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How To Perform Falun Gong Or Falun Dafa

Exercise One – Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms

The heart of this exercise is to stretch in order to open up the meridians or energy pathways of the body. The Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms can help beginners gain energy within a short span of time, while those who have … Continue reading

Fighting Menopause And Breast Cancer With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Women are turning to alternative remedies in droves more than ever. They prefer “natural” solutions for the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. However, all things natural may not always mean they are safe to use. In fact, researchers have found out that certain herbs may actually increase the risk of breast … Continue reading

The Numerous Benefits of Acupressure for Women’s Health

The traditional Chinese healing technique of Acupressure is essentially similar to acupuncture except that instead of needles, the acupressure therapist applies manual pressure to pre-determined pressure points in the body. Acupressure is often mistaken for massage, which by comparison is a bit simplistic.

More and more scientific studies and data are proving … Continue reading

Feng Shui And Negative EMF Energy

Feng Shui practitioners need to know the problems that may have not existed when a structure was first created. One important Feng shui energy topic of discussion is electrical cables. These practitioners recommend that when building a home, the power cables should be kept away from your head where you … Continue reading