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The Profound Effect Feng Shui, Chinese Medicine, And Chinese Astrology Have In Our Lives

While Feng Shui is a part of a trilogy of ancient healing methods, it is also an art and science that explains how we are affected by the natural and built environment.

Chinese medicine and Chinese astrology are the other two parts to this healing trilogy.

Each of these three … Continue reading

Chinese Herbs And Diets That Can Prevent, Reduce And Reverse Hair Loss

Chinese medicine in Palm Harbor is comprised of the following healing modalities: acupressure, acupuncture, and herbal therapy. These healing systems can be traced back in the ancient Chinese system of disease treatment. At the present time, most medical practitioners believe that these healing techniques have some legitimate scientific basis to … Continue reading

Common Mistakes Newbies Make When Practicing Qi Gong

1. Failing to Institute a Daily Practice: A very common mistake for qi gong beginners. Some students just practice once or a few times a week when they come to class. Expect sporadic results if you practice sporadically. If you practice for two days and then take two days off … Continue reading

Building Immune Energy with Qi Gong Self Massage

You may be interested to know that the gentle Chinese healing technique known as qi gong is one of the most powerful forms of cancer management and cancer-prevention exercises that is quite the same as Tai Chi.

The movements in Qi gong not only help boost the levels of oxygen … Continue reading

The Need To Integrate Qi Gong And Tai Chi Into Conventional Treatment

Although it is known in China that Tai Chi has certain benefits for people with diabetes, searching for articles about the topic online is quite hard to come by. Tai Chi practitioners believe they have the ability boost microcirculation and that Tai Chi is an extremely effective technique to manage … Continue reading