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You May Reverse or Prevent Baldness with Acupuncture Treatment of the Scalp

The skin head look is all the rage these days and people with thinning hair may find this a bit of good news. Acupuncture is an alternative type of treatment that can help treat various types of conditions from severe stress and muscular aches and, believe it or not, for some people, even hair loss

According to some practitioners of Chinese medicine, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and acupuncture in Cleveland is a very effective alternative treatment for patients with hair loss problems including several kinds of alopecia.

Besides acupuncture, massage therapy is also a proven way to boost blood flow although there is zero proof that it (massage therapy) can reverse or at least prevent loss of hair. Acupuncture may be a multi-purpose type of treatment, but not all people may benefit from it if especially they are using it for the prevention of hair loss in the scalp or for reversing the balding process.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine think that the health of the hair follicles is directly impacted by toxins that have accumulated in the blood causing hair follicle deficiency. The hair follicles are responsible for the nourishment of the hair and hair growth support. Based on TCM theory, the grip of the scalp on the hair starts to loosen causing hair to fall out as the hair follicles expand due to the excess energy escaping through the top of the head.

This belief may be unacceptable and very different to Western medicine’s explanation of hair loss but this is the theory held by TCM practitioners to explain female pattern hair loss and male pattern baldness caused by the shrinking of the hair follicles. The constant follicle shrinking is the reason for the slow thinning of the hair and the eventual complete stoppage of hair growth.

Treating the scalp with acupuncture is geared towards the stimulation of new hair and in the increase of blood circulation to the scalp to bring back vitality to the hair follicles and enable them to tightly contract around the hair roots, keeping the hair in place.

Hair loss treatment using acupuncture claims to assist the hair follicles to grip the hair roots. A special TCM instrument known as plum blossom hammer is used to stimulate the dermis and epidermis simultaneously to enhance the effects of acupuncture treatment for the loss of hair. The plum blossom hammer is an instrument that has several needles jutting out of its face. The acupuncturist uses this instrument by pressing the hammer gently against different regions of the scalp stimulating the dermis and epidermis at the same time.

This type of acupuncture treatment is not for people who have an aversion to needles. For other treatment options, you should consult with a hair loss specialist to know about other proven and effective methods that will work for you to restore hair and prevent loss of hair.

There are literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world suffering from hair loss and unwanted baldness. Hair loss treatments that are pain-free and scientifically formulated proven to treat and prevent hair loss are widely available. Still, acupuncture is a treatment worth considering to help prevent or even treat hair loss and to help relieve stress.

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