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Magnotherapy & Acudetox Can Help A Child With ADD/ADHD

Magnotherapy involves the application small magnets in specific acupuncture points on each ear. The best complementary treatment for this procedure is the Acudetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) technique in which five needles are stuck into predetermined acupoints in both ears.

In certain instances, an electronic pointer is used in children who are … Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Treatment Of Kidney Disease

Despite being responsible for so many things in our daily life, diet is not a thing that we spend enough time focusing on. Food therapy helps us choose the right foods to eat and guides people to good health. Kidney disease is a serious chronic medical condition that requires an … Continue reading

The Syndromes Associated With Cold

The pernicious factor known as cold is considered a pathogenic yin qi. Its nature is to slow down movement, causing contraction, tightness, stagnation, and weak circulation. Cold can invade the lungs, skin, and muscles when it is an external pernicious factor. Cold can also cause disorder in the regular functions … Continue reading

The Two Components Of Jing

According to Chinese medicine, most cases of infertility are due to chronic patterns. We basically see systemic deficiencies such as cold in the system, poor digestion, and genetic deficiencies are also some of the factors that contribute to fertility problems.

The Chinese medicine principle of yin and yang are gathering … Continue reading