of heightened awareness and sensitivity, as well as other traits that can help them survive during times of conflict.

There’s still a lot to say for what modern man thinks of self-massage and conventional massage even if there’s truth to the notion that massage can help prepare a person for challenge or even if they do not believe that the Mongolians were on to something.  These days there are several reasons why we all need to get a massage. It has been shown to bring about long-term health benefits like:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Increase blood flow
  • Eliminate stress
  • Promote relaxation

But the best thing about self-massage is it’s extremely affordable and you can do it on yourself.

Still perfect tools are stones and sticks, but today’s generation of warriors have been gifted with even more options.  Few people are aware of it, but within your home may be some common household items that can hold the key to your mental and muscle relief. 

Are you suffering from knots or pain in your back?  Lie on the floor and put a tennis ball along the ailing part of your spine. To lessen or increase pressure on your back, use your body weight.  Slowly move till you start to feel relief.

Do have a sore forearm after typing for several hours? You can use the poles of a rolling pin or even the sticks of a drum set to bear firm pressure to the body part that’s causing you discomfort and pain.

Not mentioning yoga while talking about self-massage is like being a lover of classical music and ignoring Beethoven.  The best form of self-massage, hands down, is Yoga.

The ancient warriors of Mongolia were aware that the mind and body were closely connected and that taking care of the body was important not only for mental health but for one’s very survival as well.  The warriors of our time know that self-massage can be a way to take care of the body so that the other areas of our life can flourish.

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