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A New Trend for Cosmetic Surgery: Facial Acupuncture

It is now a new trend, especially in trendy Miami, to use Chinese medicine as a form of non surgical facelift for cosmetic enhancement. A lot of cosmetic procedures were developed to improve scars, disorders that resulted from birth defects, injury or disease and other skin conditions. Most surgical procedures are invasive techniques that require adequate post surgical recovery time. This is usually the reason why many are anxious to go under the knife. But thanks to eastern medicine, the pursuit of cosmetic surgery has a more pleasant alternative.

Facial acupuncture or acupuncture face-lift uses traditional Chinese medicine to treat skin from the inside out. Acupuncture’s fundamental concept is based on the notion of balance and a lot of acupuncturists simply follow this principle. In acupuncture treatment, practitioners are treating medical problems by balancing the body and restoring the normal flow of energy or Qi.

For facial acupuncture, it uses the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to reach aesthetic goals. The basics of acupuncture treatment involve the insertion of small needles to stimulate circulation, plump fine facial wrinkles and boost collagen production. The resulting face lift makes this procedure and alternative to the traditional face-lift and not simply replacement for spa facials.

A lot of enthusiasts of the procedure have seen visible improvements in their appearance. A lot of first-timers in facial acupuncture treatment are a bit frightened at the prospect of having multiple needles inserted in the face but because of the reported benefits, a lot of patients are intrigued with facial acupuncture treatment. Facial acupuncture is truly the latest and safest tool in the never ending battle to stop aging.

A patient undergoing facial acupuncture won’t feel the slightest discomfort and can immediately return to work after the treatment. It doesn’t take out a lot of time like the recovery patients usually experience after traditional forms of surgery. Of course, even though recovery time of the traditional face-lift maybe absent, patients will still experience the usual redness, blotchiness and irritation associated with spa-facials.

When it comes to choosing a practitioner for facial acupuncture, remember that only licensed acupuncturists should administer the procedure. It is suggested that an acupuncturists should include in their list of specialty acupuncture facial.

A prescribed course of facial acupuncture requires eight to 12 treatments in order to achieve optimal and lasting results. Individual sessions would usually range from 100-250 USD per visit, usually less if patients would commit to a full series. Maintenance appointments are recommended once or twice a year once a series is completed.

Sometimes, the benefits of facial acupuncture are usually apparent even before the completion of the series. According to long time client of facial acupuncture Fiamma, he explained, “Even after one treatment there should be a noticeable difference. A lift in the jowls, eyelids and brow, more noticeable definition of the cheekbones, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles, are all common benefits of the first appointment.”