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Monthly Archives : February, 2016

There Are Several Effective Ways to Treat Asthma Without Resorting to Medications

Twenty million Americans, more or less, are affected by asthma every year and sadly, this number is steadily growing. Western conventional modes of treatment for this problem include bronchodilators and steroid inhalers. These drugs may provide prompt effective relief for the symptoms of asthma, but when they’re used for long … Continue reading

The Benefits and Extreme Usefulness of Acupuncture in Treating Various Health Conditions

It may look like acupuncture is gaining wide popularity as an alternative medicine by the day; nevertheless, there are still many who are unaware of what acupuncture is and what it can do. Unfortunately, a huge number of Americans think that acupuncture is merely a passing healthy lifestyle fad promoted … Continue reading

You May Reverse or Prevent Baldness with Acupuncture Treatment of the Scalp

The skin head look is all the rage these days and people with thinning hair may find this a bit of good news. Acupuncture is an alternative type of treatment that can help treat various types of conditions from severe stress and muscular aches and, believe it or not, for … Continue reading

You’re in a Win-Win Situation When You Choose Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

In terms of cost, Chinese medicine and acupuncture are definitely less than standard Western medicine. A misconception commonly committed in the area of health care is that when compared to modern Western medicine, alternative medicine is more expensive. The fact is, standard Western medicine’s the one more expensive. In a … Continue reading