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How can acupuncture prevent or resolve prostate cancer?

When a specific female hormone known as estrogen is abnormally metabolized, the gene expression of the male can be altered and change key intracellular signaling sequences that may result in abnormal cell growth as well as endothelial damage that, in turn can lead to high cholesterol levels due to vasoconstriction. … Continue reading

Acupuncture Treatment for Postpartum Conditions

Acupuncture treatment can help make postpartum recovery quicker and can help treat some conditions that women face after giving birth:

  • Depression
  • Persistent Lochia
  • Pain and recovery from incisions of C-Section
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Fatigue
  • Mastitis, milk production and breastfeeding problems

Acupuncture treatments after giving birth are just as important as receiving acupuncture … Continue reading

The Approach of Traditional Chinese Medical towards Allergies

Essentially a year-long problem, allergic rhinitis can also be a seasonal allergic reaction marked by excessive nasal discharge, nasal blockage, and sneezing attacks. Red conjunctivae and itchy eyes are additional symptoms a lot of sufferers experience. As the blockage of the sinus pathways becomes more severe, sufferers may also report … Continue reading

One of the oldest ways to treat Crohn’s disease is acupuncture

A chronic disease that still has no known cure Crohn’s disease can have a number of different symptoms to indicate its presence in the body. It manifests symptoms that can negatively affect the life, the quality of life, and work of the sufferer. Crohn’s disease can cause issues such as … Continue reading