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Acupuncture Is The Best Alternative Method To Help You Lose Weight

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment technique that has produced incontrovertible positive results in helping people to lose weight. It is an overwhelming choice for many people over the various diet pills that are composed of dangerous chemicals and generate adverse side effects. For most people, it’s really tough to follow … Continue reading

Acupressure Can Be Very Helpful For Pregnant Women Nearing Labor

If you are pregnant, you need to know that acupressure can help make your labor a lot less arduous. This natural therapy can be useful in relieving pain and in the inducement of labor.

Listed below are five questions that pregnant women may have regarding acupressure:

1. Have there been … Continue reading

Foods That Can Help Restore Kidney Balance And Make It Run At Optimal Levels

Nutrition has played a vital role in Chinese medicine for a long time, generating health within people. There are specific foods that help strengthen a certain organ system including the kidney, metal, liver, spleen, and heart systems. Each of these systems has an express role in the functioning of the … Continue reading

The Effects Of Cupping Therapy Can Help Eliminate A Lot Of Physical Illnesses

One aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that’s rising in popularity in the US is cupping. You may not have heard of the treatment before but rest assured, it can provide with you tons of benefits – from relieving acute and chronic pain to curing certain respiratory diseases.

What is Cupping … Continue reading

The Difference Between Chinese Medicine And Western Medicine

While Chinese medicine is deemed in the West as alternative medicine, it is still used as a primary form of treatment by a lot of people in China, which it has been so for thousands of years. However, more and more people in the West are now turning to this … Continue reading