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Menopause and Acupuncture NYC

Menopause is every woman’s natural transitional phase signaling the end of her reproductive life cycle.   It is part of her aging process and while there are women who seamlessly transition to this phase problem free, there are others who find it a challenging process where its symptoms can be exhausting and painful. The most common symptom of the onset of menopause is hot flashes.  They are experienced by about 85% of menopausal women.  The second most common symptom is night sweats and these can be experienced many times in one night and can lead to insomnia, mood disturbances, irritability and fatigue.

The symptoms and problems associated with menopause can readily be addressed with the ancient Chinese treatment called acupuncture. Acupuncture NYC, in fact, has a very good track record in treating hormonal and gynecological problems. Acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners utilize a number of natural procedures such as Tui Na, dietary therapy, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

There is a big difference in the way TCM treats menopause to that of conventional western medicine procedures.  The western style treats menopause as simply one kind of disease and its mode of treatment are with hormones or prescription drugs.  TCM, on the other hand, considers menopause as a natural phase of the aging process and any symptoms emanating from this phase means that an imbalance resides in certain parts of the body.  TCM’s aims therefore, are to treat the imbalance and the root of the imbalance not only the symptoms of the imbalance.

TCM views longevity as tied with Essence.  Essence is an energy or substance that we inherit from our parents when we are conceived.  Essence gives us the basic energy that allows the body to reproduce, mature and grow.  The abundance of Essence in the body makes our body strong and filled with vitality.  We can easily recover from a sickness or ailment and we can easily adapt to changes in our lives when are Essence is abundant in our body.  When we age, Essence gradually lessens in the body until it is all exhausted which means death.  People have different ways of using their Essence and some slowly use up their Essence than others.  Body changes signal that Essence in the body is not as plenty as it was.  These signs include menopause, fatigue, backache, libido loss and grating hair among others.  A woman who has lost a significant amount of Essence will experience many symptomatic problems of menopause.

The deficiency of yin can also give health problems during menopause.  The lack of yin energy can be seen in women developing dry skin or experiencing insomnia, heart palpitations, night sweats and hot flashes.  The yin imbalance can be addressed with acupuncture and also with Chinese herbal medicine combined.

Acupuncture Orlando Helps Relieve Body Pain

Acupuncture a modality that is part of the ancient Chinese way of healing utilizes needles that are fine and non-hollow to treat many kinds of disorders, ailments or pain.  Acupuncture has the ability to treat a dozens of disorders in a safe, effective and natural way.  This makes it one of the most popular forms of alternative healthcare in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Orlando Acupuncture treatment is now a common form of treatment in the United States and Europe. A lot of physicians often recommend acupuncture for their patients who have ailments and pain that are longstanding and chronic.  There are many doctors who even have been trained with acupuncture and most of them are now practicing medical acupuncturists who understand and adhere to the concepts and basic principles of acupuncture and believe in its therapeutic benefits regardless of criticisms about acupuncture itself by Western medical science.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the body has pathways were energy travels.  This energy is what keeps the body healthy, mature, reproduce, grow and thrive.  When the body is weak, diseased and filled with stress, the energy traveling throughout the body is disrupted.  This energy called chi which literally means vital force.  The body’s weakness caused by the stagnation of chi flow, makes the organs energy deficient or even sometimes has an excess of energy.  To enable the chi to flow normally once more or to redirect to other channels, acupuncture needles are applied at specific sites in the body that connect to the blocked meridian to remove the blockage and to enable the normal flow of blood and energy in the part of the body that suffers from blood and energy deficiency.  The energy balance is restored once more and the body revoers from its sickness and pain is removed.  Acupuncturists actually have a saying: “when there is no blockage, there will be no pains.

The first recorded uses of acupuncture was in the Huang Di Dynasty.  Legend says that a ruler of this dynasty was suffering from a disorder.  When he consulted with his physician, he decreed later on that medical writings be done and compiled by all the physicians in China.  This compilation became the Nei Jing which is Asia’s first collection of medical writings. The Nei Jing has two sections.  The first section discussed about diagnosis, disease and anatomy while the second section, named cosmos was a compilation of studies discussing traditional acupuncture treatment.

The height of acupuncture’s popularity came during the Tang and Sui dynasties.  These were times when the study of acupuncture was integrated into the school curriculum of medical schools all over china.  The methods and techniques of acupuncture were slowly developed during the Ming Dynasty.  This dynasty saw the rise of new techniques and applications of acupuncture which even now are taught, followed and practiced by both medical and traditional acupuncturists.

With acupuncture updated to adapt to 21st medical technology, its potentials will only lead to greater uses for illnesses that traditionally were thought to be outside the capacity of acupuncture to treat.  The key to understanding how acupuncture really works will be the goal of Western science.  Once acupuncture is fully understood, this wonderful treatment can then be appreciated and utilized optimally as a treatment for many more human maladies.

The Theories of Acupuncture St Helens

Acupuncture St Helens is an integral component of traditional Chinese medicine and utilizes the energy pathways called meridians to help treat pain and other health conditions.  Acupuncturists think that the stimulation of meridians produces therapeutic effects to the body leading to good health.  When vital force or chi in Chinese flows freely in the body good health occurs; conversely, the obstruction of its flow caused by blockages that have developed in the meridians will lead to illness.  The ancient Chinese have mapped 14 main meridians in the body. These meridians have over 2000 acupuncture points connected to it on the surface of the body.

The restoration of energy flow happens when filform needles are introduced at certain acupuncture points predetermined by diagnosis.  One can use a huge boulder blocking river flow as an analogy to show how an energy blockage affects the flow of chi.  The removal of the boulder restores the smooth flow of the river.  Apart from taking out meridian blockages, the needles also can help hasten or retard the flow of chi in the body.

Acupuncture has been used for about 5,000 years ago.   Excavations done in areas around China have shown acupuncture relics like needles that archeologists believe were utilized for medical purposes around the nadir of the Shang dynasty era.  Acupuncture theory comprises three basic elements: yin/yang, chi and the 5 elements.  All elements applies the same points system and have the same approach and style to diagnosis; their only divergence is on the utilization of techniques to treat a disease.

The 5 elements style of acupuncture targets the relationship between the mind and body and to determine a diagnosis for the illness.  This kind of acupuncture thinks that physical symptoms are treated if the internal factors (usually stresses) are targeted.  Usually with the 5 elements approach, treatment is slow.  Yin/yang acupuncture on the other hand zooms in on the balance of yin and yang.  This treatment often utilizes a lot of needles inserted applied at different parts of the body to balance yin/yang in the energy deficient organs.  Chi acupuncture uses both the 5 elements and yin/yang acupuncture in its style of treatment.

Modern acupuncture oftentimes called medical acupuncture uses both Oriental and Western styles of medicine combining them into a treatment described as short-term and science-based.  Medical acupuncture uses acupuncture often as an anesthetic applicable for dental and surgical purposes.  Medical acupuncture can also be applied for the symptomatic relief of pain without any diagnosis from the physician.

Traditional and medical acupuncture is widely used for treating migraine, infertility, hypertension, gynecological problems, depression, anxiety, extreme stress, arthritis, asthma and allergies to mention some.  However, it is often used as a treatment of last resort after medications or surgery has failed.