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The Heart’s Role In TCM

Most of us would agree that the heart is the organ of the body most closely connected to emotion. When we talk about the heart, the terms heartache, heartbroken, sweetheart, or heartstring come to mind. This is the organ that’s notorious for not being subtle; it represents emotions that are on opposite poles, like ecstatic joy or intense sadness.

The heart, in traditional Chinese medicine in Fremont or TCM, has a physical function that has parallels in Western medicine. It is responsible for the function of sweating and the blood vessels. Excessive perspiration is a sign that the heart needs to be supported and built up (tonified). Because the heart also controls the tongue, it can also affect speech. Speech problems such as loss of words and stuttering are signs of heart deficiency.

But the most important responsibility of the heart is to manage the shen and store the mind. One’s “Shen” can be determined by the overall health and well being of the mind. You will know if a person is well spirited and healthy just by looking at his or her eyes. Their eyes have a sense of health and a certain bright lucidity that shines from within. Acupuncturists would consider this person as having good shen.

Conversely, you also have people with eyes that look cloudy and dull or shifty (that shift from side to side) when you observe them. These people are considered to have a weak or feeble shen. This weak shen are sometimes the product of distraction or mild depression; and if the shen is severely sick, it can also indicate a type of mental imbalance.

The heart is both the effect and cause of ecstatic joy. This type of joy is considered a good thing to most people, but its effect can cause ADHD or manic depression. ADHD is sometimes attributed to a heart that cannot control the mind properly.

Wise individuals argue that the heart’s job is to follow the principles of propriety. For instance, this would be a person wearing a bathing suit. If that person wears a bathing suit in a bank meeting, this just shows that his or her heart was not providing him or her with the appropriate information on what to wear on a specific occasion. But the heart is doing its job if the person wears the bathing suit in a swimming pool during summer. This would imply that the responsibility of the heart is to follow proper behavior for the situation at hand.

Three Theories Explaining How Auricular Acupuncture Works

Traditional Chinese medicine has always given us unique and different ways of treating certain types of disease. These techniques are painless, safe, and natural and often do not involve the use of medication. The body, in Chinese thought, is deemed to preserve a delicate balance with the environment via the transfer of energy. The body always removes negative energy from the body and allows positive energy to circulate through. The entire systems of the body work for this exchange simply to preserve balance. One typical way this is achieved is with auricular acupuncture in Orlando.

A Chinese healing concept, auricular acupuncture focuses on the outer ear or auricle for treatment. The auricle is considered a complete bodily system that is responsible for the vital activities of the ear and the other body organs. This area of the ear is comprised of a number acupuncture points that are connected to the whole body. Filiform needles are inserted in these points which stimulate these points producing signals that reach the brain that in turn activates a targeted organ. This activation boosts the functioning of that organ by releasing toxins, increasing blood flow, and enhancing muscle movement.

Auricular acupuncture works according to the following theories:

Delta Reflex

This theory states that auricular acupoint stimulation results in the stimulation of the associated body part. This leads to a rise in temperature of that body part and a related body part which causes a rise in the temperature of the outer ear. Both work as lock and key whereby an auricular acupoint serves as a key for the lock of body organs.

Anatomical Model

According to this theory, the location of the auricular acupoints on the map can be likened to that of an inverted fetus. Whatever signals are conveyed to the parts of the body reaches back again to the outer ear thereby making it a bidirectional movement.

The meridian Theory

In Chinese medicine, this theory is the most commonly accepted norm. The meridian theory sates that energy or chi circulates through energy channels within the body called meridians. Any obstruction in this channel is the underlying root cause of any health issues; therefore, stimulation of specific auricular acupoints generates therapeutic effects on the meridians.

Chinese principles and method have been adopted in the western world. Western scientists have formulated the same techniques as Chinese medicine albeit with a few changes in the form of improvements. The use of needles in auricular acupuncture treatment is a Chinese based idea but Western medicine has now developed it in the form of modern auriculotherapy. Here, advanced technologies are used to activate the acupoints in the auricle without the use of electricity, pellets, pressure, magnets, laser, etc. Modern auriculotherapy was developed and refined by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist.

Since the various parts of the body is connected to each other via acupoints, auricular acupuncture treatment can provide a lot of therapeutic effects on the body. It balances a person’s emotional and mental status by relieving insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Various forms of bodily pain such as muscular tension, migraine, headaches, back ache, and arthritis can be relieved by this therapy. Its connection with the respiratory and digestive organs can help treat constipation, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, indigestion, and many other health problems. In addition auricular acupuncture can significantly help in giving away the habit of drinking and smoking. It can help maintain balance in women during their menstrual period.

There is a there is a specialized type of acupuncturist who is trained in the art of auricular acupuncture who knows all about ear muscles. These professionals are completely aware of the over two hundred acupoints found in the auricle. It’s important to note that during treatment, the needle should be inserted into the auditory canal that reaches to the inner ear. This may result in total hearing damage to the individual therefore one has to be very careful during this process.